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Birthday Cards for Kids, Mailed for you

  • Real birthday cards for kids vs. digital versions.

    Sure, you can send your adorable little neice a cute GIF via text (through her parents) on her birthday and call it a day. But imagine for a moment how excited she'll be when she sees that her favorite aunt sent something directly to her in real life. Text messages, Instagram DMs and all the other forms of digital communication are obviously not going anywhere, but they don't exactly scream special occasion.

    Let the littles in your life know how much you care about them by sending them a real paper kid birthday card, one they can hold in their little human hands. They'll get introduced to the old-school art of snail mail and be delighted all at once.
  • Ways to wish the child in your life a happy birthday.

    Approach writing birthday cards to kids as something playful, fun, and lighthearted. Keep it simple and down to Earth and try to remember how excited you were when your birthday rolled around as a kid. Then channel that exact level of excitement into the birthday card. The kid in your life is more than likely jumping with joy at the prospect of their birthday so go ahead and jump with them! Try including words like YAY or WOW into your birthday message to let them know that you're just as hyped as they are. And rightly so!

    An example of a birthday message to the child in your life could go something like this:

    It's your big day... YAY! Happy Birthday Joey!
    You're getting so big these days and I'm so happy I get to know such an awesome, loving, sweet, strong, and all-around amazing little dude like you. I can't wait to see you next week so I can giggle extra hard at all your jokes (you're so funny)!

    Auntie Maddie