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20% off all cards with code DAD20

Holiday photo cards, mailed for you.

Postable prints, addresses, and mails all of your holiday photo cards for you.

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FAQs on Holiday Photo Cards

How do I make my own holiday photo cards on Postable?
It’s super easy with Postable's cool templates. Pick a design that lets you add photos, hit the camera button, and you're on your way. For the best-looking holiday photo card, make sure you upload a clear photo.
How much do Postable's photo holiday cards cost?
For 1-19 cards, it’s $3.99 each, plus the cost of a stamp. But if you order 20 or more, the price drops to $3.45 each, stamp not included. So, the more friends and family you send personalized holiday cards to, the more you save!
Why send photo holiday cards?
Sending the best holiday photo cards is like giving everyone a mini holiday hug. Postable is all about the joy of old-school mail. And let's be real, who doesn't get a kick out of getting custom holiday photo cards delivered to their mailbox? Don’t worry - we’ll handle the mailing for you.
When should I mail out my holiday photo cards?
Try to send them about two weeks before you want them to arrive, especially with the holiday craziness. Running a bit late? Don’t forget about New Year cards! With Postable, you can even set them up to send later, so you won't miss the boat.
Any extra customization options for my best holiday photo cards at Postable?
Depending on the design, you can tweak text, pop in photos, and more. Got a unique idea? Send us a message and we’ll see what we can do to help make it happen.
How can I get a whole box of holiday photo cards?
Want a box of your best holiday photo cards? Just click 'Send Cards To Myself' for foldable ones, or 'Send them to me in a box' for the flat ones when you're making your card.
How will names look on the envelopes?
At checkout, you’ll see a step where you can choose how you want the addresses to look. Want something different? You can change it up to match your preferences.
I want the same message on all cards but different names. Can I do that?
Absolutely! Use our Carbon Copy tool. This way, you can send the same sweet note but with a special shoutout to each person, making all your personalized holiday photo cards feel just for them.
Can I set my cards to send out later?
Yup! Once you've made your photo holiday cards and picked who gets one, you can set a send date. We’ll handle it from there and make sure it goes out around a week before the day you pick.
How do I get addresses for my holiday photo cards?
Share your personal Postable link, which you'll find under Address Book > Your Link. As your friends, family, and colleagues fill it out, their info goes straight into your address book, making it a cinch to send out your cards when you're ready.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.


Holiday Photo Cards Mailed For You

  • Spread the Holiday Joy with Postable!

    Unwrap the holiday feels with Postable’s awesome lineup of the best holiday photo cards. Why sweat over stamps and envelopes when you could be snapping the ultimate pic?

    Picture this: Your friends and family getting a custom holiday photo card with your favorite moments. Whether it's the kiddos making snow angels, an epic winter sunset, or everyone rocking their holiday sweaters, remember those moments forever with our personalized holiday photo cards.

    So, what are you waiting for? Pick a design, upload your photos, and let Postable do the mailing for you. We've got your back, so you can let your holiday vibes shine.
  • Quality You Can Feel Designed With Sustainability in Mind

    Every custom holiday photo card from Postable is printed on thick, 100% recycled paper. So, your memories won’t just look good – they’ll feel good too. And you can thank our artist friends from all over the country for making designs that pop!
  • Why Should Postable Be Your First Choice for Custom Photo Holiday Cards?

    From timeless to contemporary, Postable’s wide variety of designs ensures there’s something for everyone. Also, mailing out personalized holiday photo cards is a breeze with us. We’ll address and drop your cards in the mail for you.

    Got questions or hit a snag? Shoot an email to info@postable.com and our crew will sort it out in no time.
  • From Moments to Memories with Postable’s Personalized Holiday Cards

    The charm of the holidays isn’t just in twinkling lights or festive tunes but in the cherished moments we share. Let Postable transform these golden times into one-of-a-kind photo holiday cards.

    Whether capturing your child's first steps or a heartwarming gathering, every photo has a tale to tell. Personalize it with Postable, and it turns into something to reminisce about in the years ahead.
  • Step Up Your Card Game with Personalized Holiday Cards

    Ditch the traditional card and say hey to personalized holiday cards with photos. There's something special about getting a card that's got a personal touch.

    Choose your images, write your message, and trust us for the rest. Celebrate the year's milestones and do so with flair and simplicity. Design your cards and let each resonate the season's warmth and merriment.
  • Find the Card for Any Holiday Mood

    There’s a whole lot more to explore beyond just custom holiday photo cards. Dive into Postable’s collection and find the perfect match:

    With so many options, the real challenge is choosing just one. But whatever you pick, you're guaranteed a personal touch and a whole lot of holiday spirit. Let’s spread the love, one card at a time!