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Business Holiday Cards — Mailed For You

There's really no easier customer retention tactic than mailing your best clients -- or really all of your customers -- business holiday cards. Not only does this place your brand in front of your existing clients it also reminds them that you value their business. There can be no brand loyalty for brands that are forgotten. So make sure your business is remembered this holiday season by mailing out your business holiday cards.

And while this tactic is old as time itself, Postable has given the inefficient process a bit of a make over.

You can now mail all of your business Christmas cards in minutes without having to lick or stamp or write a single address. Not to worry -- your business Christmas cards will still have that personal touch that is so important during this time of year. Postable will print, address and mail your corporate holiday cards for you.

Adding your logo to your business holiday cards is a great idea -- so go ahead and customize away! Use the carbon copy tool to create a master message that you can apply to everyone on your list in seconds. And yes, each message to your clients will be customized with their first names.

The process that used to take a bajillion hours to do has been easy-fied to just minutes. Upload your list, customize the perfect business holiday card and click send. You can even take care of this task well ahead of time before the holiday rush sinks in.

Create your business holiday cards in June and schedule them to go out during December. So when you're busy with other holiday tasks, your business holiday cards will be well on their way to helping you grow your business!