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20% off all cards with code COOLOFF

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Custom Birthday Cards, Mailed For you

  • Say happy birthday with a personalized birthday card.

    Sending custom birthday cards to friends and loved ones lets them know you care. Having your smiling face on the front or just the simple personalization of their name in a beautiful font gives your birthday wishes that little extra nudge of love.
  • Can I personalize my birthday card?

    If you're looking to wish someone a happy birthday with a personalized birthday card then you're in the right place. This collection of custom birthday cards has everything from photo card templates to custom cards that allow you to personalize the text on the design to everything in between.

    You can choose to upload a photo of your smiling face to send to grandma or perhaps a recent photo of your entire family. Custom birthday cards allow you to personalize the design so that your loved ones receive a one of a kind birthday card.

    If you're not keen on uploading your own photo, but still want the option to send custom birthday cards, you can choose one of the non-photo personalized cards that let you customize your recipient's name. There are also options that allow you to customize the entire message that goes on the front.

    Regardless of which custom birthday card you choose, the message on the inside is always 100% up to you. Wish your friends and loved ones the happiest birthday of all time with a loving quote, an inside joke, or a simple message of love. Whatever floats your boat -- it's totally up to you!
  • Do your birthday cards come with envelopes?

    They sure do! Not only do these custom birthday cards come with envelopes, but they also come with further personalization options.

    You'll have the option to choose between two different colored envelopes (Kraft or Red) which will further be personalized with the recipient mailing address as well as your return address (both completely up to you) in a font of your own choosing!

    Our font selection includes an array of 'smart' handwritten fonts that were designed to perfectly mimick real handwriting. It doesn't get more custom than this!