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Birthday Cards — Mailed For You

  • What customers have to say about Postable cards

  • Birthday cards for all.

    A birthday card should be as unique as each of your loved ones. Luckily, this collection of Birthday Cards is as extraordinary as it is varied. What’s more — every single design is as delightful as the next. You can pick out the perfect birthday cards for every one of your friends — there’s a birthday card for the dog-obsessed and a birthday card for pun-enthusiast. While you’re picking and choosing birthday cards for your buddies, you can just as easily find the perfect birthday card for everyone in your family. A floral birthday card for mom (because everyone knows how much she adores her garden) and a slightly cheesy birthday card for dad (because his dad jokes are always off-the-charts).

    Everyone’s got a birthday and this collection of Birthday cards will have something for all the people in your life. And don’t you worry, new birthday card designs are added constantly so you’ll never tire of browsing this selection and sending birthday cards to everyone you love.
  • Same time, same day... Every year! Schedule your Birthday cards.

    Never forget another birthday ever again by scheduling all of your birthday cards for the whole year. No you’re not dreaming. You can choose the perfect birthday card for everyone in your life, write the perfect birthday wishes and schedule the card to be mailed out just in time for the birthday. Set it and forget it!

    You can do this on an individual card level — scheduling each unique card as you go— OR you can do this in a batch. This is especially handy for businesses who want to send a birthday card to all their clients throughout the year. Just choose 1 design, write a master message (the system will automatically customize the first names) and schedule the cards. They’ll get mailed out for you throughout the year. Learn more about automated birthday cards.
  • Yay for USPS First class stamps

    No e-cards here. All of these birthday cards are printed on luxurious toothy post-consumer recycled paper that your friends and loved ones will adore. Postable prints, addresses, stamps, and mails your birthday cards for you. You get the digital experience of sending birthday cards while your recipients get the real hold-in-your-hand card. Viva la snail mail!
  • It’s not too late with Postable's birthday cards.

    Have you cut it kind of close to the birthday? Not to worry. With Postable, you don’t have to wait to receive the birthday card before you write and mail it off yourself. You don’t have to buy a corny convenience store Birthday card or stand in line to wait for stamps either.

    Once you’ve selected your birthday card, write your message right on your phone and click send. Postable will send the birthday card directly to your recipient via snail mail. It’s not too late!
  • Deliriously stylish birthday cards from noted designers.

    No corny birthday cards here. Postable’s entire birthday card selection is brought to you by the most talented independent designers in the country as well as our in-house designers who live breathe and sleep snail mail design! Take a look around and you’ll find some of the most well-known players in the greeting card game including Rifle Paper Co., Ashkahn, Bench Pressed, Clap Clap and a whole lot more!
  • Postable helps you send birthday wishes online without losing the personal touch!

    If you’re worried that something THIS easy means taking a hit on the personal touch or quality. Don’t be! Postable’s main mission in life is to make sending *really* nice snail mail as easy as sending an email. The designers are top-notch, the paper and printing quality are top-of-the-line and even our smart handwritten fonts are patented because they’re so real! The only thing you’ll miss with these birthday cards is wasting time licking stamps.