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Wedding Thank You Cards — Mailed For You

The big day has come and gone. The love shared on your wedding day still feels like yesterday, but also it's probably been more like weeks. You shared your vows, were showered with gifts, and are now overwhelmed with the amount of wedding thank you cards you've yet to write. Getting married is kind of a big deal and you were likely surrounded by people who care and love you the entire way through -- make sure they know how much you appreciate them (and their generous gifts).

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to write hundreds of wedding thank you cards? Totally understandable. At the same time -- this isn't a task you want to hold off for too long. Luckily for you, Postable makes it crazy easy to write those wedding thank you cards without ever leaving your computer. Online wedding thank you notes just got a whole lot more awesome.

Even though you type your message straight from your computer and click send -- real hold-in-your-hands wedding thank you cards get mailed for you. They're so bewitchingly beautiful your friends and family will be swooning over your wedding thank you notes!

You’ve spent a fortune on those gorgeous sunset wedding photos so why not share them with your family as you thank them for their generous gifts? Postable’s variety of photo wedding thank you cards will blow your mind. From custom to designer thank yous, Postable has a mind-boggling array of choices.

Not sure on what to write in wedding thank you cards? Check out our guide to writing wedding thank you cards on the blog.

If you sent your wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations with Postable, you already know how simple wedding mail is with Postable. Use the easy-to-use Address Book to gather your contacts, choose your recipients, type up your message, and hit send. You are welcome.