Birthday Card Builder

Add images, text and stickers to create your own totally unique birthday cards.

How it works

Pick your card

Folded, flat or postcard. Whatever you desire.

Design away!

Add a photo, pick some stickers, draw a doodle. Go crazy!

We mail it

We print, address and mail all of your cards for you.

Birthday Card Builder

  • Beautiful one-of-a-kind birthday cards.

    Make and send birthday cards that only YOU can create with this easy to use birthday card maker. The blank canvasses available to you here allow you to channel your inner creative spirit to make something truly unique and custom for those you care about.

    Play around with the doodle tool and draw a silly mustache on a recent selfie to make your friends giggle. Or skip the doodle and add some birthday stickers to your card to spice things up. Add a border... Or don't, whatever tickles your fancy. Remember, this is your chance to shine and create as many custom birthday cards as you'd like. Save each one and send the version that truly speaks to your unique nature.

    When you're ready, simply click send and Postable will print, address and mail your customized birthday card for you.
  • How to make a birthday card.

    If you're looking for an easy way to create a custom one-of-a-kind birthday card, you've come to the right place. Here are three easy steps you can follow to make your own birthday card:

    • 1. Select a blank template.
      Choose between a folded or flat card in an envelope or go with a postcard. Every template has the ability to be customized completely and have a written personal message so feel free to go with your gut here.

    • 2. Customize to your heart's desire.
      Once you choose your template, this birthday card maker will prompt you to begin customizing. You'll be able to upload a photo if you'd like. You'll also have at your disposal all the customizing tools you'll ever need, everything from a doodle drawing tool to birthday related stickers and even a selection of whimsical borders to add to your design.

    • 3. Write your birthday message.
      Having created the most unique birthday card of all time, you'll then have the opportunity to write your birthday message. And just like you started with a blank template for your design, the birthday message is totally up to you. Write something from the heart or perhaps draw upon some inspiring birthday quote -- whatever you choose to write in your message will certainly be uniquely your doing.

    When all is said and done, you'll be ready to mail your birthday card in minutes. Simply click send and Postable will print, address and mail the card for you. Voila!
  • Wish them the best birthday with your own personalized message.

    Regardless of which template you decide to choose -- folded, flat, or postcard -- you'll have the option to write your very own birthday message. You'll also have the option to choose from one of our delightfully realistic handwritten fonts that perfectly matches your personality.

    And while writing the perfect birthday card message simply means being genuine and personal, we've got some tips to get your birthday message thinking wheels going.

    • Keep your message short and sweet. Remember, this is a birthday card (not a letter) so avoid getting too detailed and lengthy.
    • Make it sincere. Whatever you decide to write in your birthday message, speak from the heart and you'll be just dandy.
    • Don't forget to wish them a happy birthday. You can even start and end your birthday message with a simple "happy birthday."

  • Professional printing, fast delivery.

    Why yes, we do use state of the art printing equipment to make sure your Birthday cards come out as perfect as humanly possible. Just make sure that any image you choose to upload to your birthday card maker is 300 dpi in resolution and your cards will print spectacularly.

    Once an order is placed, the cards are then printed and mailed within 1 to 2 business days.
  • What should I include in my birthday card?

    The best part about using this stellar birthday card maker is that you get to make all the decisions about what goes on the design. There are no rules here so feel free to dig deep and channel your inner Picaso. And don't forget: you can create as many versions as your heart desires. So go ahead and start with whatever you think sounds good and if you're not feeling it, you can always start over. And on that note, you can also simply create and save a few versions and then choose the one you like best.

    Some of the things you'll be able to include on your birthday card are:

    • Your own image
    • Birthday stickers (think cupcakes, balloons, birthday candles and oh so much more)
    • Funky party backgrounds
    • Your own text
    • Whimsical borders to frame the perfect custom birthday card

  • Are there other ways I can create a custom birthday card?

    Why yes, you certainly do have other options. If you find yourself wanting a little more guidance on creating your birthday card you can choose one of many designer birthday cards that have been created for you -- many of which allow you to add your very own photo so you can still customize it! On the other hand, if you've already created a birthday card design elsewhere, you can simply upload that image file to the upload your own tool without any fuss and Postable will print, address and mail it for you.