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FAQs on Business Christmas Cards

Why send your business Christmas cards to clients?
Sending business Christmas cards can uplift clients, laying the groundwork for a brighter new year. And, they can strengthen connections, especially after a tough year. Sending personalized business Christmas cards helps enhance warmth, connection, and joy.

Here are three more reasons to send them:
  1. A Chance to Express Gratitude: Business Christmas cards offer a perfect moment to thank clients for their loyalty and patronage, not just for the year but also for the past and future.
  2. Remind Clients of Your Services: Beyond spreading holiday cheer, these cards subtly remind clients of your services. It ensures that your business is talked about during holiday events, keeping it prominent in their minds.
  3. A Subtle Marketing Tool: While sending a thoughtful Christmas business card, you're also engaging in an effective holiday marketing strategy. Unlike often-ignored sale emails, beautifully designed custom business Christmas cards grab attention. For maximum impact, steer clear of overt sales language. A branded design with a heartfelt message keeps your brand memorable without coming off as pushy.
How Do I Keep My Costs Low While Sending Bulk Business Christmas Cards?
While mailing business Christmas cards used to take hours upon hours of work (AKA money, money, money), Postable has revolutionized this task. On top of the time saving (AKA money saving) benefits of sending personalized business Christmas cards with Postable, you can keep your costs even lower by purchasing your bulk Christmas cards for business.

You can choose as many different designs as you'd like and still buy in bulk. For example, if you'd like to use a different design for your clients vs. your employees, you can bulk these two together to keep your costs low. Use our pricing calculator to see how much you can save!
What Personalization Options Do I Have For My Christmas Business Cards?
Personalization is key when sending business Christmas cards and your options are practically limitless. At Postable, we have a range of personalized business Christmas card options for you to choose from.

The following personalization options are available:
  • Upload your own photo (some templates allow for multiple photos).
  • Upload your company logo.
  • Incorporate and customize with your company branding and colors.
  • Choose a smart handwritten font for your message.
  • Personalized envelopes with recipient and return address.
What Kind of Photos Can I Include on My Business Christmas Cards?
The sky's the limit. When crafting your personalized business Christmas cards, you have the freedom to showcase whatever captures the essence of your brand. Before making your decision, think about your company culture and let that influence the photo you include on your business Christmas cards.

Here are some ideas:
  • Team photo
  • Upload your company logo.
  • C-suite photo
  • Office building photo (especially if your customers come to you in person and are familiar with the building)
  • Product photo (either specific to each client or something more general)
  • Your photo (especially applicable for Realtors or anyone who works 1:1 with their clients)

As always, feel free to think outside the box of what has already been done. Make sure to stay true to your company's personality, branding, and mission.
What Business Christmas Card Themes Are Appropriate For My Business?
When selecting imagery for your Christmas business cards, it’s important to align your card’s theme with your company’s persona. Reflect on your brand’s identity when deciding the right theme for business Christmas cards.

Some themes to choose from might be:
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Christmas
  • More general Happy Holidays (we also have business Hanukkah designs)
  • From all of us at [COMPANY NAME]
  • Customer appreciation (thank you)
What Should a Business Christmas Card Say?
Typically, when composing your business Christmas card message you want to thank your clients for their company loyalty, support, and patronage throughout the year. This is also a good place to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Keeping it light and joyful is key. A great way to approach writing personalized business Christmas cards would be to acknowledge that the year has brought its own set of challenges without dwelling on them. Point to the elephant in the room and then swiftly shift to the positives of wishing joy for the season and optimism for the year ahead.
What Is the Pricing Structure For Business Christmas Cards with Postable?
The cards vary in price depending on how many you send. Our pricing is based on volume, so the more you send the less you spend. Pretty catchy right?

  • 1 - 19 business Christmas cards = $3.99 each plus stamp
  • 20 or more business Christmas cards = $3.45 each plus stamp

We also have extremely discounted volume pricing when buying bulk Christmas cards for business which you can view here.
What Is Included in The Price of Each Postable Business Christmas Card?
Sending your business Christmas cards with Postable gives you way more bang for your buck. The price of each personalized business Christmas card includes not only the card itself, but all of the following:

  • The ability to customize with photo, logo, and personal message
  • A selection of real handwritten fonts
  • Premium envelopes
  • From color choices to both recipient and return addressing, every detail of your custom business Christmas cards is refined
  • We print and mail all the cards for you
Do you handle corporate Christmas cards?
Yup, sure do! We’ve got a knack for managing business Christmas cards of all sorts. Whether you’re a small enterprise or looking for bulk business Christmas cards for a corporate entity, we’ve got you covered. Get started by customizing your business Christmas cards or feel free to reach out for any assistance to info@postable.com.
When should you send out business Christmas cards?
Getting the timing right for your business Christmas cards is important. It's always a good idea to get them in the mail earlier than later.

The USPS (hello traditional snail mail) tends to slow down during the holiday season. No need to panic. Having this information in hand, it's a good idea to send your business Christmas cards in early December.

This way, your cards will arrive a little before Christmas, giving your clients all the cozy feels leading up to the big day. If you wait until mid-December to mail your cards there is a chance they may get delayed.

But again, no need to panic. Your clients will LOVE getting a card from their favorite business even after Christmas has come and gone.

The beauty of personalized business Christmas cards is their ability to keep the Christmas joy around after Christmas presents have been unwrapped. Trust us, they'll still be in the Christmas mood December 26th.
Should a Small Business Send Christmas Cards?
Absolutely! Considering the number of businesses we work with each year, they are most definitely still sending custom business Christmas cards to their clients and customers.

If nothing else, now is the time for more businesses to get on the bandwagon. Everyone is yearning for more connection and snail mail is an easy way to make that happen.

With that in mind, if you're unsure what holiday your client base celebrates you can always send more general business holiday cards to avoid isolating any of your customers.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.


Business Christmas Cards Mailed Fof You

  • Christmas Business Cards with a Festive Spirit from Postable

    Deck the halls and your business communications with delightful Christmas business cards! What better way to spread holiday cheer than by sending personalized business Christmas cards to clients and partners who've been pivotal to your success?

    No matter the industry, Christmas cards for business aren't just about sending warm season's greetings. They're a friendly tap on the shoulder, a professional reminder that you value the relationships you've built throughout the year.

    And why settle for ordinary when you can go custom? Our custom business Christmas cards at Postable offer you the chance to sprinkle a bit of your brand's magic onto every card.

    If you’re thinking of reaching a broad audience, we've got you covered! With our bulk Christmas cards for business, you can send out waves of joy without missing a beat.
  • We Provide an Easy Way to Send Bulk Business Christmas Cards

    We get it – the holidays are busy! But with Postable, you won't need to juggle between wrapping gifts and addressing envelopes.

    Choose the Christmas business card design that suits your brand, give us your list, and let us handle the rest. From printing to mailing, it's all simplified with us!

    Tailor-made for your needs, crafted with care, and sent out with holiday cheer – that's the Postable promise!