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Get free stamps with code HOT

Mother's Day Card Builder

Add images, text and stickers to create your own totally unique Mother's Day cards.

How it works

Pick your card

Folded, flat or postcard. Whatever you desire.

Design away!

Add a photo, pick some stickers, draw a doodle. Go crazy!

We mail it

We print, address and mail all of your cards for you.

Mother's Day Card Builder

  • Create Mother's Day cards in just a few minutes!

    Ever wondered if you've got what it takes to create your own greeting card? With Mother's Day just around the corner, you're about to get your chance to find out. You don't need to be a designing expert, all you need is to get your creative juices flowing and Postable's Mother's Day card maker.

    Make mom the best Mother's Day card that's just as unique as she is. You'll be able to add a photo you know mom will love as well as add any text you'd like. There are mom themed stickers and even a place for you to doodle your heart out. You can create as many versions of your Mother's Day card as you'd like for all the unique Mothers in your life. Save each one as you go and send whatever ones you like. There are no rules except to follow your heart and have fun!
  • How to create a Mother's Day card online.

    You can create a custom Mother's Day card with Postable in minutes! If you're not a designer, don't worry. This Mother's Day card maker was made with you in mind. So here's how to create a Mother's Day card online:

    • 1. Choose the type of card you'd like to send mom.
      We've got folded cards which you can use to add a personal message on the inside using any of our delightful handwritten fonts. There are also flat cards that give you the option to add even more customizations on the back (including your Mother's Day message). And finally, you can choose to send mom a postcard that goes right into the mail without an envelope so your custom Mother's Day card is the first thing she'll see as she pulls out the mail!

    • 2. Customize the card to your heart's desire!
      The card maker is the next step where you'll be able to add photos, stickers, text, and even doodles! Play around with all the fun options until you've made the perfect Mother's Day card for mom.

    • 3. Write your message or customize the back of the card.
      Once you've designed the front of the card, you'll either be prompted to write your message on the inside (for folded cards) or to customize the back of the card (for flat cards and postcards).

    That's it! Once you've created your Mother's Day card you'll be able to enter mom's address and click send. Postable prints, addresses, and mails the card directly to mom for you.