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Graduation Thank You Cards — Mailed For You

Holy Moly! Congratulations! You did it, you graduated! All those years of studying 'til the sun comes up finally paid off [in more ways than just one]. Specifically, all those checks grandma sent you to start you off on your new life.

So, while you’re off shopping for life’s necessities be sure you say thanks to the people who made it possible with one of Postable’s graduation cards. Did ya take some snazzy graduation photos? Why not show them off with your graduation thank you cards?

Want to know the best part? Postable makes it so easy to send your graduation thank you cards, that you’ll never even need to leave your computer! With just a couple of clicks, you’ll have sent a bunch of awesome and personalized graduation cards. No need to develop carpal tunnel, all those years studying were hard enough! Just type your personal message after you’ve chosen the graduation thank you cards that reflects your personal style.

While you’re taking care of all of your graduation cards, why not send a couple birthday cards too?!