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Get free stamps with code JUNE
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Customize your baby's birth announcement and we'll it mail it for you!

Birth Announcements — Mailed For You

Your little bundle of joy is finally here! Congratulations! Now that you’ve had some time to cuddle, you’re ready to share the new addition to your family with the rest of your loved ones. Your baby’s birth announcements can easily be created with Postable in a matter of clicks; you’ll be able to send out custom birth announcements without ever leaving the house!

Custom birth announcements are all the rage and Postable makes it uber easy to upload your photo, enter the details you’d like to share, and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautifully designed photo birth announcements in just seconds. If you've got two new bundles of joy (yay for twins!), we've got twin birth announcements photo cards as well!

Don’t have everyone’s mailing addresses to send these custom birth announcements? Don’t worry! Just send out your personal Postable link to friends and family and watch as new contacts fill up your free address book. It’s kind of like magic, only it’s not.

Did you have the baby shower of your dreams?! Don’t forget to thank your lovely friends by sending them a thank you card . It’s just as easy!