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20% off all cards with code JULY4TH
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Happy Thanksgiving Cards Mailed For You | Custom, Festive & More

  • Happy Thanksgiving Cards

    Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving, a time of gratitude, with the simple yet heartfelt gesture of sending cards. But, who said it has to be a tedious process? Welcome to the magical world of Postable, your one-stop solution for crafting and sending custom Thanksgiving cards, merging convenience with quality. Dive into a treasure trove of captivating designs, curated by a passionate team of artists. Customization? An absolute breeze. Dispatch? Just a click away. And, timing? We've got your back. Effortlessly spread joy and express gratitude, one Postable Thanksgiving card at a time.
  • When To Send Out Thanksgiving Cards?

    If we're to learn anything from recent holiday shipping and mailing times, it's that the early bird gets the worm. Meaning, it's probably best to prepare for some delays by sending Thanksgiving greetings cards a little early. With that said, Thanksgiving is right at the cusp of the holiday season so it may not be affected. At the same time, people are trying to get ahead of the game by ordering and mailing things earlier than ever before so it's possible that the holiday slow down can hit earlier.

    So, what do we do?! When should you send out Thanksgiving cards in 2023?

    With snail mail being unpredictable, it's best to send cards earlier than later. Unlike Christmas and holiday cards, late Thanksgiving cards don't quite have the same effect. It typically takes 3-7 days for the USPS to deliver snail mail so we'd recommend placing your Happy Thanksgiving cards in the mail sometime between November 11th-14th. This allows for a few extra days - and if the cards arrive early, it'll only get your recipients more excited for the holiday. Remember, USPS does not deliver on Thanksgiving, November 24th (they've got families, too).
  • Why Send Personalized Thanksgiving Cards?

    Sending Happy Thanksgiving cards is a gesture of gratitude. And boy, is there a lot to be grateful for! During strange times such as these, it's more important than ever to practice gratitude especially for the people in our lives. Sending Thanksgiving greetings cards is a simple, yet meaningful way to show those in your life that they are in your thoughts on this special holiday.

    While sending a Happy Thanksgiving text is certainly nice, it simply doesn't compare to a beautiful Happy Thanksgiving card. By sending a card, not only do you show your family and friends that you're thinking of them, but it tells them you put some forethought into this gesture. Sending a Thanksgiving card means you thought ahead and took the extra step to mail something thoughtful.
  • What Do You Write In A Thanksgiving Card?

    Writing the perfect Thanksgiving message is an art in itself — one in which we take great interest. There are so many ways to go about writing your message that we've written a whole comprehensive guide on the subject, but below are a few key points of summary.

    Show your gratitude in your Thanksgiving cards. You're writing to wish your friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving, after all, so make sure that stays the focal point. Level up your Thanksgiving greeting cards by getting personal with details in your message. Pick one special thing you're grateful for that has to do with that person and tell them why you're grateful for it. Don't go overboard by listing a bunch of items or exaggerating; this will only dilute the sincerity.

    Keep your sentiment short. Speaking of listing everything on your mind: don't. Your Thanksgiving card doesn't have a whole lot of space so get to the point quickly.

    What can you say instead of Happy Thanksgiving? While "Happy Thanksgiving" is a timeless classic, there are many ways to craft a heartwarming, personalized message in a custom Thanksgiving card. You can begin with a gratitude-centered message, such as "So thankful for you and the moments we share." If it's for someone who has made a significant impact in your life, consider writing, "This year, I am especially grateful for your support and kindness."And for those far away, a message like, "Though we're miles apart, you're always close in our hearts" is one idea. Remember, the key is to infuse your sentiments with warmth and sincerity.

    Be mindful of the recipient's situation. The year could have been really difficult for many. Keep this in mind when writing your personalized Thanksgiving cards this year, and be mindful of any particular struggles your recipients might be experiencing. Mentioning that they're in your thoughts is a simple way to address the elephant in the room without dwelling on the negative.
  • Send Your Thanksgiving Cards With Postable

    If you could spread love, joy, and gratitude in minutes, wouldn't you do it? That's what happens when you send your Happy Thanksgiving cards with Postable.

    No, it's not too good to be true and here's why.

    You don't have to sacrifice quality for convenience with this beautiful selection of printed and photo Thanksgiving cards. Postable combines high design quality with high convenience. Every card in the collection has been curated and created by a group of independent artists and in-house designers who have devoted their life's work to greeting cards. That's some next level, high-quality work.

    Speaking of good design, here at Postable we've made it our mission to create a website with tools that are crazy easy to use. You can customize a Thanksgiving photo card or other type of greeting card (depending on the template of your choice) to your heart's desire and enjoy the entire process while you're at it.

    The best part of sending your Thanksgiving cards with Postable is not having to actually send anything at all. And with winter approaching, staying warm and cozy inside is a big deal. All you do is click 'send' and move on with your life. Postable will print, address, and mail all of your Thanksgiving cards for you. Your recipients receive beautiful and personalized Thanksgiving cards in the mail (addressed from you) while you get to enjoy some extra free time! It's a total win-win.