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Baby Shower Thank You Cards — Mailed For You

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  • Show your gratitude with baby shower thank you cards.

    Been showered with gifts, love, and support lately? Sounds like maybe you've just experienced your very own baby shower. We hope it was everything (and more) that you dreamt it would be. And now, we hope you're ready to show some gratitude to everyone that made the event a brimming success. Traditional baby shower thank you cards etiquette says you've got until the baby is born to write and send your baby shower thank you cards. This may be harder in reality and we totally get it. Rules were meant to be broken so if you haven't yet sent your baby shower thank you cards and your new bundle of joy has already been born, don't panic. You can still send them. And may we suggest you do so soon? With the help of Postable's tools, you can actually get your baby shower thank you cards done in record time without nearly as much effort as you might think. We know being a new parent or parent-to-be means having a to-do list that never quite ends so we've made sending baby shower thank you cards easy as pie. Meaning it's so easy to write and send these thank you notes (which yes, are required) as easy as eating a slice of pie. How so you ask? You can write your notes right from your computer or phone and Postable will print, address, and mail them directly to your recipients. Showing the people in your life who went out of their way to shower you with love is a definite must whether you do so 'on time' or a bit later. Don't forget to say thanks!
  • Options for your baby shower thank you cards.

    Not only is sending your baby shower thank you cards easy as pie, but theres no need to sacrifice quality. This selection of baby shower thank you card designs is as extensive as it is stunning. Here are the options for your baby shower thank yous:

    • Custom vs. Designer
    • Handwritten fonts
    • Pre-addressed envelopes vs. Blank envelopes
    • Mailed for you directly to recipients vs. To you in a box

    Custom vs. Designer Baby Shower Thank You Cards If you've taken a million and one pictures of your newest family member and simply can't wait to show them off (and why would you) then perhaps sending custom photo baby shower thank you cards is the way to go. There are a ton of incredibly delightful designs to choose from. Simply upload your own image (make sure it's high resolution) and customize the unique text on the card design. On the other hand, if you're still awaiting the arrival of your baby or perhaps you've fallen in love with one of the non-photo designs, don't feel pressured to use a photo. This collection has been brought to you by a number of independent artists who share your love of cute baby cards so we're certain you'll find something that warms your heart. Handwritten fonts to write your baby shower thank you card message Your message of gratitude should come from the heart, but we don't think it should compound your to-do list. That's why we've made it possible for you to type your personal messages that we'll print on the inside of the cards. You can, however, bake the cozy feeling of a handwritten card into your message by using one of our smart handwritten fonts. They were created based on real handwriting and mimick this by incorporating various versions of the same letter. Optionally, if you still prefer to write your baby shower thank you cards by hand (we're here for that too), we'll mail you a box of your chosen cards with blank insides. Pre-addressed envelopes vs. Blank envelopes And on that note, we can print your recipients' addresses on the envelopes for you (it will automatically match whatever font you've chosen for your message) OR send you a box with blank envelopes. Mailed for you directly vs. Mailed to you in a box And finally, if you'd like to get this task marked off your to-do list we can print, address, and mail your baby shower thank you cards for you. Otherwise, we're also happy to mail them to you in a box for you to hand out on your own and/or add any other personal touches. The bottom line is this: these are your baby shower thank you cards and we believe you should have the option to do them your way. We've simply made it easy to do just that!
  • What do you write in a baby shower thank you card?

    Writing a baby shower thank you card doesn't have to be overwhelmingly complicated, but it may be wise to include the following elements:

    • Mention the gift directly (this means keeping track of who gave you what).
    • Mention how you plan to use it or are using it.
    • Mention why you love it! (duh).
    • Say thank you!! (this one's a given, but let's not forget to say thanks).

    The most important thing to remember is this: be personal. Mention details and speak sincerely from the heart. Your friends and family put some time and effort into gifting you something they hope you'd love so make sure you let them know how much you appreciate that. Check out more details, examples, and baby shower thank you card message samples!
  • When should you send baby shower thank you cards?

    The rule books say you should mail your baby shower thank you cards before the baby arrives. If that seems insanely out of reach for you, don't fret. Just try to get them in the mail within a month or two of the birth. We're really not fans of stuffy rules around here, but keep in mind that if your note reaches your recipient and you're already celebrating your kid's 1st birthday it's too late. You want the baby shower to be fresh in your recipients' minds when they get their thank you notes.
  • Who should I send baby shower thank you cards to?

    A great question indeed! The best rule of thumb to follow here is to thank anyone that helped make your baby shower the delightful event that it was. Here is a list of folks you don't want to forget:

    • Anyone who has given you a gift (whether or not they came to the shower).
    • Anyone who attended the shower (even if there was no gift).
    • The host!

    It's easy to forget how much time and effort it takes to put together an event like a baby shower, but don't let that make you forget to send a thank you card for the host of your baby shower! This sometimes forgetten recipient deserves a great deal of gratitude so make sure you share that with them.