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Business New Years Cards — Mailed For You

  • Advantages to mailing business New Years Cards instead of Business Holiday Cards.

    There are a number of reasons to mail business New Years cards instead of business holiday cards and the right choice will ultimately depend on timing as well as preference. Both types of cards more or less have the same end goal: thank your customers and employees for their business and efforts while starting a positive tone for the new year. Business new years cards as well as holiday give you the opporutnity to show your customers how much you value their business and loyalty especially in a year like 2020. It's also a great customer retention tool, tightening the customer-business relationship one personal message at a time.

    As a business owner or manager, one understands the value of building a steady customer retention strategy and business New Years cards or holiday cards play an important role in the high level strategy. But which one do you send? Here are three advantages to mailing business New Years cards vs. business holiday cards.

    • Timing. If December has snuck up on you and you're nowhere close to being ready to mail out your yearly cards, business New Years Cards will be a great alternative to those holiday cards. With New Years cards, you don't have to mail them in December (though it's probably wise to do so at least at some point during the month). But even if you find yourself in the beginning of the new year without having mailed your business holiday cards yet, you still have the option to mail business New Years cards. Timing is still in your favor.
    • More inclusive. If your company is lucky to have a diverse group of customers and employees, your efforts to build long lasting business relationships rely on keeping everyone feeling included. If you mail Business Christmas cards, for example, you stand the chance of excluding those that do not celebrate that holiday. However by mailing Business New Years cards, your messaging can remain inclusive helping you to achieve your goals.
    • Getting the last word. If you choose to mail your business new years cards in Janaury, the flow of holiday cards will have subsided significantly by that point. Your cards will then have less competition in your customers' mail boxes. You'll have more of their attention and you'll be the last company on your customers' minds.