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20% off all cards with code JULY4TH
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Business Thank You Cards — Mailed For You

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  • Business thank you cards

    Expressing appreciation and gratitude in business is a given when building loyalties among customers and partnerships. While sending an email thank you is appreciated, mailing a personalized business thank you card shows your commitment to the long term business relationship and has a positive impact on client retention. Your corporate partners, clients and employees have email inboxes filled to capacity -- opening yet another email simply does not have the same effect as opening beautifully designed business thank you cards.

    Mailing personal company thank you notes doesn’t have to take a huge chunk of your time. With Postable, you can send these without leaving your computer. Customize the design and message (with our handwritten fonts) to your liking and we’ll mail the cards out for you.
  • What should I write in my thank you card?

    Each business thank you note should include a salutation, a sincere message of gratitude and a professional sign off. The level of formality will depend on each specific relationship. And while the details of each thank you message will vary, the core should always have the same goal: to say thanks. With the length of a thank you card in mind (remember, it’s not a full length letter) keep your message short and straight to the point without sounding trite. Make an effort to let your recipient know exactly what you’re thanking them for -- whether it’s a business meeting follow up or a referral thank you card or a job well done for an employee. This will prevent your company thank you note from sounding generic and impersonal -- two qualities to avoid. Remember to sign off accordingly!
  • Can my thank you card be customized?

    Absolutely! The level of personalization varies from card template so take a look around at all the options available. Many of the designs allow you to customize it with your company logo, colors and even custom text. Photo business thank you cards are also available, giving you an opportunity to put a face to your company’s team!
  • Can I add my business' logo on my card?

    Yup! Any card template you see with a logo on the front design will let you upload your company’s logo.
  • When should I order my thank you card?

    Mailing your business thank you cards promptly is important. If your recipient has already forgotten the reason you’re thanking them for -- it’s been too long. To be safe, we’d recommend mailing your business thank you card, regardless of the exact reason, as soon as the interaction for which you’re thanking them for has been completed.

    Luckily, you can log on to your Postable account and easily write your thank you note in minutes. We’ll mail it for you right away.
  • Are envelopes included with the thank you notes?

    Yes, they are. There are no extra fees for the envelopes or addressing of the envelopes. And we use real USPS First Class stamps.
  • Can I design my own custom business thank you cards?

    Yup. If you have a completed custom design of your own you can upload it directly to either the horizontal or vertical blank templates.
  • Can I buy business thank you cards in bulk?

    Sure thing. You can purchase Postable bulk credits in advance to get the best price. Use our pricing calculator to see how much you can save.