• What is this thing?

    Postable is an address book and writing desk for modern people. Our free address book makes it incredibly easy to gather peoples’ mailing addresses. And our innovative writing desk let’s you write and mail individually personalized cards to people. You customize the design & write the messages, we print, stuff, stamp and mail your cards for you. Or if you want we can send you a box of cards and you can write & mail them yourself.

  • I just want to use the free Address Book.  Do I have to write cards?  

    No. You don't ever have to write a single card if you don't want to. You can just use us for our beautiful free address book. We don't mind. Honest.

  • How do I fill up my address book?

    There are three ways: 1) Send everybody your Postable link and let them fill in their information for you 2) Import an existing list of contacts 3) Add contacts manually

  • How does the link work?

    When you sign up to Postable we give you a personalized link.  Copy and paste your link into an email, Facebook, Twitter, wherever, and send it to anybody whose contact information you want.  They click the link, enter their info into a short form and you have yourself an address book.

  • How do I copy & paste my link?

    To copy your link, just press the 'copy' button next to the link. To paste it into your email, you can either go to the top of your browser and select: Edit > Paste or you can do command+v (mac) or ctrl+v (PC)

  • Can I change my personal link?

    Yeah. Go to “Add Contacts” in your address book and click Change My Link. Change it to anything you want.  As long as it’s available, it’s yours.

  • Can somebody else send out my link?

    Sure. If you're getting married and your fiance or parents have a lot of the email addresses, you can give them your link & have them send it out for you. No matter who sends out your link, the information will always end up in your Address Book.

  • Why does it matter if “I’m using Postable as myself, a couple, a business?”

    What you choose affects what people will see when you send them your link asking for their address.  For example, if you’re using Postable as yourself, it’ll say “Pam would love your contact information.” As a couple it’ll say “Pam & Jim would love your contact information.”  Or if you’re using it as a business, “Dunder Mifflin would love your contact information.”

  • What do my friends see when they click my link?

    Your friends & relatives are taken to a very simple form where they are able to add their contact information to your Address Book.

  • Can I choose what information I ask for when I send my link?

    Go to Add Contacts-->My Link and you can see what your form looks like and customize it in certain ways.

  • Can the address book accept international addresses?

    The Postable address book works for any country. From Algeria to Zimbabwe.

  • Is import a real pain?

    We actually have a really great import system. We should be able to get all of your contacts into your address book quickly and easily.

  • Why do you recommend that I fill up my address book before I start writing cards?

    We’ve designed Postable to make it easy to write and send cards to lots of people.  If you have the addresses in the system before you write cards, we’ll pre-populate each card with the name(s) and the envelopes will already be filled out with each recipient’s name and address.  All you’ll need to worry about is writing the cards.  You can add contacts manually as you go but it’s much easier if you add them before you start a big project.

  • How much do the cards cost?

    Cards cost $2.00 plus a stamp. Including the stamp, it costs $2.49 to mail a card in the US and $3.15 to send a card anywhere in the world.

  • Can I send cards if I'm outside of the United States?

    Sure, you just need to have a US return mailing address. Just keep in mind that all the cards are printed and mailed from the US. Hopefully soon we'll have printing in your neck of the woods.

  • What's up with the fonts?

    We have twenty incredible fonts to choose from. Ten handwriting fonts and ten stylistic fonts like typewriter, calligraphy, kid's crayon & other stuff like that. The handwriting fonts are so good that people will probably think that you wrote the card by hand. We're not specifically trying to "fool" anybody but all of the handwriting fonts are actually made from real people's handwriting so they look incredibly real. The font selection process was painstaking because we wanted to make sure that that every font has a vibrant personality. We want you to really feel like you're expressing yourself with whatever font you choose.

  • Tell me more about these awesome cards.  Who designed them?

    We’re proud to be working with a group of amazingly talented independent card designers.  Click on a card and then click the designer’s name to learn more about each designer.

  • Do your cards kill trees?

    No. As we like to say "no trees were harmed in the making of any of our cards." All of the cards are either made from 100% tree-free cotton or 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. This planet has been through enough.

  • Do you use real stamps?

    100% US Postal Service first class stamps.  This is the domestic stamp and this is the international stamp.

  • How do I write a card?

    Pick a card and follow the steps through the process. It's really easy. The only choice you have to make is whether you're writing to one person, a different message to lots of people, or the same message to lots of people.

  • How do I save my card?

    After you’ve written your card, click “save and next.”  Your card will be saved to your Ready to Send folder and you’ll be automatically advanced to the next contact in your address book.  Write to this person or click on somebody else to write to them.

  • Do I need to finish my project right now?

    Nope, you can write and mail some cards now and come back later to finish the rest.  Plus, any cards you’ve written but haven’t sent will be saved within the project’s Edit folder, where you can review and edit them before mailing.  When you come back, your project will be listed on your Projects Page.

  • Can I change fonts?  

    Sure.  Just click the Change Font button under the contacts in the writing desk.  In addition to changing the font in the card you’re working on, the new font you choose will become the default font for future cards.

  • How do I shrink my font so that I can write more?

    We shrink the font automatically as you fill up your card.  We start your card in a large font size.  Once your message has filled your card, your font size will automatically shrink a little so you have more space to write.  We’ll keep shrinking the font as you fill up your card until you reach the max.

  • What does match/unmatch couples mean?

    If you have two people listed separately in your address book that appear to be a couple, we automatically “match” them so you can write to them together.  For example, if you have Brad Pitt as a contact and Angelina Jolie as a contact, we’ll match them so they’re listed as Brad & Angelina.  If you’d prefer to write to them separately, click Unmatch Couples.  If you change your mind, click Match Couples and we’ll match ‘em back up.

  • How do I edit the envelope?

    There's a little envelope icon next to the person's name when you're writing them a card. If you click that, you can edit both the return address & the recipient address.

  • Can somebody else (like my partner, for example) help me write these thank you cards!?

    Another big benefit.  Just give them your login & password or hand them the computer.

  • Do you care what I write in my cards?  Is it monitored?

    It’s your card, not ours. Write whatever you like. The NSA prefers short, punchy sentences with minimal dialogue.

  • How long does it take for my cards to reach my recipients?

    It takes about three to five days depending on the speed of the USPS (which can actually be quite fast).

  • Why does my message look messed up?

    We've noticed on some browsers sometimes (not the most scientific answer) that reviewing your message in your Edit or Sent folders can sometimes look off. The text might look like it's going off the page. Refreshing the browser will usually return the message to normal but no matter what it looks like on the website, the messages always print perfectly. The printing software doesn't allow the text to go off the page.

  • What do you accept for payment?

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club

  • How do I change the credit card I have on file?

    Visit the Credit Card Info tab on your Account Settings page.  Or you can change your card during checkout by hitting the edit card button.

  • Do you store my credit card information?  Is it safe?

    Postable only stores the last four digits of your credit card and the expiration date. This allows for easy purchasing. All of your sensitive card information is stored by Stripe, a highly regarded payment processing company. Stripe, like Postable, puts your data security above all other.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    Write to cancel@postable.com by midnight on the day of your order to cancel that order. Please remember to include your order ID number, which you can find in the confirmation email we sent you when you placed your order.

  • Does Postable work in all browsers?

    Yeah. Except for earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

  • Is my information secure?

    We consider your privacy sacred. Your information and your friends' information will never be used for anything other than your address book. Our goal is to provide a secure, quiet place where you can safely keep your contact information. Feel free to read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Just email info@postable.com using the email address that you used to create your Postable account & we can delete it for you.

  • I’m an artist and I'd love to show you some of my designs

    Email us at info@postable.com and we'd love to take a look.

  • Any other questions?

    Email us at info@postable.com

  • Suggestions? Ideas for new features?

    Visit us on Facebook or Twitter and we can continue the conversation.