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Pet Holiday Cards

  • Pet holiday cards your friends and family will love!

    Let your furry family members shine with one of Postable's whimsical pet Holiday cards. The variation in designs will have you squeeling with joy all the way into the new year! Postable's collection of pet Christmas cards come in all sorts of themes and color schemes. Whether you want to spread joy with a funny pet holiday card or something that'll make your recipients swoon, there's a design for you.
  • Why do a pet holiday card? Four reasons to spotlight your furry friend.

    Why would someone opt to mail a pet holiday card vs a regular holiday card? Pet owners know how much love and joy our furry family members bring us. The desire to share that love with friends and family is well known. However if you're on the fence, here is a list of reasons to spotlight your furry friend.

    1. Because they're awesome, duh. Nobody needs convincing on this one, we hope. Your pet is 100% a part of the family so why not showcase them using a pet holiday card in 2022?

    2. You don't have to choose! Luckily, you can mail both pet holiday cards and regular holiday cards this year without having to make such a brutal choice. Either select specific people to get one and not the other, or go ahead and get crazy by mailing both to your entire Christmas list.

    3. You want to send a photo holiday card, but life happened. You didn't have the time to take a photo. This list of pet holiday cards has plenty of non-photo options for you to choose from. All of these designs were created with lots of love by talented artists from around the country who love their furry friends as much as you love yours!

    4. You want to stand out. We get it, who doesn't? It's 2022, why not do something a little out of the norm. Might as well. By sending pet holiday cards this year, you'll bring lots of joy and giggles to everyone on your list AND you'll stand out while doing it.
  • Ideas to include your pet within your family photo.

    Not ready to give up the coveted holiday photo to the furry family member this year? It is totally understandable that you want to include the whole family (or even just the kids) in your Christmas photo this year. But of course it's not really a pet holiday card without the pet. So how do you go about including your pet within your family photo? Luckily it doesn't have to be so complicated. Just call your pup over right before the whole family is ready to say 'cheese' or have the new kitten purring on your lap as the camera timer goes off. If you're itching for some unique ways to include your pet in your Christmas photos this year (because this years' pet holidays cards are destined to be the greatest holiday cards yet) we got you covered with three fun ideas.

    • Have the baby of the family and the pup (the bigger they are the funnier this photo will be) facing each other — showing their profiles to the camera— with the Christmas tree in the back. Make sure the tree is all lit up to give the photo a bit of twinkling magic!

    • Forget everyone else, you just want your pet on your photo pet holiday cards this year. Great choice! Keep the photo simple by placing reindeer on your pet’s adorable little head. Take a few candid photos of them looking adorable (aka always) and you’ve got the perfect photo.

    • On the other hand, you want the whole gang in the photo. Place your pet on a stool in the center with the whole family staggered around them. Everyone knows who the real center of attention is anyway.

    Pro tip: Have some treats for your pet while taking photos, especially if they’re not as patient as you were hoping for.
  • Customizing your pet holiday cards.

    Customizing your pet holiday cards is crazy easy with Postable. Regardless which design you choose, customization options are available. Upload your favorite snap shot of your pet to one of the photo pet holiday cards, personalizing the text on the front of the card and choosing from 6 different layouts on the back.

    If you’re interested in one of the unique hand painted pet holiday cards that are folded, you’ll have the option to write your own personal message using one of Postable’s smart handwritten fonts.
  • Postable pet holiday cards go the extra mile.

    Not only does Postable have the world’s greatest selection of pet holiday cards (yes, we’re totally tooting our own horns here), but we’ll go the extra mile to make your whole experience delightfully easy.

    • Easy address collection. Postable’s handy (and free) holiday address book allows you to collect your recipient’s mailing addresses with minimal effort. Really, just send them a link and we do the rest!
    • Envelope addressing. Postable will then address all of your pet holiday cards for you so you can save your wrists from carpel tunnel! You’re welcome.
    • We mail it for you! And finally, Postable will actually mail your pet holiday cards for you via First Class USPS mail.

    So at the end of the day, you get to have all the fun choosing and customizing your pet holiday cards while Postable takes care of the annoying stuff. Go ahead and have some fun!
  • When should I order my pet holiday cards?

    Once an order is placed, it takes 1-2 business days to process, print and mail out the cards. The post office typically takes 3-7 days to deliver domestic mail. Just keep in mind that the holiday rush tend to slow delivery times. With that said, if you want your cards to arrive before a certain time we'd recommend ordering with about 14 days in advance.