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Save The Dates — Mailed For You

  • What customers have to say about Postable cards

  • What is a save the date?

    Think of your save the dates as a type of prelude to your wedding invitations because that's essentially the function that they serve. While wedding invitations give your guests a great deal of information such as exact locations and times, your Save the Dates will provide your guests with the special date as well as general location (especially required for destination weddings).

    Essentially it's wise to think of your Save the Dates as part 1 of your wedding invites. In this way, you'll want to make sure to only send your Save the Dates to your wedding guests.
  • Why Postable for my Save the Dates?

    You have a million potential sources for Save the Dates, making your decision that much more difficult. Once you hear all the delightful qualities that sets Postable apart, the choice should be that much easier.

    First of all, there's the designs. All of Postable's Save the Dates are designed by independent artists from around the country varying in style to cover anything you could ever want. You won't see any corny or low quality designs here -- Postable Save the Dates are made by all the top designers in the country.

    Then there's the ease of customization. There are no no strange tools you have to learn to use or clunky processes to undergo. All you have to do once you've found a Save the Date that matches your wedding aesthetic, is enter your details. Postable's site is specifically designed to make the process a breeze. Enter you and your fiance's details and click the big green buttons. And voila! Easy Peasy.

    But wait... It gets better.

    Postable will print, address AND mail your Save the Dates for you. You've chosen your design, entered your details... Now all that's left is to select your recipients and click send. The biggest difference between Postable and just about anyone you'll find online is the fact that we'll mail your Save the Dates for you for free. Our mission in life is to make yours as easy as possible which means doing the leg work for you.
  • Sinfully Luxurious Paper Quality

    Whoever said convenience kills quality hasn’t met Postable. All of our Save the Dates and envelopes are printed on lush, toothy, post-consumer recycled card stocks. Delightful to the touch and prints our beautiful designs like a dream.
  • Printing Save the Dates

    Ok so our paper is stellar, but what about the printing? We use state of the art best available technology to digitally print the Save the Dates. This ensures your designs are printed to the best possible degree and print out as stunning as they appear on your screen.
  • Customizing and Personalizing your Save the Dates

    When it comes to your wedding, every element should reflect not only your wedding aesthetic — be it sunny beach vibes or urban dreams — but they should also uniquely reflect you and your partner. The two of you have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Your partnership is unlike any other and the same should go for your Save the Dates. When it comes to customizing your Save the Dates, we’ve made it easier than ever. Simply fill in your unique details in the fields allotted — and just like your wedding, each Save the Date design is different so the fields themselves will vary as well. Personalize the backs of your Save the Dates with a unique message, add extra images or just leave it blank to allow the focus to remain on the front design. The envelopes will be pre-addressed and customized with each guests’ mailing address as well as your chosen return address.

    Alternative to choosing one of our customizable Save the Date templates, you can upload a completely new file of your own. If you’re a designer yourself or have created your own save the date design elsewhere, simply upload your file to the blank canvas. Just make sure the resolution is 300dpi for best printing results.
  • How far in advance do you send out save the dates?

    The whole point of sending Save the Dates is to give your guests enough of a heads up so that they may plan for your big day. If your guests are from out of town, they’ll need to make proper travel arrangements and budgeting plans which requires extra time. And even if your guests are local, attending a wedding often requires childcare plans as well as work schedule alterations etc. The bottom line: if you want your guests to be able to attend, give them plenty of notice of the date.

    How far in advance you send your Save the Dates will vary depending on a few factors.

    Generally, for most weddings send your Save the Dates 6-9 months in advance.
    For destination weddings or if there are many out of town guests, allow 9-12 months.
  • Is it too early to send save the dates?

    Well that depends. If you’re planning your wedding more than a year in advance, you may want to hold off on sending your save the dates. We’d err on the side of too much time in advance, but it’s a good idea to max out at around 12 months so that your guests don’t end up forgetting about your wedding as a result.
  • What if our wedding date changes?

    Under normal circumstances, we’d say that you should only mail Save the Dates when you’re 100% sure about the date of your wedding day, but if some unforeseen circumstances cause you to change the date of your wedding, and let’s be honest anything is possible nowadays, we have a wide selection of Change the Date cards to choose from as well.
  • Whose name goes first?

    Both you and your partner are entering into a lifelong union. There are some outtdated wedding etiquette rules that should be tossed and this is one of them.

    Whose names appears first on your Save the Dates is totally up to you.

    • Bride 1 and Bride 2
    • Bride and Groom
    • Groom 1 and Groom 2
    • Groom and Bride

    Let’s be honest, there are more exciting wedding related topics to ponder.
  • What Should I Say On My Save The Date?

    Unless you’re designing your Save the Date completely from scratch, you’re in luck! Every Save the Date template has different fields pre-determined for you. While there will be some variability in the details each template has available, every Save the Date will include the following:

    • The date of your wedding — hello, the whole point of these bad boys.
    • The couple’s names.

    Additionally, some Save the Dates will also include:

    • The city or other general location of the wedding.
    • Additional text i.e. “Wedding invites to follow”

    Should you feel the need to include more text on any of these Save the Dates, remember you can use the backs of the cards and include your own message (and even add more images).
  • Can you ask for an RSVP with a save the date?

    It’s your wedding, you can do whatever makes you happy. However, we don’t recommend asking for RSVPs with your Save the Dates. Given the lack of detail on the typical Save the Date, RSVPs are usually reserved for the wedding invites. If you’re mailing your Save the Dates with enough lead time to give your guests a good heads up, you’re not likely going to have all of your wedding details mapped out. Things like exact location or times won’t be set it stone just yet. These are the types of details a guest will need before RSVPing.
  • Do you send save the dates to everyone?

    No. This is important to remember. We know getting engaged and choosing the big day on your calendar is out-of-this-world exciting, but you should resist the urge to mail your Save the Dates to everyone you know. Your Save the Dates are precursors to your wedding invites so unless you plan on inviting everyone you know, don’t mail them a Save the Date.

    First, make a realistic wedding guest list with your partner and run it by any relatives you know will need to be included in the process. Once you have 100% decided on your guest list — these are the folks who you’ll want to send a Save the Date to. Anyone who receives these will [rightly] assume they will also be getting a wedding invite so send them wisely. Don’t assume someone won’t be able to make it and send them a save the date anyway.
  • How much does it cost to print save the dates?

    The more Save the Dates you buy, the less they cost. Postcards vs. Flat cards that are mailed in envelopes are also priced differently. So the price can range from $1.15 to $4.59 each depending on how many you buy.