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Newlywed Holiday Cards

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FAQs on Newlywed Holiday Cards

What Do You Write In A Newlywed Christmas Card?
Crafting your Wedding Christmas card is a joyous endeavor, marrying the bliss of your nuptial bond with the festive spirit of Christmas. Here are a few suggestions to infuse your cards with love and holiday cheer:

  • Reflect on the beautiful journey of love that culminated in your wedding, and the excitement of facing the future together
  • Share a humorous or heartwarming anecdote from your wedding day that left a lasting memory
  • Express your shared dreams and aspirations for the coming years, portraying a bright future filled with many more joyful Christmases

Incorporating a cherished wedding photo or a recent joyful snapshot adds a personal touch that embodies the warmth and love of the season.
What Do You Say To A Newlywed On Christmas?
Extending your heartfelt wishes to a newlywed couple during Christmas is a wonderful gesture. Here are some touching messages you may consider:

  • “May your first Christmas as a married duo usher in a lifetime of cherished memories and shared dreams.”
  • “Christmas magic is all the more enchanting when celebrated with your soulmate. Cheers to your first of many merry Christmases together!”
  • “May the joyous spirit of Christmas amplify the love and happiness of your beautiful beginning together.”

Adding a personal touch or a blessing enriches your message, making it a treasured sentiment for the couple.
Do Newly Married Couples Send Christmas Cards?
Absolutely! Dispatching Christmas cards is a charming tradition for newly married couples, providing a delightful way to share the joy of their first Christmas together with loved ones. Our array of Wedding Christmas Cards is crafted to help you narrate these precious moments.

Whether you opt for a photo card to share a glimpse of your marital bliss or a heartfelt message wrapped in festive cheer, sending out your First Christmas Married Card is a timeless tradition to commence your beautiful journey together.

With Postable, not only can you create personalized cards, but we also take the mailing hassle off your hands. This allows you more time to create beautiful memories together.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.


Newlywed Holiday Cards — Mailed For You

  • Cherish Your First Merry Moments with Our Newlywed & Married Christmas Cards

    Postable’s joyous collection of Newlywed Christmas cards is here to add that personal touch to your first shared Christmas memories. Our earth-friendly cards, made from 100% recycled materials, embody the spirit of love, joy, and environmental responsibility.

    Have your heartfelt greetings sent out to your loved ones, without having to step out into the cold. Our hassle-free mailing service ensures your season's greetings are mailed for you, spreading the warmth of your love to the mailboxes of your dear ones.

    Begin this cherished journey by reminiscing about your wedding day, and let the essence of love overflow into your personalized wedding Christmas Cards. The journey from saying 'I Do' to celebrating the Yule with your better half is captured eloquently in our cards, making them the perfect keepsake.
  • Kickstart a Married Christmas Card Tradition

    Embarking on a new tradition can be as exhilarating as saying 'I do’. Our newlywed Christmas cards provide a canvas to reflect your journey, from wedding bells to jingle bells. Choose from an array of designs that resonate with your love story. From simple and elegant to bold and festive, our cards are designed to mirror the joy of your first Christmas together.

    If you fancy a bespoke touch, our holiday card builder empowers you to create a unique married Christmas card that tells your story. Upload cherished photos, add a sprinkle of festive stickers, or pen down a heartwarming message – the options are boundless.
  • Capture the Essence of Your Bond

    Your first Christmas married card should be as unique as your love story. Whether it’s a picture from your save-the-date invite or a sweet snapshot of your new life together, our newlywed and wedding christmas cards offer a personalized touch that your loved ones will cherish.

    For a whimsical touch, our cutout holiday cards offer a playful yet elegant way to send your love. And if you’d like to extend your creativity further, our holiday photo cards collection offers a perfect blend of personalization and festive cheer.
  • The Green Choice for your Greetings

    With the planet close to our hearts, each card is printed on 100% recycled paper. This choice not only makes your greetings eco-friendly but adds a layer of thoughtfulness that reflects the essence of the season.
  • “Mailed For You” Means More Time for Cuddling

    Why hustle with stamps and envelopes, when Postable can mail your newlywed Christmas cards for you? This season, spend more time cuddling by the fire and less time fretting over mailing lists. Simply choose your design, personalize it to your heart’s content, and leave the mailing to us.
  • Crafting Memories, One Card at a Time

    Your first Christmas as a married couple is a chapter in your love story waiting to be penned down. With Postable's married Christmas cards, each card sent out is a memory cherished, a moment celebrated, and a love shared.

    Dive into the festive spirit, and let Postable be the messenger of your love and joy this holiday season. Your journey from being newlyweds to celebrating your first Christmas is a tale worth telling, and what better way to share it than through a heartfelt card?

    Make your first Christmas together an unforgettable affair with Postable's Married Christmas Cards. Your love story deserves to be celebrated in a way as unique and beautiful as the bond you share.