Business Holiday Card Message: Tips & Wording Examples for 2022

Already considering your business holiday card message for 2022? We can’t blame you. Thinking ahead of the game is what brought you success and preparing those business holiday cards ahead of time is always a wise choice. Before we know it, the holiday season will be among us anyway. And this year we’re especially excited to welcome the holiday lights and warmth that comes with it! 2022 hasn’t exactly been the smoothest of rides, but compared with the last few years… We’ll take it. That’s also particularly why we’re so excited about the holiday season — it’s the perfect time for everyone to soak up some extra cheer. Whether you’ve made mailing business holiday cards a regular tradition or you’ve decided to start a new one this year, we’re here to help make your business holiday card messages work for you. In this post, you’ll find everything you need to draft, edit, and finalize the perfect business holiday card message for your company. We know the importance of staying consistent with your brand voice when it comes to communication and building customer relationships and we’re here to help you do just that with your holiday cards.

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How to get the most out of your business holiday card messages in 2022.

It’s hard to know what to include in a holiday card message when you’ve got so little room and so much to say. You don’t want to write an overly complicated message or avoid not saying what needs to be said — especially in the current global environment.

Your messaging, like the rest of the card, should reflect your overall branding. Think about how all the elements of your business holiday card come together including everything from the design on the front, to the message on the inside and even the font that you decide to use. Understand how you’d like to approach this year’s holiday messaging across platforms and then use that as a guideline for making these decisions.

Regardless if your company has a casual, silly, or more of a formal brand — all business holiday cards should have a few things in common. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep your business holiday message short.

Holiday cards aren’t full-sized letters. They tend to be smaller in size and so the length of the message should be composed with this in mind. The more you write, the smaller the font will need to be. You don’t want your recipients squinting their eyes in order to read your message.

You may have a million things you’d like to share with your customers. We totally get it. But avoid making your business holiday cards a novel. Make it short and sweet. Keep their attention long enough to let them know you’re grateful for their support throughout 2022 while still leaving enough space to offer your best holiday wishes.  

Keep your business holiday message holiday-unspecific.

Unless your company centers around a certain clientele and you know for sure all of your clients celebrate the same thing, keep it generic. This way you’re not isolating any of your customers. A seasons greetings can be general enough with ‘Happy holidays’ or ‘Warmest Wishes.’

Keep your business holiday message personal.

Ok so generic AND personal? Yup. It’s totally doable. When we say generic — we mean the holiday in question (see the note above). When we say personal, we mean the messaging itself. The best gift that snail mail provides businesses is this ability to create a relationship with your customer base that isn’t possible via digital mediums.

This is especially important for online businesses where the human to human interaction is missing. Make your business holiday card message personal by addressing it to each individual person’s name, keeping the general tone close to your overarching 2022 holiday theme, and using a sign off that’s unique.

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Keep sales-y language out of your business holiday card.

While the holidays are usually the sales peak season and you’re particularly hoping to regain some momentum after the last two years, your business holiday cards shouldn’t be the place where you push a hard sell. This is your chance to really connect with your clients; don’t abuse that opportunity with salesy language. 

By simply reaching out to your clients with a personal holiday card, you’re placing your branding in front of potential sales. You’re selling without coming out and saying BUY THIS.

And while discounts and other marketing tactics work well with things like email marketing — consider keeping them out of your business holiday cards. 

Let your customers know you’re involved in the community this holiday season. 

It is very easy for consumers to see through the veil of faked empathy. More and more consumers consider the types of companies they want to support. Making an honest effort to get involved and help your community will not only benefit your company and the people in the surrounding communities (remember, we’re all in this together) but can also give your clients an additional reason to support your business during the 2022 holiday season (and beyond in 2023). 

If you’ve made plans and are actively getting involved, make sure to let your clients know in the messaging of your business holiday card. Definitely don’t write a novel about how gracious you are, but do highlight the work your company is putting into your community with a one liner. 

Remember the tip about writing a novel: don’t.

Be authentic in your business holiday card messaging. 

This cannot be overstated enough: do not try to fake empathy. Being real with your customers in both your broader messaging across platforms and especially within a personal business holiday is absolutely a must. 

Keep the conversation going beyond the holiday season.

Use your holiday message as an opportunity to show your customers that your business has the capacity to adapt to the changing environment by opening up channels for further conversations. Let them know your plans for the new year and how your company is prepared to continue to meet their evolving needs.

If your company is choosing to mail business new years cards instead of holiday or corporate Christmas cards to clients in 2022, the new year cards would be a great opportunity to highlight your efforts to meet their needs in 2023. 

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How to start the message in your business holiday cards.

There are a few different options in the ways you can address your clients.

If you have the name of each customer, you’ll want to address them personally from the get-go.

  • ‘Dear Joe,’

If your branding is a little less serious, you may want to address your cards directly to the recipient’s first name by skipping the ‘dear’ (if it aligns with your branding).

  • Joe,

If your brand is more formal, address your cards to your recipient’s last name and use a title.

  • ‘Dear Mr. Smith,’

If for you don’t have the recipient’s first name you can replace this with ‘valued customer’ as the last possible option. It’s less personal and may result in the message feeling cookie-cutter and distant.

  • ‘Dear Valued Customer,’

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The actual season’s greeting! How to wish your customers a happy holiday in your cards. 

Still unsure how to actually wish your customers a happy holiday? We got you. Here are some short tidbits to get your thinking wheels moving on what to write in your message. 

Remember to add your personal touch to these holiday messages.

  • Sending you the warmest greetings and warmest wishes this holiday season.
  • Peace on Earth. Wishing you all the wonderfully joyous greetings to you and yours this holiday season and the upcoming new year.
  • The year may be coming to an end, but our work to make your life easier never stops. Wishing you and yours all the best here at [company name] and look forward to serving you in the near future.
  • Happy Holidays!
  • Best wishes to you and yours from everyone at [company name].
  • Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!
  • May the joy of the holidays be with you in the upcoming year.
  • Cheers to a season filled with warmth and comfort!
  • All the best for the new year!
  • Cheers to a happy new year from everyone at [company name].
  • ‘Tis still the season to give you a big ole’ thank you. Happy holidays!
  • Thank you for your continued support and business. We look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.
  • Thank you for being a part of the [Company Name] family. We appreciate your business and look forward to supporting you in the next year.

That should be enough to get you started. And remember if you want to save yourself time and hassle, you can use the Postable tools available to easily send your business holiday cards in minutes. Postable will print, address and mail all of them out for you. 

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