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Business Hanukkah Cards

  • Why send Business Hanukkah Cards with Postable?

    If you are is seeking to mail business Hannukkah cards in 2023, you've come to the right place. Postable makes mailing just about any kind of snail mail imaginable (go ahead, imagine it and we'll mail it) as easy as sending an email. We're in the business of bringing solutions to business owners and managers like yourself so welcome aboard. With Postable, you get to focus on the fun stuff while we take care of the rest. Here's the breakdown of how you can mail your business Hanukkah cards with Postable in minutes (no, we're not kidding).

    1. Choose your business Hanukkah card. First, choose the most delightful business Hanukkah card that aligns with your branding. This selection of curated Hanukkah cards is brought to you by the most talented artists around so don't be surprised if your mind is a bit (or a lot) blown.

    2. Customize the design with your company branding. Second, you'll want to customize the design so that your customers and employees immediately think of you when they see the card. You can do this in a number of ways depending on which card you choose. Some templates allow you to upload your own photo and logo as well as edit the text on the front of the card–– or some combination of these. All of these beautiful business Hanukkah cards will give you the ability to write your personal business message on the inside using one of our smart handwritten fonts (you choose which font most suits you).

    3. Enter recipient information and click send. Finally, the last thing you'll need to do is to upload your client and employee mailing information so we know where to mail your custom business Hanukkah cards. You can do this in a number of ways either by uploading a spreadsheet to your Postable address book (free when you sign up for your free Postable account) or by manually entering each recipient. And then click send. Seriously, that's it!

    Postable will then print, address, and mail your business Hanukkah cards directly to each recipient.

    As always if you need help any step of the way, we're here for you!
  • Hanukkah cards for customers

    Your customers like you. We're sure of it! But they may not always be thinking about you which is why it's a great idea to send them a yearly Hanukkah card. And if your base of customers is more likely to celebrate a range of holidays, you can also choose to mail a more general business Holiday card or even business New Years cards. Either way, sending Hanukkah cards for customers on a yearly basis creates a lovely opportunity to connect with your clients.

    And that's all anyone really wants right now, isn't it?

    By doing this to further strengthen your customer relationships, you're increasing your customer retention which of course results in more business in the new year. We're no fortune tellers, but something tells us 2023 is bound to bring more business to those companies who invest in customer retention.
  • Hanukkah cards for employees

    Happy employees equals happy business. No doubt you already knew that, but humor us for a moment. As business owners and managers in 2023, you are likely feeling the increased competition amongst other companies for all the top talent. In this unprecedented time (boy, are we ready for some precedent already) when talent has more options than ever, it's vital to make sure your employees know just how much you value them. To be fair, this is a great practice regardless of what the hiring landscape looks like. Happy employees make for good business sense.

    Sending Hanukkah cards for employees is a very simple way to communicate your gratitude to the folks that make your business run on the daily. A nice little holiday bonus certainly wouldn't hurt either.

    You can choose the same design you used for business Hanukkah cards for customers or choose a separate design. Whatever works for you. You can create two separate lists or groups in your Postable Address Book to easily select only your employees when creating your business Hanukkah cards projects.
  • How to create your custom Hanukkah cards

    As we've already mentioned, sending your business Hanukkah cards with Postable is a walk in the park (or on the beach if that's your preference). That means customizing your Hanukkah cards to align with your company personality is also quick and simple.

    Here are the simple steps to follow:

    1. Choose your template Keep in mind that each card template has different customization abilities. If you see a logo on the default, that means you can upload your own logo for example. If the template includes a photo on the default that means you'll be able to upload your own. And so on. If you're still unsure what the capabilities are, simply click on the template you like and the options will all be laid out for you on the next page.

    2. Customize your business Hanukkah card And with that, you'll start customizing. If the template has a photo on it, click on the camera icon on the card template to upload your own photo. If there's a logo on the template, click on the upload logo tool on the right side of the screen. If there's customizable text it'll appear on the right side as well.

    Once you're happy with the front of the card, save the design and the site will lead you to the next step where you'll write your personal message and choose your font.

    Pro tip: If you'd like to apply the same Hanukkah message to your entire address book (or a select group of people), you can use the carbon copy tool under the mass mailing page.