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Thanksgiving Cards for Business

  • Why send thanksgiving cards to clients?

    Oh, so glad you asked! Sending your clients business thanksgiving cards is one of our favorite topics. So much that we wrote a whole blog post on it here with message samples and a whole bunch of tips for your perusing pleasure. To give you a quick gist, it's a good idea to send business thanksgiving cards to clients as an extended and yearly practice of consistently thanking your clients. You may not think a simple thank you card is all that powerful (or perhaps you do and that's why you're here), but your clients are not expecting you to go out of your way to thank them in such a personal and meaningful way. So in short: sending thanksgiving cards to clients will surprise and delight them, effectively building customer loyalty and retention over the course of the year. But ok, that's not even the whole of it. Here are a few other reasons why you should send thanksgiving cards to your clients:

    1. You'll be the only (probably) company to do so While everyone and their mom is sending holiday cards (literally, we should know), yours will be the only card in your clients' mail boxes for Thanksgiving. This will give you a leg up on everyone else.

    2. Customer retention Ok, we know we just said this, but it's so important (but hey, you already knew that) that we thought it was worth mentioning again. Building and strengthening client relationships is key.

    3. Marketing Knock knock. Who's there? Early holiday shoppers! Get ahead of the game of your peak holiday shopping with business thanksgiving cards. But do it in such a way that doesn't feel salesy or you'll miss the mark. Your business thanksgiving cards should not feel like a sales flyer. They should be sincere and full of gratitude. The personalization of the card will act as a marketing tool in itself because your customers will feel the urge to visit you (whether online or in person) to seek your products or services after they get all the pre-holiday feels.
  • Why send thanksgiving cards to employees?

    Employee retention is just as important as customer retention these days. A simple way to hold on to your talent is to make sure they know they are appreciated and valued. But you already knew that. Sending Thanksgiving cards to your employees is a really easy way to communicate this with your workforce and ensure a high retention rate. Of course a holiday bonus will certainly help too.
  • Bulk Thanksgiving Cards

    Sending business Thanksgiving cards to every single client and employee in your address book? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume that will require? Don't sweat it. Postable will mail your bulk Thanksgiving cards for your. The amount of time you spend will not change, it will still only take you a few minutes to mail hundreds (or even thousands) of Thanksgiving cards. And as for money saving options, we got you there too. The more cards you buy, the less they are per card. We have bulk Thanksgiving card options galore. Just check out the pricing calculator to see how much you can save and let us know if you have any questions!
  • What do you write in a Thanksgiving card to a client?

    Are you convinced yet? Good. Now to the question of what to write in a Thanksgiving card to a client. First off, your business Thanksgiving cards should leave your clients feeling warm and fuzzy. So here are a few hard and fast rules you can follow when writing your Thanksgiving cards to clients:  So here are a few hard and fast rules you can follow when writing your Thanksgiving cards to clients:

    1. Mind the length. You're writing a Thanksgiving message, not a novel so please keep it short. If you're using Postable to send your business Thanksgiving cards, the font will automatically shrink the more you write, but don't let that fool you. You don't want to send a message with a font so small it's difficult to read. It should be just a few sentences.

    2. Thank your customers. This might seem obvious, but it's so important we couldn't not include it on this fun little list of ours. The whole point of sending your clients a Thanksgiving card is to thank them! Let them know that you're grateful for the business, loyalty, and support throughout 2023. And of course, wish them a Happy Thanksgiving with their families.

    For a full message samples and templates, you can read our brilliant blogging where we lay everything out here.