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First Mother's Day Cards

Cute cards for first time mothers. Addressed and mailed for you.

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First Mother's Day Cards, Mailed For You

  • What should I get my wife for first Mother's Day?

    The first Mother's day is one filled with overflowing amounts of love, excitement and oh so many needed nap times. The first thing to get a first time mom is some chill time. Make it possible for mom to sleep in, relax and enjoy some time to herself -- even if just a few hours.

    Some other fun gifts for the first Mother's Day would be:

    • Matching first Mother's day outfits.
    • A personalized family illustration print.
    • A bottle of her favorite wine with a custom wine glass.
    • Silk satin PJs because new moms can use all the sleepy-goodness they can get.
    • Bath time accesseries (think: Bath pillows, salts, bath caddy etc.)

    Whatever you choose to get your wife for first Mother's Day, don't forget to send her a first Mother's Day card!
  • What do you write in a first Mother's Day card?

    The message anatomy of a great first Mother's Day card should have these elements:

    • A lovely salutation with a nod to motherhood.
    • A note on how much you appreciate her.
    • A wish for a Happy Mother's Day (duh).
    • A whole lot of love.

    Being a new mom is hard work so showing your appreciation and recognizing her efforts can go a long way.

    You could start your message with something along the lines of 'To the best mom in the world' and then proceed to shower her with appreciation. Don't forget to actually write the 'Happy Mother's Day' part and end with 'Love'. Here's an example:

    To the best new Mom in the world,

    Your patience, love, and caring for our angel has completely amazed me. I am in awe of you and the way in which you've taken on motherhood. I wish you the greatest first Mother's day there ever was and hope to help make it a loving day you'll remember for many more Mother's Days to come.

    Love you to the moon and back,
  • How long will my Mother’s Day card take to arrive?

    Snail mail, unlike e-mail, can take around 3-7 days to get delivered when mailed via USPS domestically. Part of the magic that is snail mail is the surprise element and not knowing exactly when each card will arrive. With that said, you should aim to mail your first Mother's Day cards about a week in advance to give them plenty of time to arrive.
  • If there are no templates that I like, can I create my own card?

    Sure! If you don't see any custom templates that fit your fancy, you can always upload your own file to one of our blank canvases. Simply choose between horizontal or vertical and then upload your image file to get started.