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25% off all cards with code PRIMEDAY

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Mother's Day Photo Cards, Mailed For You

  • Tips for making the best mother's day photo cards.

    Whether you're planning on adding your smiling face or mom's dog to your Mother's Day photo cards, it's best to keep a few of the following tips in mind. After all, you want this year's Mother's Day card to look its best. Ok, so what do you need to do to make sure mom gets the best looking card possible? We've got some tips just for you.

    • Choose a photo mom would like.
    • Use a high quality image.
    • Choose Mother's day photo cards to match the orientation and format of the photo you'd like to use.

    Choosing the photo you upload into your Mother's Day photo cards doesn't need to be a difficult process. Mom will likely appreciate any photo with her children, pets, the whole family, or any combination of the like. Don't over think this one.

    Use a high quality image when you upload it into your Mother's Day photo card template to make sure it prints well. Remember, just because an image appears clear and crisp on your computer or phone screen does not mean it will necessarily print the same way. In order to ensure your photo prints well, the photo that you upload needs to be 300 dpi resolution.

    Next step is to choose the right Mother's Day photo cards for your image. Once you've chosen your photo and made sure it's a high quality image your final step is to find a card that will most help to highlight your photo. Look for cards that have the photo slot in the same orientation as your image. For example, if your photo is in landscape, you're likely better off choosing a card that's either horizontal or one whose photo slot is in the landscape position. Additionally, make sure that there are no design elements on your Mother's Day photo card blocking anything important (like a smiling face) on your photo. Finally, make sure to keep anything important (like faces) away from the edges of the card as these areas tend to be subject to trimming after print.