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Postable prints, addresses and mails all of your Christmas cards to everyone for you.

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What should I write in my Christmas card?
What a tough year to try and compose a heartfelt Christmas message inside your Christmas card! We've outlined some great tips you can follow below and have written extensively on the top here on our blog if you should want to dig deeper (yes, there are examples and everything)!

  • Keep it short — space is limited so choose your Christmas wishes wisely.
  • Do acknowledge the difficult year that 2020 has been, but don't focus on it!
  • Do focus on something positive either that's already happened in 2020 or maybe something to look forward to.
  • Don't forget to wish them all a very Merry Christmas!

You don't need to ignore the events of 2020 in your Christmas message — after all, it was a big year — but try not to dwell on the negatives! Keep up the Chritmas spirit.

Examples of things you can include:
  • A list of top 10 things your family is most thankful for this Christmas season!
  • Use a collage photo Christmas card template to tell your family's story for 2020 or to highlight any big milestones.
  • Reflect on your favorite Christmas quote.

When should I order my Christmas cards?
While domestic mail typically take 3-7 days to get delivered, the holiday rush along with the 2020 postal service delays will impact this timeframe significantly. We'd suggest planning on a 14 day delivery time-frame starting in early December.

If you're ordering a box of cards to get delivered to yourself first, give the box enough time to arrive AND then get mailed to the recipients.

If you're choosing to have Postable mail the cards out for you — you can schedule your Christmas cards in advance (set em' and forget em') or simply give them around 14 days during the holidays*.
What other types of customizations do you offer?
Many templates allow customizations of images and text changes to the front of the designs. You're also able to compose your own Christmas message on the inside of folded cards. The backs of the flat cards allow you to choose from 6 different customizable templates as well.

Additionally, we offer envelope addressing free of charge! Simply upload your recipient list and choose the envelope option. You'll be able to choose from different handwritten fonts as well as 3 different colored envelopes.
What are your prices?
Our Christmas card pricing is based on the type of card and quantity in your order...

If you're mailing flat cards in envelopes or folded cards and your order quantity is 1-19 cards, each card will be $3.99 while a quantity of 20+ means each card will be $2.99.

If you're mailing postcards (flat cards without envelopes) and your order is 1-19 total, each card will be $2.49 or 20+ means it will be $1.99.

Pro tip: If you're sending more than 200 cards (so much holiday cheer!) you can use our pricing calculator to find out what each card will cost for your order.

Have more questions? Check out our extended FAQs.


Christmas Cards — Mailed For You

  • What customers have to say about our Christmas cards

  • Customize your own Christmas cards this holiday season

    With Postable, you have two main options to customize your own Christmas cards this (and every) holiday season. It all comes down to what you prefer!

    First, you have the option of uploading your completed customized Christmas card design. This is a great option if you've created your very own Christmas card from scratch. Just upload a high resolution file to one of the blank canvas templates and you'll be prompted to further personalize either the inside or back of your card — depending on which template you chose.

    The other option for making personalized Christmas cards this holiday season is to choose one of the hundreds of customizable Christmas card templates we have available. Each design is created by a world-class artist who loves the holiday season probably as much as Santa himself! The options are almost limitless — many photo Christmas cards are available for you to upload an image of your family or furry friend! You'll be able to create personalized Christmas card messages — the insides of the folded cards will have whatever message you write. And don't forget the backs of the flat cards — upload up to 6 different photos to really customize your own Christmas cards!

    Go ahead, get to to customizing. The first step: choose your the card that tickles your [festive] fancy!
  • Festive Christmas card ideas

    Still in the brainstorming phase of your Christmas card journey? Welcome, we love it here! In fact, we love it so much we spend a great deal of the year just hanging out and coming up with festive Chritmas card ideas for you to enjoy. That's how much we love Christmas.

    With our epic collection of Christmas cards you'll have plenty of inspiration to for your festive thinking cap. Use the filters at the top of the page to help narrow down the options or play around with the different types of Christmas cards available. And remember — you don't have to settle for one design. Feel free to choose a different design for the different types of recipients on your list (your colleagues don't necessarily need to get the same cute-sy Christmas card as your family).
  • Planning your season's greetings

    With so much going on this Christmas, planning ahead for your Season's Greetings in 2020 will have an even bigger impact than years past. Getting ahead will definitely be the name of the game for anyone hoping to get their Season's Greetings cards in the hands of their recipients by Christmas Day.

    This just means a little prepartion and planning of your season's greetings is in order. Here are some tips to get you ready to tackle the 2020 holiday season like a pro:

    • Get organized! Don't wait until the last minute to update your Christmas card list.
    • Order your Season's Greetings in advance. If you're planning on ordering a box of cards to get delivered to yourself, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the box to arrive AND time to address and mail out the cards. OR simply schedule your holiday cards to get mailed out for you!
    • Give your Christmas cards enough time to get delivered. This is 2020 and as with everything else, the deliver time for holiday mail will likely be quite different from years past. The holiday rush at the post office typically* slows mail time to around 14 days for domestic mail. Given the additional slow downs this year we'd suggest giving your cards around 14 days to arrive. Want more details — check out our in depth explanation at when to mail Christmas cards.

  • Creating your perfect Christmas Cards

    When creating your perfect Christmas cards, you're likely paying attention to a number of factors like the style, theme and format. Luckily, Postable's collection of Christmas cards literally has hundreds of different — equally beautiful — cards to choose from. Whether you're looking for customizable cards or classic hand painted designs, you're in the right place.

    Some of the available options.

    • simple
    • modern
    • minimalist
    • bold
    • colorful
    • funny
    • classic

    • Joy
    • Peace
    • Peace on Earth
    • Merry Everything
    • Holy night
    • Classic Merry Christmas

    Every single Christmas card in this collection is printed with the highest quality printers known to man-kind (yes, really). So you can rest assured the image and print quality of your 2020 Christmas cards will be stunning!

    All of the cards are printed on a post-consumer recycled paper because it feels extraordinary luxurious and helps to save our planet.