Nice Greeting Cards

Really nice cards, mailed for you.

Pick a card, type a message, and we'll mail it for you.

Real Cards Mailed For You

  • Are there cards for every occasion?

    Yup. Greeting cards are the name of the game and we've got em' for every occasion. Think of an occasion for a card and we've got it. Birthday cards? Yup, got those. Wedding invitiations? Yup, got them too. What about some just-because you feel like saying hello cards? You guessed it –– got plenty of those too. Whatever greeting card you're looking for, we've got more cards than you'll ever know what to do with for everyone in your life. There isn't a single occasion that we haven't got a card for. And if you find one missing –– be sure to let us know!
  • How do I send a card with Postable?

    Sending a card online doesn't mean you can't still send traditional snail mail. In fact, every one of our cards are real, hold-in-your-hand greeting cards that are guaranteed to make your recipient smile. So to recap: you can send a card right now, online, and still send a real card via traditional snail mail. Cool, huh? So how can you make that happen? 1. Choose a greeting card. Take your time, we know how hard it is to pick just one when there are so many beautiful designs to choose from. 2. Write your message. Once you've chosen your card you'll be prompted to write your personal message. All of these cards are blank inside so you can write from the heart. Change the font to match your unique style and don't forget to test out a few of our different smart fonts that perfectly mimmick real handwriting! 3. Enter mail information. You're almost done! All that's left to do is for you to enter the mailing information of where you want your card to go. The envelope will be customized with this information and will match the font you chose for your message. And that's it! All that's left to do is to click SEND! Postable will print, address, stamp, and mail your card via traditional snail mail for you!
  • Who designed these greeting cards?

    Each and every one of our greeting card designs were created by either an independent artist or an in-house Postable designer –– both of whom live, breathe, and dream greeting card design. No tacky convienence store greeting cards here. We've got only the best, most delightful designs you could imagine. You can feel good about sending a smile to your friends and family while supporting small businesses.
  • Are all of these blank greeting cards?

    Yup. We don't presume to know what you'd like to say to your loved ones and so we refrain from writing our own messages on the inside. All of our greeting cards are initially blank on the inside... That is until you write your own unique message. You can write whatever suits your fancy!
  • Can I send a card now and schedule one to be mailed later?

    You sure can. You can send as many cards as you'd like right now and schedule as many cards as you'd like for later. This is a great option if you'd like to schedule birthday cards or holiday cards to avoid forgetting to mail these on time. You can schedule your cards while writing your message (option to schedule under the recipient address entry form) or while you're in the cart next to your card project title.
  • Can I use a handwritten font to write inside these greeting cards?

    Yup. We've created several unique [smart] handwritten fonts for you to choose from. Additionally, you'll be able to choose an ink color. These handwritten fonts are not ordinary –– they were created based on real handwriting and so exhibit real qualities like having a number of different versions for every letter. Your recipients will get the feeling of a handwritten letter. Don't worry, we won't tell.