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Get 20% off with code XOXO

Valentine's Day Card Builder

Add images, text, stickers and more to create your own totally unique Valentine's Day card!

How it works

Pick your card

Folded, flat or postcard. Whatever you desire.

Design away!

Add a photo, pick some stickers, draw a doodle. Go crazy!

We mail it

We print, address and mail all of your cards for you.

Valentine's Day Card Builder

  • Beautiful one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day cards.

    Who better to design the perfect one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day card that's just right for you than... you? If you're up to the fun and easy task of building your own Valentine's Day card then you've come to the right place. This Valentine's Day card maker will turn all your festive Valentine's Day cards dreams into reality.

    Follow your heart and create as many beautiful Valentine's Day card versions as your heart desires. You can play around with love themed stickers and use the doodle tool to draw something unique and personal to you. Or you know, you could just draw a heart and call it a day. How you choose to use this Valentine's Day card maker is totally up to you and your expansive imagination. Go ahead and give it a go!
  • Professional printing, fast delivery.

    Why yes, we do use state of the art printing equipment to make sure your Valentine's Day cards come out as perfect as humanly possible. Just make sure that any image you choose to upload to your Valentine's Day card maker is 300 dpi in resolution and your cards will print spectacularly.

    Once an order is placed, the cards are then printed and mailed within 1 to 2 business days. We're on Cupid's watch and will always do whatever we can to get your Valentine's Day cards out on time.
  • Say it your way with personalized messages.

    The beauty of using this Valentine's Day card maker is the ability to personalize to your heart's desire. This way you can add your personalized message right smack dab on the front of your own Valentine's Day card. What better way to share the love than to design and doodle your way to Valentine's Day.
  • How do I design my own card with this Valentine's Day card maker?

    We're always on a mission to make sending beautiful snail mail as easy as humanly possible and this new little tool of ours is no exception. We've made it super uber easy to make Valentine's Day cards that will have your entire Valentine's Day card list swooning into the new year.

    Simply click the 'Get Started' button to choose the template you'd like -- folded, flat, or postcard -- as well as the orientation of the card. From there, the Valentine's Day card maker will appear. Here, you'll be able to use the toolset to add Valentine's Day themed stickers (hello candy hearts), custom text and font, as well as doodles of your own creation. You'll be able to save your designs and make as many versions as you'd like.

    Once you've made your Valentine's Day card, you'll be able to choose whether to send it directly to your recipients or to yourself in a box.
  • What should I include in a Valentine's Day card?

    Follow your heart and add whatever elements you think are a good fit. Nothing is required to go on a Valentine's Day card, but if you're looking for inspiration here are a few elements you could include on your Valentine's Day card using this card maker:

    • The text: Happy Valentine's Day!
    • A festive border: think hearts or pink polka dots.
    • Doodles of flowers.
    • A Valentine's Day kitten.
    • A ro message from you.
    • The year 2022 (it's always nice looking back to see what each year's Valentine's Day card looked like)