39 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards To Send A Giggle In 2024

Everyone could use an extra giggle or two this Valentine’s Day (likely more so than any other year) so if you’re thinking of expanding your list of Valentines in 2024 we say, go for it! Everyone from the love of your life, to your bestie and family members could use a little extra love. 

Why not send them some funny Valentine’s Day cards to show them how much you care and send them some laughter along the way. It’s a win-win. This list of funny Valentine’s Day cards will have something for everyone in your life and luckily, you can mail each one of these cute cards straight from your computer or phone.

It’s true. Choose any of these laugh-out-loud funny Valentine’s cards, write whatever message you fancy and click send. Postable can mail them all for you with a click of a button. 

Funny Valentine’s Cards For The Love (Or Like) Of Your Life

Whether you’ve been with your long-term sweetie for years or your relationship is just beginning, you probably want to send a funny Valentine card no matter what. The real personal stuff will go in the middle with the message, but we’ll leave that part up to you.

Te Amo You Sexy Beast

This Viva Greetings creation is simple in design, but still manages to punch a giggle straight away. 

Make Out City

It’s pink. It’s straight to the point and it’ll undoubtedly draw a giggle or two. Leave it to Near Modern Disaster to create the perfect funny Valentine’s Day card.

Be Mine 4ever

Send it to someone you know will get a kick out of this check yes or no styled funny Valentine card.

The Hunky Valentine

Your Valentine will certainly get a giggle when they open their envelopes. Gotta love the little red undies to go with the love theme 😉

Hot Sauce

The perfect funny Valentine card for the hot sauce lover in your life. Go ahead, spice things up.

A Sweet & Sappy Valentine

When you’re just not great at saying all the romantic things… Let these funny Valentine’s Day cards say them for you. They’ll know how much you care while getting a little giggle all at the same time.

The World is Shit

Ain’t that the truth. Near Modern Disaster at it again, telling it how it is. This funny Valentine card is perfect for the one you chose to ride 2024 with.

I Want To Be On You

Who says funny Valentine’s cards aren’t romantic? Simple and straight to the point.

Sexy Valentine

Your definition of sexy may have changed after years of being together (or maybe after just surviving 2020). However long you’ve been together, if the thought of co-choring together is your version of sexy, your partner will certainly appreciate this humorous Valentine’s Day card by E. Frances.

Butt Stuff

Looking for something funny and a little saucy? Well this card by Bench Pressed has the best of both worlds. This funny Valentine card can probably also act as a calendar in case you don’t already have one. Stick this bad boy on your fridge to remind your Valentine of what’s coming 🙂

I Want You

Another Viva Greetings masterpiece. This funny Valentine card is straight to the point with a little luchador flare.

Pun Valentine’s Day Cards

Because being funny isn’t enough. These hilarious Valentine’s Day cards take funny to the next level. If your sweetie goes nuts for a pun, they’ll love these designs. 

Bee Mine

Innocent and oh so sweet. This Shauna Lynn creation is great for both the freshly developing as well as long established relationships. 

You’re So Hot

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life. There’s really no better way to share your feelings than through a coffee pun. E. France’s adorable little illustration certainly takes these funny Valentine’s Day cards to the next level.

I’ve Been Chicken You Out

The pun master, A Jar of Pickles, has another funny Valentine card that’ll make em’ giggle and blush all at once

You’re Just My Type

This humorous Valentine’s Day design is both funny and romantic and hella endearing.

My Heart Beets For You

Is your sweetie an Office fan? Rumble Cards really captures the essence of Dwight. These funny Valentine’s cards couldn’t BE more perfect.

Hot Slice

Does your sweetie love a good slice? Pizza puns are on a level of their own and this funny Valentine card by Good Twin is no exception.

You’re a Hot Volcano

Part pun, part geological metaphor. However you want to categorize this Small Adventure funny Valentine card design we just know it has the potential to truly brighten someone’s day.

Hey Hot Stuff

Another hot sauce pun? Why not! Move over chocolate, hot sauce is taking over Valentine’s Day. Everyone knows Sriracha is the ultimate sauce and this delightful Mai Ly Degnan illustration is the perfect rendition to send as a funny Valentine card.

Funny Valentine’s Cards For Family

If nothing else, 2023 (good riddance) taught us how to appreciate those we care about even more. And Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for romance. It’s another opportunity to show those we care about — aka our families — just how much we care. 

Telling mom how much you love her should be a daily occurrence and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Sure, skipping the text and going straight for the phone call is a nice gesture, but we’re hoping that’s a part of your weekly (if not daily) routine. 

Sending a really cute yet funny valentine’s day card with a lovely personal message on the inside is your chance to show your mom how much you care. This list of funny Valentine’s cards is sure to have the perfect giggle-inducing design for everyone in your fam.  

I Love You Berry Much

Whether you choose to send these funny Valentine’s cards to Mom, Grandma or just about anyone else in your family — it’s bound to draw some extra large smiles and extra warm hearts. Who said funny Valentine’s day cards are just for the romantic interests in your life?

I Wuff You

How many different ways can one say ‘I love you’? Quill and Fox have translated it into doggie language and turned it into a pun. What more could you want? This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day funny cards that’s perfect for the pup lover in your family.

I love You *This Much*

How much? This much! That’s a whole lotta love! Make sure everyone in your family knows just how much you love them this year (and every year) with these funny Valentine’s cards by Iron Curtain Press. We can’t decide if this card is more cute or funny. Regardless, it’ll bring a big ole’ smile to their face.


Grandma and Grandpa will no doubt get a kick out of these charming and funny Valentine’s cards. If you’ve got kiddos, use our [As if your kid wrote it] font to write the message on the inside and add that extra kid-esque touch.

Cat’s Pajamas

Funny Valentine’s Day cards can totally include photos! This one by the inhouse design team at Postable, lets you upload your very own image. Perfect for the feline lovers in your family. 

Crayon Grandparent’s Valentine

Ok so this card isn’t all THAT funny. But we felt it was worth showing as an exception. This Valentine’s Day while you’re busy planning fun romantic evenings, make sure you don’t forget your grandparents. Whether you’re old enough to write and send your own funny Valentine’s Day cards or you’ve got little bitty kids of your own, don’t forget that grandma and grandpa will so appreciate getting a little (or a lot) love on Valentine’s Day.

Cupid Baby Valentine’s Day Photo Card

Another funny Valentine’s Day card to make the recipients get a little giggle. Upload your face to the cupid baby and send one to everyone in the family.

We Wuff You

This design is perfect for sending as a funny Valentine’s Day card from the entire family.

You’re the Cat’s Meow

Why yes, another pun indeed! Upload your own photo (something vertical) to this design. Another template that’ll work great as funny Valentine’s Day cards from the whole family.

Funny Valentine’s Day Cards For Your Bestie

We all know our friends are the cornerstones to our sanity. Without them we’d be a big pile of over-stressed mush. Let’s be honest, we owe our friendships a whole lot more than just Valentine’s Day funny cards, but it’s the least we can do. Cute Valentine’s day cards for friends is also the perfect gesture if you recently made a mistake like eating your roommate’s last piece of cake (assuming your roommate is your friend).

Even if you’ve been the perfect example of a friend, why stop there? Send your bestie(s) cute and funny Valentine’s Day cards and they’ll no doubt love you forever.


Have a friend who appreciates the world of snacks as much as you do? This funny Valentine’s card is perfect. The delightful snack illustrations on this design by Katie Pea are frame-worthy so you know your bestie will love it.

Panda Pair

This adorable and funny Valentine card by E. Frances is almost too endearing to be funny, but if this feels like you and your bestie’s friendship in a nutshell then you know it’s the perfect card.

Let’s Be Lazy. 

How many times have you uttered these same words to your best friend? Gotta love Small Adventure’s cat illustrations on this funny Valentine’s Day card and your bestie will certainly get a giggle.

I Love You More Than Pizza.

That’s a whole lotta love. The beautiful illustration on this card matched with the funny sentiment is the perfect funny Valentine’s Day card to make your bestie laugh out loud.


Not a fan of cupid this Valentine’s Day? This funny Valentine card will be perfect.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day 

Perhaps you and your best friend are over the whole Valentine’s Day thing altogether. That’s cool. Make ’em laugh with this funny Valentine card with anti-Vday vibes and make some fun plans while you’re at it.

Koality Friend

A Jar of Pickles is at it again with this adorably funny Valentine’s Day card. Send this to just about any of your friends this year to brighten their day and give them a good giggle.

Uteruses Before Duderuses

Is your bestie a fan of Leslie Kope (who isn’t)? This funny Valentine’s Day card will certainly brighten their day. 

There’s plenty more where that came from if you’re going to be celebrating Galentine’s Day this year!

What Do I Write In A Funny Valentine’s Card?

The trick is to blend humor with a touch of love. If you’re writing hilarious Valentine’s Day cards, try playful jokes or puns that resonate with your special someone’s personality. Whether it’s a witty quip for your Valentine’s cards funny style or a clever line, make it personal. 

Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts to Send With Your Funny Card

Selecting a funny Valentine’s Day card can be a delightful way to express your humor. But complementing it with a sweet Valentine’s Day gift adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness. This year, pair your humorous Valentine’s Day card with a gift that’s equally charming and indulgent:

Two Dozen Cookie Assortment From Cravory Cookies

This is a crowd-pleaser that’s hard to resist. Their most popular mix is a playful and imaginative collection that features a variety of flavors, including:

  • Birthday Cake with white vanilla chips
  • Cookie Monster Cookies loaded with caramel bites
  • Zesty Lemon Bar Cookies infused with fresh lemons
  • Red Velvet Cookies
  • Homemade Salted Caramel Cream Cookies
  • Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies reimagined with a sprinkle of sea salt

The Los Angeles Sunset Chocolate Gift Box From Compartes Chocolates

Compartes Chocolates offers this feast for the senses. Each box is filled with popular flavors like original dark, strawberry balsamic, and fresh picked raspberry. The designs and contents vary, which guarantees a unique and chic experience for your recipients.

Chocolate Library Gift Box From Raaka Chocolate

This gift box makes for an adventurous journey through the world of cacao. With eight different flavors, such as Bourbon Cask Aged and Pink Sea Salt, it’s a thoughtful gift for the chocolate connoisseur in your life. All chocolates are organic, kosher, non-GMO, and free from gluten, dairy, and soy.

24 Piece Chocolate Gift Box From And Sons 

This exquisite collection combines classic European-style ganaches and pralines with modern confections. The box’s flavors change seasonally, offering a delightful surprise with each gift.

Best Seller XL Cupcake & Cookie Variety Pack From The Original Crumbs Bakeshop

Who says you can’t have it all? This pack is perfect for those who can’t decide between cupcakes and cookies. This pack includes favorites like Red Velvet and Birthday Cake cupcakes. It also includes an assortment of cookie jars featuring flavors like Sprinkle Sundae and Chocolate Cherry.

Easily mail a Valentine’s Day Card in 5 minutes. Postable will print, address and mail it for you.

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