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Wedding Thank You Cards — Mailed For You

  • Find out what customers are saying about Postable's wedding thank you cards.

  • What kinds of wedding thank you cards do you offer?

    We offter every kind of wedding thank you card you could possibly dream of. Welcome to the land of plenty! In this collection of wedding thank you cards you may find yourself dizzy with all the beautiful options, but in the best way possible. All of our wedding thank you cards were designed and created by independent artists or in-house designers who live, breathe, and dream beautiful design. And thanks to that level of love, this curated collection will undoubtedly have exactly what your heart desires.

    Just a taste of the kinds of wedding thank you cards we offer include:

    • Photo wedding thank you cards (because we know how much you love your wedding photos)
    • Classic designs with lovely scripted fonts
    • Minimalist themes that allow the heartfelt message to have the spotlight
    • Beach themed wedding thank you cards
    • Garden themed wedding thank you cards to satiate all your floral dreams
    • Customizable wedding thank you card designs with the bride and groom's names
    • Black and white themed wedding thank you cards
    • Fun and colorful designs to bring some extra sunshine to your guests

    And so many more. Seriously, don't take our word for it and take a gander for yourself. Browse away and find the perfect kind of wedding thank you just for you!
  • Are your wedding thank you cards customizable?

    Definitely. Every single one of our wedding thank you cards is totally blank on the inside and will stay that way until you decide to write the perfect thank you message to your guests.

    With that said, many of these wedding thank you cards are also customizable on the front design. For example, many of these delightful wedding thank you cards allow you to customize the front design with your photo. Choose to upload the perfect photo of you and your new spouse cutting the wedding cake or smooching at the alter –– the choice is totally yours. You can even use this chance to use a photo from your engagement session or the perfect candid from your new life as newly weds. Whatever photo you'd like to use, there are a ton of amazing photo wedding thank you cards to choose from: simply use the filter option at the top of the page if you only want to see the photo card options.

    Additionally, there are wedding thank you cards in this collection that allow you to customize the names of the couple on the front design for that extra bit of customization.
  • When should I order and send out my wedding thank you cards?

    In general, your wedding guests should recieve your wedding thank you cards within six months of your wedding. If you're getting ready to celebrate your one year anniversary, your wedding thank you cards are a bit late. But late is typically better than never so if you're still able to write personal wedding thank you notes, we say do it.

    If you decide to send your wedding thank you cards with Postable you have a huge advantage: you don't need to order the cards in advance! Yup, that's right. Because Postable can print, address, and send your wedding thank you cards directly to your recipients, you don't have to wait for them to arrive at your home, write them out, and then mail them. Essentially, with Postable, you save about a million hours of extra work (and waiting) and can still get them out on time.
  • What do you write inside a wedding thank you card?

    Speaking of the thank you note itself, what should you even write?! Given our love of all thank you notes, we've written a comprehensive guide to writing the most epic wedding thank you note of all time on our blog. But the two main things to remember when writing your wedding thank you notes is to keep them short and sweet and make sure the message is personal.

    Keep it short. Wedding thank you cards don't have all the space in the world so make sure you plan your message in advance. This way you'll know you won't run out of room. This isn't your thesis dissertation, so keep it short and sweet.

    Make it personal. Wedding thank you notes should be as personal as possible. These people likely got to share a very personal moment in your lives so keep that in mind when writing your message. If at all possible, mention the gift specifically and how you've used it or plan to use it.

    And of course, don't forget to thank them! That's the whole reason you're sending these cards in the first place. A good practice is to start and end your wedding thank you message with a good old fashioned 'thank you!'
  • How much do thank you cards cost for a wedding?

    The cost for thank you cards for a wedding often seems like a daunting topic, but here at Postable we don't think that wedding related cards should cost any more than any other type of greeting card. Just because you got married doesn't mean you suddenly won the lottery (not literally, anyway). There are no price hikes for wedding thank you cards!

    Thank you cards for weddings (as all other cards on Postable) vary in price depending on how many you send. Our pricing is based on volume, so the more you send the less you spend (pretty catchy right?). Generally speaking….

    1 - 19 cards = $4.59 each plus stamp 20 or more cards = $3.97 each plus stamp

    We also have extremely discounted volume pricing which you can view here .