Get 20% off with code FALL
Get 20% off with code FALL
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Sending snail mail from the post office is so 20th century. If you’re like us, and still absolutely love receiving mail, you’re probably wishing there was an easier way to send it. Oh wait! There is. It’s Postable. Sending a card no longer means having to go to the store and browse the poor card collection while your feet start to blister. No more standing in line at the post office and having to endure the sweat aromas of your neighboring post-office goers.

To send a card in this day and age all you have to do is get online (and let’s be honest, when are you offline?). Choose a delightful designer card from Postable’s bewitching card collection, your feet won’t blister but your mind may get blown. You can even use one of our unbelievably believable handwritten fonts to write your very own personal message (sans ink smudge). Postable will print (on beautiful paper), stuff in envelope, and mail the card for you via traditional snail mail. Send a card in minutes with a click of a button without any unpleasant odors to deal with.

The best part? All the cards are beautifully designed and curated to be the most epic collection of designer cards out there. If you’re going to send a card, Postable has pretty much got you covered.