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Get 20% off with code FLOWERS

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Easy Baby Cards

Being a new parent is tough. Sending baby cards doesn't have to be. Whether you're celebrating the birth of your newborn with birth announcements or sending baby thank you cards (that pile of adorable baby shower gifts have been staring at you for far too long), mailing baby cards can be the easiest task on your to-do list. Postable makes the whole process a breeze with a stunning selection of cards to choose from that can all be mailed with a click of a button. The additional features Postable offers will help to make your life as a new parent easier without sacrifing quality.

Personalization without the extra effort
Personalization is not sacrificed with this easy solution for new parents. The use of smart handwritten fonts for your baby cards will retain that special personal touch without the hours of toil and agony. So no matter what kind of baby cards you're mailing, your recipients will be filled with joy when they recieve real, snail mail cards from the heart.

Addressed envelopes
Postable not only inserts your baby cards into their envelopes for you but we address them all for free as well.

Mailed for you
After you've chosen your birth announcements or baby thank you cards (or both), Postable inserts, addresses and then mails all of your baby cards for you! I mean, who wants to do this all by hand with a newborn?! Let's get real here.

New parents, rejoice!