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Super cute baby cards, mailed for you.

You do the parenting. We'll do the mailing.

How it works

1. Get addresses

Our free address book collects all of your friends addresses.

2. Create your cards

Easily customize your cards with our AI powered tools.

3. We mail everything!

The best part. We address and mail the cards for you.

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Us vs. Them

Everyone Else
We mail the cards for you!!!
Free 100% recycled paper
Free envelopes
Free envelope addressing
AI powered card designs
No hidden upcharges
No manual labor
No temper tantrums


Do you really address and mail the cards?
Yes we do! We're the only stationery company that actually addresses, stamps and mails all of the cards for you. The amount of time and hassle it will save you is immeasurable. It's truly game changing. We highly recommend.
Is mailing them by hand really that bad?
Yes. It's horrible. So horrible that we created an entire company to help people avoid it. Writing, stuffing, addressing, licking and stamping a large amount of cards becomes a full time job that can takes weeks or even months. Save yourselves!
Does the handwriting look real?
Yes. Our patented "Smart" handwriting fonts look so real that even Martha Stewart Weddings was fooled and recommends doing your thank you cards with Postable to avoid carpel tunnel syndrome.
What if we want to write our cards by hand?
Also not a problem. We will respect your decision and send you a box of cards and envelopes just like any other online stationery company (only our cards will be infinitely cuter).
Are your cards nice?
We might be a little biased but we think it's the best collection of cards on the internet. We're working with all of the best designers in the country to bring you the most amazing collection around. And they're all printed on luxe, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We're so insane about our designs that we're even using AI to create an exclusive line of "Magazine Cover" style cards.
Why is your address book so popular?
Funny you should ask. When we launched the Postable address book we had no idea it would take off the way it has. It just fills a very specific niche of making it easy to collect friends' mailing addresses. And then beyond sending the first batch of cards, it becomes an indispensable tool for keeping up with important occasions in your friends' lives. There are many copycats but none of them quite capture the magic of ours. And it's free ;-)
Are your prices really better?
All of the other stationery companies secretly upcharge for everything. From envelopes to recycled paper to addressing and beyond. Our pricing is all inclusive and once you calculate all of their add-ons, our cards and service is an infinitely better value.

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