25 Realtor Holiday Cards to Send in 2022

The 2022 holiday season is just around the corner. Realtors from every market are eagerly making plans to show their gratitude to the those clients who had the pleasure of working with them through the strange housing market that was 2022. Mailing end of the year holiday cards is always a good idea, but during the current climate it’s a no brainer. 

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5 Logo Business Greeting Cards That Work With Any Logo

Every business owner knows the importance of maintaining & growing existing customer relationships and marketing to new potential clients. One of the most important parts of any business’s marketing or customer retention campaigns is branding. Without a clear brand, your customers — both old and new — have nothing to connect you to. If you’re running or marketing for a small business, chances are your first step was to come up with a brand that’s true to the company. And with a brand comes a logo that helps people distinguish your business between all the others. You’ve likely placed your logo anywhere and everywhere that your company information appears — the business website and business cards. And now you can easily place your logo on the front of your business greeting cards.header (1)

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Friendship Card Messages: Nice Things to Write in a Card For a Friend

Friendship card messages along with card designs that really speak to the nature of your friendships is the perfect little surprise that will show your friends just how special you think they are. Nice things to write in a card for a friend aren’t always at the tip of our tongues so maybe you’re looking for some inspiration. Luckily, here at Postable we’re experts on writing just about every greeting card imaginable. In this post, you’ll find everything you’ll need to write the perfect friendship card message that not only matches who you are as an individual, but will also be the perfect reflection of your unique friendship.

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13 Cat Greeting Cards For Feline Fanatics

We all have friends who’d rather snuggle up with their cat than leave to do just about anything. That one friend who spends all of their extra money on cat nip and gourmet cat food. Or maybe they don’t even have a cat of their own, but spend all their free time day dreaming about it. Scrolling through endless funny cat videos is their favorite afternoon activity. Whatever the scope of their feline love — we all have someone in our lives that fits the bill. Whether you’re a cat person yourself or align more with the puppies (because puppies make the world go round) — sending cat greeting cards is an easy way to make your cat loving friends smile.

Cat astronaut in space on background of the globe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
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9 Get Well Soon Cards That Will Actually Make Them Feel Better

Ok so we can’t guarantee these get well soon cards will *actually make someone feel better, but they’re so darn nice to look at that it’s very likely these cards will help aid the process. The first step (of many potential steps) to making someone you know feel a little better is to send a nice get well soon card. No, a text is not going to cut it and while sending a long message via Facebook Messenger is nice — it still doesn’t carry the same impact. A lovely hold-in-your-hand card has a unique way of letting your person know that they’re in your thoughts. It takes a bit more effort to send an actual card as opposed to sending an email or a text message. Of course it doesn’t have to be THAT intensive (Postable can print, address and mail your card for you).hot drink for convalescence

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14 Miss You Cards to Send Your Long Distance Best Friends

You’ve shared some of your proudest moments with your bestie and now they live miles and miles away. So many miles, in fact, that it’s impossible to see each other every day the way you’re used to. Actually, you haven’t seen each other in months or maybe even years — but your friendship is still as strong as ever. Friendships like these don’t come around often so it’s up to you (and your best friend) to keep in touch and keep the friendship going. What could you possibly do when you’re miles and miles (and miles) apart? For starters, you should let your bff know just how much you miss them. It’s the most obvious thing to do. Sending I miss you cards is the perfect way to start a long distance conversation — or even start pen pal-ing with each other! Either way, sending miss you cards will brighten your best friend’s day and you can have fun picking out the right card.

Beautiful women having fun in the street. Youth concept.

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18 Delightful Birthday Cards for Friends You Can Send in 60 Seconds

If you had to write out a list of things that makes you a good friend, we’d guess that wishing your the people in your life a happy birthday would be somewhere on the list. Right? We hope so. Birthdays are kind of a big deal (by which we mean yes, really a big deal). Wishing your friends a happy birthday is just part of the deal — if not you, then who?! And while simply sending your wishes is a start — sending a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ text message just doesn’t cut it. If you’re thinking that writing an email or posting on your friend’s Facebook wall is any better — guess again.

Cute dog with party hat and birthday cake

If you want your friend(s) to really feel special on their birthday you’ll send them a card. It doesn’t take much effort (a few minutes — max), but it makes such a big difference in their day. Who wouldn’t want that?! Aside from being a kind gesture, sending birthday cards for friends can be fun! Picking out the card design that totally speaks to your friendship is kind of like a treasure hunt. Lucky for you, there’s a ton of great birthday cards for friends to choose from and we’ve compiled this fun list so you don’t even have to go searching for them. Go ahead, browse through this epic list and see which card(s) pop out for each one of your friendships. Continue reading

13 Graduation Photo Ideas for 2022

Young Asian Woman Students wearing Graduation hat and gown, Garden background, Woman with Graduation Concept.


If you don’t have graduation photos, did you even graduate? You’ve worked hard to get here already, so we did the hard part and collected 13 graduation photo ideas you can use for your graduation announcements (because we know how exciting it is to make those). Being in the business of helping grads make their way into adulthood with ease (we’re all about adulting made easy here at Postable), we thought we could be of service.

If you’ve already started to browse the web for photo inspiration, you know that there’s no such thing as one size fits all for grad photos. You don’t have to follow any set formula or rule (this isn’t college algebra). Instead, we suggest you play with your graduation photo ideas so that they match your unique sense of style and personality. 

We’ve outlined some graduation photoshoot ideas with and without your formal grad attire as well as ideas for photos with and without your loved ones. Remember, play around with whatever suits you!

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10 Cute Easter Cards & a Handy Spring Activities Checklist

Easter is Sunday, April 1st and we’re already starting to feel all the pastel chocolate-y feels! Who wouldn’t be excited about chocolate bunnies and best of all — spring! Flowers will be in bloom-mode and that almost always means good moods for everyone. But before we start brunching outdoors and doing spring cleaning, we’ll be celebrating Easter and all the traditions that go along with it. Painting the eggs with the kiddos and Easter egg hunts will be all the rage, but before the celebrations begin Easter greeting cards will need to be mailed. It’s nice to send cards to family and friends that are close by, but even better to mail Easter cards to those loved ones who aren’t able to spend the holiday with us. Remember to place your Easter greeting cards into the mail with enough time to allow them to reach the recipients. Usually, a week or so in advance is perfect timing. Continue reading