20 Holiday Cards For Real Estate Agents

The 2020 holiday season is just around the corner and businesses from every industry are eagerly making plans to show their gratitude to the base of customers who stuck by their side — by mailing business holiday cards. Real estate agents are no different. Mailing end of the year holiday cards is always a good idea, but in a year like 2020 it’s a no brainer. Everyone, regardless of their situation, has gone through some form of struggle this year.

Two important reasons it makes good business sense for Real Estate agents to mail holiday cards — 

Customer retention & relationship building. 

Real estate business is about building connections. You’d be remiss not to take advantage of bonding over the garbage fire that was 2020 and sharing your gratitude with your clients during this unusually tumultuous holiday season. Make sure they know how much you value their loyalty and business. 

Word of mouth builds clientele.

If you hope to continue building your list of clients into 2021, you’re likely working very hard to market your services. Your clients — who presumably already know and love your work — will be attending one virtual holiday party after another starting in just a few weeks. Staying at the forefront of your clients’ minds will help them to recall your business when conversation ultimately shifts to real estate. Let them do the marketing for you.

So while most any business holiday card can be used by real estate agents here are some picks especially geared for this area of business.

Really nice real estate holiday cards, mailed for you in minutes.

Home themed holiday cards.

Real estate agents are in the business of finding homes for clients — whether literal new family homes or a new home for a business. Whatever HQs you were able to help your clients find with in 2020, the following real estate holiday cards were inspired with some form of a home in mind. 

Snowy Homes

As with all of his creations, this Silas Tom design is a treat for the eyes. The little details are what your recipients will remember. Especially great for real estate agents — the illustration on this design will speak to the new (and soon-to-be) homeowners.



Blue Skyline

Another Silas Tom creation that practically exudes the holiday spirit. The white snowflakes against the darker background gives this real estate holiday card a lovely cozy feel. Perfect for city real estate agents. This design also gives you the option to add your company name at the bottom for a bit of extra customization.

Snowman Company Holiday Card

Who says holiday cards for real estate agents have to be boring? This festive snowman design will remind your clients the snow-filled family time they’ve been enjoying was in part thanks to you! Add your company name at the bottom.

Cozy Cottage

Were you able to help your clients find the getaway home of their dreams? The cozy cottage illustration on this delightful holiday card will certainly remind them of the lengths you’ve gone to help make their dreams a reality. 

Gingerbread Houses

Holiday cards for your real estate business don’t have to be 100% realistic. We love the play on words and the holiday theme of this gingerbread house holiday card by Noteworthy Paper & Press (one of Postable’s newest artists). If you like a good joke or two, you could certainly use this holiday card as an opportunity for some laughs. Plus, it’s adorable.

A Snowy Window

Nothing feels quite as cozy as looking out the window of your new home into the snowy abyss. Certainly sounds cozy. If your real estate branding is more modern and bold, this black and white design by Hello Paper Co. will be in perfect alignment.

Snowy City Apartments

If your work takes you into a city — especially a grand city like New York — you know the heart and soul oozes from apartment windows and fire escapes. This festive Silas Tom design will have your city clients grateful to have chosen you as their search-and-find apartment guru.

Christmas wreath holiday cards.

Nothing says welcome home for the holidays like a good old fashioned holiday wreath hanging on the front door of a home. Your clients have you to thank for helping them find their dream front door on which to hang said holiday wreath. So why not use that as this years’ holiday card theme? Give them all the fuzzy feelings with one of these Christmas wreath holiday cards.

Rose & Gold Holiday Wreath

Although this card uses classic themes like the wreath, candles and candy canes, the bright and colorful design will pop right out of your clients’ mail boxes. If elegant with a touch of pizazz is your goal — this holiday card is a great match.

Gray & Gold Holiday Wreath

Same deal as the previous design only a toned down color scheme.

Classic Christmas Holiday Wreath with a Logo

If you’re looking for classic Christmas colors and a design that will accommodate your real estate business logo — this card will do the trick. Perfect for the minimalist who want to have a *little* festive fun.

Black & Red Holiday Wreath

This design keeps the color scheme even more simple, in true Hello Paper Co. fashion. A touch of color with a red bow and the ability to customize the text at the bottom to include your company name. The message on the inside — as with all of these holiday cards — is totally up to you.

Hand Painted Business Wreaths

Want to send something truly unique this holiday season and remind your real estate clients just how creative and thoughtful you are? This card by 1canoe2 will certainly help you make that happen.

Photo holiday cards for real estate agents.

What better representation of you and your real estate business than your smiling face? If you’re keen on bedazzling your holiday cards with your image, we say — go for it! You are the key in building successful relationships with your real estate clients. Choose an image that represents your brand and don’t forget to write something personal inside. 

Any one of these photo holiday cards for estate agents will do the trick.

Vertical Photo Holiday Card

As with any of the photo templates, you’ll be able to customize the design with your company logo so go ahead and test out which template fits best with the photo you’re hoping to use.

A Simple Photo Card

This template really lets your photo be the focal point of your holiday card so choose a photo that represents your brand well.

Season’s Greetings Photo Card

Hoping to combine your company photo with something that has a bit of a design element to it? The season’s greetings script on this template will help you achieve that very feel!

A Very Merry Holiday Photo Card

Combining a bit of color with a modern and minimal feel while still allowing the space to highlight a photo. Play around with the wording on this template to make sure your messaging is coming across exactly as you’d like. 

Classic holiday cards for real estate agents.

If instead of focusing on real estate themed holiday cards, you’re looking for something a bit more classic — we got you covered. You don’t have to have your logo and face up front and center (unless you want to of course). These beautiful cards will speak for themselves, but definitely don’t forget to write something personal.

Magical Season’s Greetings

Ok, so maybe the color scheme on this holiday card isn’t the most classic but we’re nevertheless in love with it. Can you blame us? Your real estate clients will love receiving this Season’s Greetings card!

Christmas Tree Card For Real Estate Agents

Looking for a Christmas card to mail out to your real estate clients in 2020? The fun color scheme is balanced perfectly with plenty of white space to avoid having the design be overwhelming. In fact, the Christmas tree almost feels as though it’s actually lit up.

Gold Plaid Season’s Greetings

A classic, indeed! This plaid season’s greetings holiday card will certainly give your recipients some classic jolly feels.

Classic Season’s Greetings Calligraphy

It doesn’t get more classic than this. A simple black and white design perfect for the real estate agent looking to mail elegant holiday cards in 2020. 

How to mail holiday cards for real estate agents.

If you’re already beginning to stress about the timing of everything and wondering how you’ll ever get your holiday cards mailed out with everything else you’ve got to do — not to worry. You don’t need to spend a million hours. Postable makes holiday cards for real estate agents easier than you thought possible. You can literally take care of all your cards in minutes. And no, that’s not an exaggeration.


Steps to mail out your holiday cards out on time:

  1. Import a list of your clients.
  2. Choose & customize a holiday card.
  3. Write a master message & click send.

Postable will take care of the rest — printing, addressing and mailing all of your cards for you.

Import a list of your clients.

Have your clients’ mailing addresses on a spreadsheet? Cool, just upload the list into your free handy Postable Address book where the names and addresses will get organized instantly. Don’t have your free account just yet? Get one here.

Choose & customize a holiday card.

After browsing the list above, you’ve probably got your eye on the perfect holiday card. Great! All you have to do now is customize it — just click on the card of your choosing and follow the easy instructions. 

Write a master message & click send.

Using Postable’s Carbon Copy tool, your master message will be applied to all the recipients while automatically personalizing the salutations with their first names. Handy, huh? 

Once you’ve written and approved the message (personalizing further wherever you’d like) — click send!

What to say inside your company holiday cards?

Are you at a loss for words? Not sure what to say in your business holiday message? Here are some tips to get you thinking:

  • Keep it simple.

The cards are going to be smaller than your typical letters so don’t try to fit in a business report or bullet point all of your current listings. Keep your message short and sweet.

  • Send your warmest wishes.

Keep your messaging personal without getting too specific on the holidays. Unless you know exactly what your customers celebrate — simply wish them a happy holiday or season’s greetings.

  • Thank your customers.

Acknowledging the difficulties that everyone has experienced this year, add a short note thanking them for sticking with you during such a trying time. This will keep your services at the top of their minds when they may need it again.

Need help?

Remember, if you need any help setting up your company holiday cards — feel free to email info@postable.com for assistance.

Checkout the entire list of company holiday cards that will work for real estate agents — here.