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Snail mail becomes more special, more surprising and more meaningful every year. At the same time, we expect everyday tasks – like sending a birthday card – to become easier. That’s where Postable comes in. Postable makes sending seriously stylish snail mail as easy as sending an email. Pick a card, type a message and we handle the rest. We print, stuff, stamp, address and mail all of your cards directly to everyone for you.

And we’re not just talking about sending one birthday card (although that’s fine and we encourage it). We’re talking all kinds of greeting cards at all kinds of volumes. You can type all of your wedding thank you cards in minutes and we’ll mail them for you. Need to send 150 save the dates? We’ll mail ’em. 60 Holiday cards? We’ll mail ’em. Are you a company that needs to send thousands of cards to your customers? We’ll mail those too.


Because we’re so obsessed with all things snail mail we thought it only proper for us to share our expert knowledge. As old school as snail mail’s reputation is, life’s biggest milestones still require using it. Everything from Holiday Cards to wedding save the dates to baby shower thank you cards – sending real, hold-in-your-hand greeting cards, is still a must. Postable’s blog provides easily consumable information on all things greeting cards and all the most important occasions. We know that sending snail mail can retain the old school charm without the hassle. Best of all, we know the rules so we know when and how to break them graciously. And we think you should too.

Use this blog as a resource to help you plan your best friend’s baby shower and navigate etiquette like a pro without stifling your creativity. Find unique (but actually unique) ways to spend Mother’s Day – right after you send her that funny Mother’s Day card. Learn how to boost customer retention without going over your marketing budget. And so much more. The Postable blog is written by in-house snail-mail experts who love sending greeting cards as well as outside experts in each respective category.


We’re proud to be working with the best, most inspired stationery designers in the industry. These are the kind of cards you’ll find at a stylish bookstore in an über hip neighborhood or the type of chic boutique where you’d find your engagement ring. They’re gorgeous, irreverent, ornate, naughty, touching, beautiful and 100% recycled.


Our collection of handwritten fonts are so realistic that even Martha Stewart Weddings recommends Postable for your wedding thank you cards to avoid carpel tunnel. And for the non-handwriting set, we have plenty of other great typefaces with lots of character that you can play around with as much as your heart desires.


Need people’s mailing addresses? Our free address book has a neat little trick for collecting all of your friends’ mailing addresses. It’s especially great for weddings and holiday cards. In fact, it’s actually the most popular wedding address book in the world. Works like a charm.


Stellar cards.
Mailed for you.
They look handwritten.
Easily collect mailing addresses (for free).

If you have more in-depth questions check out the FAQ and for truly penetrating questions, email us here info@postable.com.


  • Postable

    Hi Jacob!

    If you click on the heart icon below the card you’d like to favorite — the next time you visit that category that card will appear at the top of the page so it’ll be easy to find.

    Hope that helps!

  • Jacob

    I’d love to be able to favorite cards to my account as I browse. I’m finding that I love many of the designs but don’t have an immediate use for them!

  • Bob

    I do understand with online fraud being what it is these days, but hoping at some point you are able to bring this back. With this limitation it really reduces the number of times I would consider using… For Graduations, etc. if I am going to have to send a gift card separately, I might as well go ahead and get and sign a card at the same time I’m getting the gift card.

  • Craig White


    Is there a way to send blank cards to someone other than yourself? I sent a card to a friend of mine, and she wants blank cards for herself. I would like to send them directly to her.


  • Darin

    How come I’m not getting the option to send a Gift Card? Sending a birthday card to my niece and wanted to send a gift along with.

  • Luke

    +1 for this comment. I love to send quick thank yous. Even something small, like a Starbucks option, would really be beneficial IMO. Thanks!

  • Sam

    Love your site. I only wish there were more gift card options as most of the people I send gifts to do not use Amazon. Just a Visa/MasterCard would be nice.

  • Postable

    Hi Jordan!

    Thanks for the love 🙂

    Right now, when someone updates their info in your address book there will be a notification in the homepage of your address book.

    Hope that helps!

  • Jordan Behrens

    Hi! I love Postable! It has made snail mail invitations to my wedding an absolute dream. I would love for there to be a way to be *notified* when contacts have updated their contact info!! Particularly in response to a request for new contact info through the Postable address book!

  • Jack LaRosa

    I would like to see a feature where the sender can include some form of money with a card as you would with a child’s birthday card. Payment for such would just be added to the cost of the card.

  • Postable

    No, they wouldn’t automatically get deleted. You can delete your address book by going into your Account settings.

  • Cait

    Hi! I love the group feature. I’d like to suggest the ability to copy a group & an option to export a single group rather than the entire address book.


  • caroline

    Is it possible to easily request all contacts to update their addresses and then be able to see who actually did (i.e. if all addresses were tagged as of when the last update was that would be helpful). Thanks!

  • Postable

    Hi Bradley!

    You can schedule each card individually by using the ‘schedule card’ tool located under the recipient address form. You can also use the automated birthday tool (https://www.postable.com/cards/everyday/automated-birthday-cards) to set up all of your birthday cards for the year.

    We’re also getting ready to add a function that will allow you to schedule an entire order at once 🙂

    Hope this helps!
    P.S. You don’t have to use your Postable credit all at once.

  • Bradley Raburn

    I would like to suggest a feature that allows me to schedule all my cards for the year and maybe take advantage of your bulk discount. I would love a service that is a complete it and forget it for annual things like birthdays and anniversaries. Great site!

  • Jessica

    Is there an Alexa skill for Amazon Echo that makes postable integrate with it to give birthday reminders or check on a friend’s birthday or anniversary date? If not, are you working on it?

  • Mediha


    I’ve loved your address book and recently started using your card service. All wonderful stuff! recently I sent a refresh email asking my contacts to update their info. I got one or two (very cautious) people asking me to verify it was indeed me and not a phishing robot. One suggestion is to allow people to edit their evergreen note so that people are actually responding with updates. Because… human behavior is odd and unpredictable.

    all love!

  • Regina Postrekhina

    Hi Katie,
    We’re working on fixing this asap. Make sure to email info@postable.com with the email you use to log into Postable and as soon as it’s fixed we’ll let you know.
    Thanks for bearing with us.

  • Katie Anderson

    Hi, my login isn’t working on Postable, even with a correct email and password. I tried resetting my password but it wouldn’t even let me send an email. I checked that email account and it’s still set up with Postable, because I’ve been getting all the emails! Is there something I need to do to fix it? I’m sending out invitations for my wedding this week and need to access my address book!!!

  • Regina Postrekhina

    Hi Amanda!

    There’s currently no way to categorize your contacts, but we’re working on a huge site re-design launching in about a month that will allow you to group your contacts like this!

    Feel free to reach out to info@postable.com for help, they’ll take care of you.


  • Amanda

    Is there a way to add a field or two to my address book contact? In particular I need to categorize my contacts into “wedding invites” and non- wedding invites, along with the other categories

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