How to Write a Thank You Note: Message Examples & Tips

Writing thank you notes is a skill many of us should have, but perhaps have not yet sharpened. It’s one of those things in life that is absolutely required, but also somehow gets overlooked. Regardless of whether you’re a thank you note writing pro or are looking to sharpen your gratitude-writing skills, this post will cover just about anything and everything you’ll ever need to know on how to write a thank you note.

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How to Use Groups With Your Postable Address Book

You’ve collected your friends’ and family’s mailing addresses for your free address book and now you’re ready to get even more organized. You wanted a better way to organize your address book and we listened! The new groups feature is here and it’s especially handy if you’re planning your wedding or any event like a baby shower. If you’re using Postable to organize your business addresses, using groups can help you cluster clients into specific categories. The new groups feature lets you gather contacts from your address book into categories so they’re easy to find when you’re writing thank you cards to your bridal party or sending baby shower invites to your closest lady friends.

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From Birth Announcements to Puppy Announcements!

Ok so maybe you’re not quite ready to have a real life human baby of your own. Totally cool. But you did just commit yourself to a brand stinkin’ new little pup. And you swear it’s the most adorable little creature since… well, ever. We get it. Why not share it with the world? After all, your other friends have been mailing your their own arrivals for months, why not do the same. So what if your arrival is a bit furrier? It counts, right?


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11 Valentine’s Day Cards for Long Distance Relationships

Is your significant other far away for Valentine’s Day!? Long distance relationships are hard AF and we’re not going to pretend to know much about them. We will, however, say this: sending Valentine’s Day cards for long distance relationships can’t hurt. More than likely, it’ll help make the two of you feel closer together. So, don’t forget to send them a little reminder that you’re thinking of them. No, not a text message. Pick a card that speaks to the nature of your relationship (like a long distance love affair) and write a personal message filled with all sorts of loving goodness. Not sure what to write? It’s cool — we’ll have a few tips below to get your romantic wheels turning. 

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18 People to Write a Thank You Note to Today

Everyone knows that thank you notes are must after receiving a pile of wedding gifts or a slue of checks after graduation, but what about non-momentous occasions? Besides being a great practice in gratitude, sending thank you notes to the people in your daily life is a great way to show the people in your life that you care. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference something so small as thank you notes can make.

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67 Common & Unexpected Reasons to Send a Greeting Card

Hoping to scrounge up a reason to write a greeting card? Birthdays and weddings aren’t the only occasions perfect for a card. If you’re wondering what some of those reasons are… We’ve got plenty!

Party objects in a gift box

And if you’re anything like us where the idea of standing in line to buy stamps at the post office is unthinkable — you’re in luck. There’s really no need to buy (or lick for that matter) any stamps in 2019. If you want to send a card — any card for any reason whatsoever — Postable can mail it for you.

There’s a giant selection of beautiful designer greeting cards that we’ll print, address and mail out for you.

OK. On to the good stuff — all those reasons you’ll want to send some of those greeting cards.

Common and not-so-common reasons to send a greeting card right now.

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