18 People to Write a Thank You Note to Today

Everyone knows that thank you notes are must after receiving a pile of wedding gifts or a slue of checks after graduation, but what about non-momentous occasions? Besides being a great practice in gratitude, sending thank you notes to the people in your daily life is a great way to show the people in your life that you care. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference something so small as thank you notes can make.

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So question is, who would you send thank you notes to? And why? Here are 18 people you can write a thank you note to today:

1. Friend

You know the one. Facebook is full of friends lists, but in reality there’s usually really just one –maybe two– friends that you can actually count on. The friend that is always there for you when you really need someone to chat with at 2am. Or the one that helped you move last week when everyone suddenly had other plans. Or even the one friend that’s always up to do something last minute! Why not send them a quick thank you letting them know that you appreciate their friendship.

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2. Your hairdresser

Your trusty hairdresser has skillfully turned your mess of a head into an Instagram-worthy masterpiece. They’re the one person you can go into for a haircut and know for a fact you’ll love the outcome. Haircut anxiety is real. Tips are obviously a must and are totally appreciated, but a nice thank you card will go a long way the next time you have a hair emergency.

3. Parents

Chances are they’ve done a whole lot for you that you should be thankful for. Don’t forget to actually thank your parents every now and then. While sending them a little text here and there is nice, it doesn’t feel quite as thoughtful as an actual card. Sending them a thank you card is a lovely way to brighten their day and show them a little bit of gratitude.

4. The dog walker

This person takes care of one of the most precious living things in your life. Assuming you love your dog walker (if not, then maybe get a new one?), they likely make your little pooch very happy! Why not thank them?

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5. The boss

If you’re lucky enough to have a boss you like then you should definitely be thanking your lucky stars. But maybe first start by thanking your boss for being awesome. Did she take the time to take you out for lunch and give you advice on an upcoming major project? Perhaps they were super understanding the last time you needed some personal days. It doesn’t hurt to show them how much you appreciate them.

6. The Barista

They know your order before your turn at the cash register even comes up. They know just how much milk to froth for your latte and how many espresso shots you’ll be needing that morning based on your hair situation. They’re magic. They deserve a proper thank you note.

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7. The office manager/organizer

Every office has that someone who makes the office function. And more often than not, that person goes home each day without hearing a single thank you. You may not even notice all the work they do, but the day they’re not there — is the day you realize just how much they do for everyone. Send this person a much deserved thank you note — you have no idea how much of an impact a little appreciation can have.

8. Your assistant

Talk about doing grunt work. You work them hard. They work hard. Thank them with more than just their paycheck. Go the extra mile and who knows maybe you’ll be getting a thank you note in the future for being such a great boss!

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9. Your clients

One of the easiest things you can do for customer retention is to write thank you notes to your customers. You want to keep them around, don’t you? Send a thank you note to your most recent customers and thank them for their business. This may very well pay off in future business.

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10. Your latest coffee date

Did someone take time out of their day to meet with you? Don’t be silly, sending a text thank you is not the way to thank them. Send them a personal thank you card.

11. Your current teacher

We’ve all had that teacher that’s made a big impact on our lives. A thank you note is an easy way to show your appreciation for the person who’s played a huge role in your development.

12. The president

It’s a hard job, you know. And thank-less at that. A thank you note is a good way to also express any concerns while still thanking them.

13. Your congresswoman/congressman

Supporting your congress reps is a great way to letting them know where you stand on issues. Did they fight against the grain for something you believe in? Send them a thank you card!

15. Your high school math teacher

Math or science, regardless… everyone has that high school teacher that helped them survive. Let them know you’re doing swimmingly thanks to them!

16. Your mentor

Have someone in your life that has taken time out of their busy lives to help guide you through important steps. Whether or not they made a giant impact, they took time out of their lives. Make sure to thank them — you never know what a thank you note like this can do.

17. The guy who does your taxes

Who knows, maybe a sincere (and slightly elaborated) thank you card will get you some surprise returns next year!

18. The babysitter

We all know how much you appreciate the sitter. Last Thursday, he cancelled his dinner plans to watch Billy. He gave up his mom’s famous ziti to come eat pizza and play video games last minute just for you (or maybe the extra money). Either way, let the sitter know you’re thankful or next time you may not be able to go out with the girls last minute after all.

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Have anyone to add? Let us know in the comments!


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