How to Send Your Save the Dates in 5 Minutes

Yellow stained metal mailbox has red flag raised up.

So you’ve heard about all sorts of crazy wedding hacks that will make planning your wedding a breeze. But none of those hacks will compare to Postable. But don’t take our word for it. Imagine all the time you would typically need to mail out your save the dates. This means collecting mailing addresses from relatives & friends, finding the perfect save the date design and having them printed and mailed to you… Only then you must painstakingly address hundreds of envelopes only to re-do each one like a million because your handwriting is not what you thought it was.


Ok. That sounds horrible. You’ve got enough wedding planning chaos going on, why bother doing all that when you can spend all of 5 minutes and be done with the perfect save the dates? Meet Postable, your new favorite wedding hack. We’ll collect all of your guests’ mailing¬†addresses for you and allow you to customize your own save the date (we work with some of the greatest designers out there). But the best part? We’ll print, address and mail out your save the dates for you. Consider your wedding officially hacked.