15 Save the Dates Without Photos That Will Blow Your Mind

You’re engaged! Congrats! Planning a wedding can be both extremely exciting and extremely stressful. Hopefully your wedding planning experience has just kicked off and it’s going as smoothly as possible. Before picking your wedding save the dates, it’s a good idea to first make some wedding decisions. Things like the colors of your wedding, the theme and the city. Sharing at least the general location with your guests will give them a heads up making any necessary travel plans. And of course the most important detail to nail down before sending out your save the dates — the actual wedding date. Once you have at least the major details down, it’s time to choose your wedding save the dates.Bridal background with planner checklist

If you’ve been out there in the world of wedding save the dates, you’ve probably noticed that many are photo save the dates. And who says these must have a photo on the front? Nobody. If you’re leaning towards sending out save the dates without photos then we say go for it! The save the date is a great way to introduce your wedding theme and feel to your guests and give them a heads up to start making plans. You don’t have to put any photos on them if you don’t want to. And with these beautiful designs, you’ll see why. And if you’ve just taken some magical engagement photos and you’re still itching to show them off — you can always put them on the back! Win-win-win.

Looking for the perfect save the date can be quite a process. But sending them doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve found your perfect design, mailing them can be as easy as clicking a few buttons. Yup. Postable will print, address and mail out all of your save the dates for you. It’ll be the easiest part of your wedding planning. You’re welcome. [See: How to Send Your Save the Dates in 5 Minutes.]

But first, you’ll need to find the design that really resonates with you. Luckily, Postable works with a bunch of amazing artists from around the world to bring you the most beautiful, chic and elegant designs. We’ve even got whimsical save the dates — something for everyone. And if you’re looking for save the dates without photos — this list is where it’s at. So, without further ado…

1. Ribbon Save the Date

Perhaps your wedding will have more of a modern flare to it. The bold font on this save the date gives the design a clean look and the ribbon accent makes for a slightly more feminine appearance. Send this card here


2. Watercolored Leaf Save the Date

This lovely design is perfect for a wedding with an Earthy feel. We love the delicate nature of this card and the way the leaves appear to drape over the border. Send this card here


3. Botanical Save the Date

You’ve got to love the colors on this design. The bright red flowers pop from the pink background. We love the way the flowers appear to be simply peaking out from the center. The gold save the date and the small pink hearts round out this lovely design. Send this card here


4. Atlas Save the Date

If you’re planning a travel themed wedding — this save the date is the perfect way to introduce your wedding theme to your guests. [See: Travel Themed Wedding Ideas You’re Going to Love.] Send this card here


5. Painted Ocean Save the Date

Planning a beach wedding? This beautiful hand painted design by One Canoe Two will be the perfect save the date for you. Send this card here


6. Pink Rose Save the Date

Another lovely design if you’re looking for something pink and floral. As opposed to the previous Botanical Save the Date, this design is a little more simple with a subtler color scheme. We love the single pink rose as the center piece of this card. Send this card here


7. Balloon Save the Date

For the couple that want to introduce a little whimsy to their wedding. Even though this design doesn’t play with a whole bunch of colors — sticking to the black and white scheme — the illustration and font make for a fun card.  Send this card here


8. Victorian Save the Date

The deep purple and gold color scheme give this design a royal-esque feel. Send this card here


9. Lovely Floral Save the Date

This beautiful design by Clap Clap is perfect for anyone with a deep blue and blush pink (or cream) color scheme. The flowers feel like they pop right out of the card and the simple font keeps the focus on the information. Send this card here


10. Vintage Plants Save the Date

Going for a pink and gold theme? This design combines the two colors with a lovely vintage feel. Send this card here


11. Apple Save the Date

This lovely design all, but screams summer time! We love the fruit and flower accents along with the lovely script font of this Save the Date. Send this card here


12. Elegant Garden Save the Date

A black background?! Who would ever think that black would make for such an elegant background? Clap Clap does it again with the floral accents and gold font popping from the save the date in the most elegant way possible. Send this card here


13. Blooms Save the Date

Last, but not least this lovely design is perfect for a blush themed wedding. The simple design keeps the focus on your names in the scripted font. Send this card here


Who’s ready to get married?!

Ok… maybe not quite yet, but at least you’ve hopefully figured out your save the dates.

Question is — which design will you send?

If you’re not seeing quite what you’re looking for — checkout all the save the date designs here.

And remember — you don’t need to spend a billion hours mailing out your wedding save the dates. In fact, you can actually take care of them in all of about 5 minutes. No, we’re not joking. [See: How to mail your save the dates in 5 minutes.]