Save the Date With No Photo: 20 Designs To Instantly Fall in Love With

You’re engaged! Congrats! Planning a wedding can be equal parts exciting and stressful. However, choosing the perfect Save the Date with no photo will be one of the easier tasks on your wedding to-do list. You’re no stranger to making hard decisions if you’ve already decided you’re foregoing the option to include a photo on your Save the Dates. Great choice! You’re one step closer to finding that perfect Save the Date design that aligns with your wedding aesthetic which means you’re one step closer to sharing your special date with your future wedding guests.  

Bridal background with planner checklistWith so many options, choosing the right Save the Date without pictures can be a time consuming process. However, sending them doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve found the perfect the Save the Date with no photo, mailing them can be as easy as clicking a few buttons. Postable will print, address and mail all of them for you. Just think how satisfying it will be to cross this task off your list. 

Easily mail all of your Save the Dates in minutes. Beautiful designs. Printed, addressed and mailed for you!

But first, you’ll need to find the design that really resonates with you. Luckily, Postable works with a group of the most amazing artists from around the world to bring you the most beautiful, chic and elegant collection of Save the Dates without pictures.  

But first, some common Save the Date no photo questions…

Do Save the Dates have to have a picture?

The simplest answer is: no. Although there are plenty of wedding etiquette do’s and don’ts that we often refer to, the most important rule of thumb to remember is that this is YOUR wedding. You should be able to choose to do whatever it is that floats your wedding boat. And in this case, although many couples choose to have a photo on their Save the Dates there are plenty of stellar options for Save the Dates with no photo. So don’t worry, if you’re not thrilled about having a photo on your card, you have a ton of great alternatives.

Can you hand out Save the Dates?

Sure, why not? Here at Postable, we’ll always side with snail mail, but this is YOUR wedding. While traditionally, wedding Save the Dates are mailed via traditional snail mail if you feel strongly about the idea of handing them out instead — go for it. It’s your day. 

Now, if you’re trying to abide more or less by tradition, then we’d say go ahead and mail your Save the Dates. There’s definitely something special about receiving snail mail in a time when our email and text inboxes are in a constant state of overflow. 

How far in advance do you send Save the Date cards?

Typically, you want to send your Save the Dates 6-9 months in advance of your wedding. If you have a lot of out of town guests or you’re planning a destination wedding, we’d recommend sending them about 9-12 months in advance. 

Remember, Save the Dates serve a really important purpose — they give your wedding guests a heads up to begin making arrangements to attend your wedding. This advance notice doesn’t work if it cuts too close to the big date. 

[See: A more in depth look at When (and why) to Send Your Save the Dates]

Now onto the actual Save the Date no photo designs…

Destination Wedding Save the Date Without Pictures

Skipping the photo and opting for Save the Dates without pictures means you have more design elements to play with. One thing you can do is to keep your wedding theme in mind. If you’re planning a destination wedding (or even a travel-themed wedding) then these custom Save the Dates just might be what you’re looking for. 

Globe Save the Date


Invite your guests to partake in your travel themed (or destination) wedding with this whimsical save the date no photo. Even if a destination wedding wasn’t in the cards (or you simply didn’t want one), designing your wedding around a travel theme can be a really fun way to incorporate all the different cultures you and your partner enjoy without actually going anywhere.

Map Save the Date

Another option for the travel enthusiasts. This version of a travel themed wedding Save the Date is a little less playful and a little more vintage with the blue-toned design elements.

Modern Save the Date No Photo 

Bold typography and unique design elements as well as bold use of color — means these custom designs are perfect for the couple going with a modern approach to their wedding Save the Dates. 

Balloon Save the Date


For the couple that wants to introduce a little whimsy to their wedding. Even though this design doesn’t play with a whole bunch of colors — sticking to the black and white scheme — the illustration and font add a playful tone to the card.

WOAH Things Just Got Real — Indeed


This uniquely designed Save the Date by Daydream Press will certainly get your guests excited for the celebration. The bold design elements matched with the sleek border gives this card a put together feel while still having some fun. 

Pink & Coral

This Daydream Press design is perfect for the couple not afraid of a little (or a lot) of color. You’ll forget all about photo Save the Dates with the bold typography and color scheme of this design.


Another bold design with a fun color scheme — this one with an added ombre fade. This Postable designed Save the Date is great for a beach or Cali themed wedding with a laid back vibe.

Swirly Shapes Save the Date


Want your Save the Dates without pictures to stand out from the crowd. This unique design by Alison Hardcastle will do just that. We love the combination of the geometric shapes with the elegant scripted font that makes for the perfect contrast.

Elegant Save the Date Without Pictures

Elegance never goes out of style and luckily neither do these beautifully crafted Save the Dates. 

Elegant Garden



Clap Clap does it again with the floral accents and gold font popping from the black background in the most elegant way possible. Perfect for an elegant garden wedding.

Blush Elegant Save the Date


Another Clap Clap design with soft floral accents. Same design only in blush versus the dark black background of the previous template. You really can’t go wrong with either.


It doesn’t get more elegant than this loopy calligraphy Save the Date with a monochromatic color scheme. It’s both elaborate and minimalistic all at the same time. 

Script Black & White 


If you’re looking to match elegance with a black and white color scheme, this Sandra Picco Design Save the Date no photo is perfect. This template has space for a little more information (like the town as well as a small additional note at the bottom that you can choose to use as is ‘invitation to follow’ or add any other text you’d like).

Vintage Themed Save the Dates

If you’re designing your wedding elements around a more vintage theme, these wedding Save the Date cards may be perfect.

Pink Rose Save the Date

Hard to categorize this no photo Save the Date. With elegant, vintage and modern touches it really hits the spot on all fronts. A perfect design if you’re looking for something pink and floral with a vintage feel that’s both unique & lovely. We love the single pink rose as the centerpiece of this card.


The deep purple and gold color scheme gives this design a royal-esque feel.

Chalkboard Save the Date


For a unique vintage school-time feel this save the date is perfect. If you and your love were school-sweethearts, this save the date with no photo would be a lovely nod to the start of your love story. 

Rustic Floral

We love the rustic elegance of this Save the Date and the hand drawn work by Jessica Roux. Another design that allows you to add a bit more information than some of the more minimalistic templates.

Outdoor Themed Weddings

Feeling cooped up after the last year-ish (bye bye 2020) of quarantine? Ready to profess your love for one another and do it all in the beautiful outdoors? Let these Save the Dates help share your outdoor theme with your guests. 

Watercolor Leaf Save the Date

This lovely design is perfect for a wedding with an Earthy feel. We love the delicate nature of this card and the way the leaves appear to drape over the border.

Botanical Save the Date


You’ve got to love the pop of color on this card. The bright red flowers jump from the pink background. We love the way the flowers appear to be peeking out from the center. The gold Save the Date text and the small pink hearts round out this beautiful design perfect for outdoor garden weddings.

Painted Ocean Save the Date

Planning a beach wedding? This beautiful hand painted design by One Canoe Two will be the perfect Save the Date for you. 

Apple Save the Date

This lovely design all, but screams summer time! We love the fruit and flower accents along with the lovely script font of this Save the Date. Especially perfect if your wedding location is in an orchard.

Camp Save the Date

This camp themed Save the Date with no photo is equal parts vintage, outdoorsy and minimalistic. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what category this Daydream Prints design would fall, but we especially enjoy the doodles that reflect the playful nature of being at camp. Get your guests excited to celebrate your love under the sun with this delightfully whimsical save the date. No pictures required.

Easily mail all of your Save the Dates in minutes. Beautiful designs. Printed, addressed and mailed for you!