Why Marketing Automation Matters For Your Business

Thought about your marketing approach lately? If you run a business, big or small, then the answer is undoubtedly — yes. At least we hope so. There is no business without a healthy dose of customers. You’ve got to be placing a good chunk of your efforts in bringing in new clients and nurturing existing ones.

Marketing in 2019 is not the same as it was even a few years ago. Whether you’re running an online eCommerce operation or a brick and mortar store — digital marketing is no longer an option. That’s just how the marketing cookie has crumbled. Luckily changing times have brought easy solutions.

Enter: Marketing Automation.

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19 Unbelievably Amazing Cake Toppers For Every Kind of Celebration

unicorn cake topper

Like cake? Of course, you do. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, hosting a baby or bridal shower or even having a wedding (eeek!) — some sort of cake or sugary goodness will be present. That means you’re likely searching for the perfect cake topper to make the event photos POP.

And while you could go with something a bit more traditional for your cake topper, why not get a little imaginative and go with something extraordinary. That’s where this list comes in. Here at Postable we’re all about amazing design (having some of the world’s greatest artists to create our beautiful party invitations) — and that design extends to all things. Including cake toppers.

This list of cake toppers is so amazing you won’t believe your eyes! There’s everything from the quirky to the totally chic. Bonus: All items are coming from Etsy so you know it’s one of a kind.

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3 Unexpected Benefits of Mailing Moving Cards

a family that's moving

Moving announcements are a long-held tradition intended to inform your friends and family of your new address. They also serve as a sort of major life update. Yes, social media is a thing and you’ve likely Instagrammed every step of your move to all of your followers. But at the end of the day, nothing can replace a good old fashioned snail mail card. The one you can hold in your hand and hang on your refrigerator. You can’t do that with a tweet, you know!

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17 Great Resources For Small Business Marketing

small business owner doing marketing

From email to content marketing, small (and large) businesses have to keep evolving their approach to reaching new and existing audiences. If they want to thrive, that is. And what business doesn’t want that?! Marketing, especially for small business, can be quite a hand full when you’re working on a million different things. Fortunately we live in a world filled with plenty of online resources that help small businesses to build marketing campaigns that thrive.

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Best friends birthday party

Happy birthday bestie! Or that’s what you’ll be telling your BFF on their special day, anyway. As the best friends of the world, we have the responsibility of turning our bestie’s special day into an uber-super-quadrupel special occasion. Do we not? If you disagree, you may not be the bestie you once thought you were. Perhaps you should reconsider your bestie duties. By which we mean — step up your bestie game.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal around here at Postable and we stand behind the belief that everyone should feel extra on their big day. If your bestie is getting ready to celebrate his/her birthday, make it the best one yet! If you’re the one who’s constantly outdoing yourself in the being-the-bestest-friend-ever department, you’re likely thinking last year will be hard to beat.

best friends celebrate birthday
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Mother’s Day Instagram Giveaway 2019

Want to win $100 in free cards?

Of course you do.

Look through our selection of Mother’s Day cards on the site and:

  1. Find your favorite Postable Mother’s Day Card
  2. Take a screenshot
  3. Post it to your story on Instagram and make sure to tag @postable

The more you post, the more chances you have of winning $100 in free cards (that’s any kind of cards you want!!!).

3 random winners will be announced Friday, May 3rd on Instagram.


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