9 New Mother’s Day Cards Just in Time For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching. Have you mailed mom a Mother’s Day card yet? Don’t wait too much longer. Mom deserves a really nice card and no, a text will absolutely not cut it.

Not to worry, you’ll fall in love with each and every one of these Mother’s Day cards. But don’t take our word for it — look for yourself. All of these cards were designed by various artists inspired by motherly love.

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unhappy-serious-woman-looking-at-texting-on-phone-displeased-with-picture-id1035150660Some may say that Mother’s Day cards are dummy proof. Well, those somebodies could be right. But also — everyone has a brain fart every now and again. That’s why we’re here to give you this GIF-ified dummies guide to Mother’s Day cards.

You know, in case you need one.

[Spoiler alert: Postable has a mind-bogglingly stellar selection of Mother’s Day cards that we’ll mail for you.]

A Story in GIFs.

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Mother’s Day 2019 is just around the corner and we’re just as excited as ever to celebrate this special day! The moms in our lives deserve the world. No. More than the world… They deserve the universe. And at the very least, they deserve to spend Mothers Day doing something unique, fun and perfect for their personalities. Some moms want nothing more than to sit back, sip a cocktail and enjoy some serenity while others would have it differently. They’d love something a bit more exciting like a hike or bungee jumping. Ok, so maybe not the bungee jumping — definitely skip that. But you get the idea. Every mom is different so when you’re thinking up plans for this year’s Mother’s Day keep her preferences in mind. Continue reading

The Insider’s Guide to Wedding Thank You Notes

thank-you-words-banner-beautiful-beach-wedding-set-up-chairs-picture-id528727560Congrats, you successfully made it down the aisle! You survived the wedding madness, but unfortunately you’ve still got one task left…and it’s a doozy: your wedding thank you notes. Before you flip out, remember that you couldn’t have made your wedding day quite as special without the help of loved ones. Your friends and family deserve some gratitude–all 250 of them. They didn’t complain when you asked them to be present for cake tastings and flower showings. They didn’t moan and groan (we hope) during the wedding set up and now it’s your turn to tell them just how much you appreciated their help during the whole process. Continue reading

When Should You Send Thank You Cards?

a pile of giftsThank You Card > E-mail

Is there even an argument here? Everyone knows that getting an actual card in the mail means more than digging an e-mail out of hundreds of others. Text messages and e-mails are awesome for a quick and efficient correspondence — not a meaningful or personal message.

There’s no competition.

If you want your thank you to really hit home and have meaning behind it — sending an email is not the best way to do it. Snail mail has a much different effect than email or text message. Take advantage of this and send a real-hold-in-your-hand card to make an impact.

Daily opportunities to say thanks!

Sending a personal thank you card is not reserved for Weddings and Birthdays. While mailing proper thank you notes after getting married is a must, there are other daily occasions that call for a practice in gratitude. We’ve listed some of the major occasions that call for sending thank you cards along with some daily occurrences that you may not have thought about.

But before we dive into the occasions, let us address the timing.

When should you send out thank you cards?

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The Perfect Birthday Cards For Everyone in the Family


Who could be more important in your life than the people you call family? Regardless of the size of your clan, each member makes up a tiny piece of your puzzle. Our family members are an integral part of who we are — regardless of where they happen to live or how close we are to one another. Our family members deserve a little extra recognition on their special day — their birthday. Continue reading

What to Say in Late Wedding Thank You Notes

top-view-of-blank-note-envelope-coffee-cup-and-peonies-picture-id692711534You’ve spent the same amount of time thinking about sending out your wedding thank you notes as you have not sending them. And the result? You still haven’t mailed them out. It’s ok, don’t be so hard on yourself. Life gets in the way — we totally get it. Mailing those bad boys out in a timely manner — while important — is tough. The thing is, the folks who spent time, effort and money on gifting you and your new spouse that special wedding gift still deserve a thank you note. Continue reading