Postable Picks: Back to School Edition

Wow. It’s already back to school season?! To help you get back in the swing of things, we’ve rounded up our very favorite tips, tools and inspo to make this school year the best one ever.

You’ve got this!

Hugs, Team Postable

7 Fun Back to School Things

Bento Bliss

We are obsessed with these adorable bento lunch boxes from Etsy shop owner, Pepolino. Can you even with this little sloth bento?

Morning Mood Boost Playlist

Even the grumpiest of kids will love starting their day with this undeniably feel-good playlist

Parenting Around the World

CupofJo’s “Motherhood Around the World” series is a beautiful read, and our jaws fully dropped seeing the Michelin star-worthy public school lunches in Italy

The Apple Trick

Mushy apple slices be gone! This mama has officially cracked the code on apple slices that stay crisp and crunchy for days. 

Sweet 16 Key Ring

We have it on good authority (thanks, teacher friends!) that just about every 16-year-old wants this exact key ring

Wish ‘Em Luck!

Send the special little in your life a card for their first day of school and immediately become THE FAVORITE relative. Shop this card.

And a School Bathroom Hack 

How did we literally never think of this before?? 

K that’s all, folks!

Let’s gooooo 2023-2024 school year!