What To Write in Your Valentine’s Day Card

Step aside, DMs and heart emojis! If you want to really tell someone how much you care about them, nothing beats writing a good old-fashioned love letter. Below, we’re breaking down exactly what to write in a Valentine’s Day card that your special someone will treasure forever, as well as example phrases you can use as thought-starters for your own special message.

Three Essential Valentine’s Day Card-Writing Tips

1. Keep it real 

Hear ye, hear ye! You do not need to sound like Shakespeare to write a beautiful love letter! Start your message with whatever nickname you actually use, like “Sweetie Pie,” “Honey,” etc to immediately add a touching sense of intimacy to your note.

2. Get specific 

Time to get vulnerable! Move past generic statements like “I love your personality” and get as specific as you can. Reflecting on and sharing why you love someone’s personality, or recalling memories and moments unique to your love story is where the magic is! 

3. Go bold or go home! 

When closing your letter, don’t hold back. If there’s something extra special you want to communicate, you gotta go for it! And remember, you can never go wrong closing a meaningful note with a simple, powerful “I love you.” *Cue butterflies*

Valentine Messages Ideas for Valentine’s Day Cards

If you need a little help getting started, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to start with any of the following phrases, and see where your heart leads you:

  • I love doing life together with you 
  • You make every room brighter 
  • I fall more in love every single day 
  • How are you actually the best person ever?! 
  • Olive you and your cheesy jokes! 
  • Thank goodness you swiped right 
  • My forever Valentine… 
  • You’re the only person I’d share my dessert with. And that’s saying a lot! 

Still Need a Valentine’s Day Card?

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