Winter Party Ideas: How to Throw A Summer-Themed Party During Winter (Because Winter Blues Suck)

two-friends-are-celebrating-carnaval-blue-color-predominant-confettin-picture-id901980716It’s the middle of February and winter has officially made itself comfortable (unlike the people having to weather this weather). Spring is still ages away and summer is nothing, but a very distant dream. Seems like a bleak (and cold) future if you ask us. Winter blues are real and there’s really no denying them. Luckily there are things we can all do to make life suck a bit less during these brutal winter months. And we don’t mean a one way flight to the Bahamas (although if that’s an option you should probably do that).

Basically whatever tricks your mind and body into thinking the sun is shining — do it. Crank up the heat, mix yourself a Piña Colada and put on your favorite summer outfit. Go ahead, pretend it’s summer time. Better yet, invite your friends, your neighbors and really anyone that would stand to benefit from a faux summer day — and throw a summer themed party.


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How to Get Organized To Plan Your Wedding

Wedding planner backgroundGot engaged over the holidays?! A big ole’ congrats is in order! This will hopefully be one of the most exciting times in your life filled with a pouring of love from all sides of your family and friends. It may also feel a bit overwhelming at times so this is where organization comes in to save the day. Getting and staying on top of your organization game will be a key component to rising above the stress and enjoying this wonderful time in your life! Planning a killer wedding that speaks true to you and your partner are as a couple and as individuals coming together requires some next level organizing. Continue reading

Should You Send a Holiday Thank You Card?

The age old question — should you send a thank you card? Better yet, should you send a holiday thank you card? Once the holidays have come and gone and we’re left standing in the cold holiday-less dust. Winter is still here, but the Christmas tree is not. The remnants of the holidays can still be felt most strongly with the pile of gifts that we were so eager to open just weeks ago. Bringing us back to the question at the heart of this post — should you send a holiday thank you card? And something tells us you probably already know the answer.

Conception: Christmas. Making Christmas gifts. A man writes a letter Greeting cards to family and friends

Sending thank you notes is always a good idea; few exceptions apply. If someone did something for you, it never hurts to give them a sincere thank you note. If nothing else, it’ll brighten their day and more than likely surprise them. Thank you cards, despite being important, are often overlooked and forgotten.

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How to Begin Practicing Gratitude on the Daily in 2019

African american woman wearing yellow sweater at kitchen smiling with hands on chest with closed eyes and grateful gesture on face. Health concept.Happy 2019! We hope your new year has started off swimmingly. If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve set yourself up with some stellar new years resolutions. New goals you wish to accomplish in the new year that will change your life for the better. Hopefully you’re still going strong! If one of your new years resolutions is to lead a happier life than perhaps you’ll want to add gratitude to your daily tasks. No stair master required.

“When you write about how grateful you are to others and how much other people have blessed your life, it might become considerably harder for you to ruminate on your negative experiences.” — Greater Good Science Center by UC Berkeley

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Productivity Hacks to Get Shit Done: How to Be Productive at Home

If 2020 had you glued to the couch with a never-ending loop on Netflix and then 2021 just kept the couch party going, nobody would blame you. If you’re still in that place of anti-productivity where your only goal is to get through the day — we’re totally here for it. However, IF the symbolic fresh beginning of 2022 has you motivated to get shit done (even if the world still feels like it may fall apart any moment) we have some easy productivity hacks that’ll help you with your new goals — whatever they may be. And since many of us are still working from home it can be even tougher to stay on track. All of the productivity tools below can help you in the long run regardless of where you’re trying to get shit done as well as addressing the more pressing issue of how to be productive at home. 

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Who To Send Christmas Cards To: People To Add To Your List

Christmas is right around the corner and we’d just like to get a hip hip hooray! We’re excited — can you tell? Our favorite task of the holiday season (Christmas cards) is upon us all. And given the not-so-easy year we’ve all had, everyone in our lives deserves a little extra festive cheer in 2021. And perhaps you’re updating your Christmas card list this year and not sure who to include. Well, we got you covered. The question of the hour is who to send Christmas cards to? And while the answer may seem obvious, we’ve gone ahead and outlined some important folks everyone should include on their Christmas list.


[Pro tip: If you need some help collecting (or updating) your Christmas list’s mailing addresses — use the free Postable address book to do it for you. It only takes a few minutes so you can go enjoy the holidays.]

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When to send Christmas cards & New Years Greetings in 2021

If you’re already plotting festivities for the 2021 holiday season, we’re going to be great friends. Here at Postable, we’re kind-of-sort-of obsessed with the holidays and get all sorts of giddy about answering questions like when to send Christmas cards. We’ve got straight forward answers along with plenty of tips and tricks to make you a Christmas card sending pro in no time. So hold onto your horses (or reindeer) and let’s dive right in. 

As a rule of thumb, the post office typically takes 3-7 days to deliver domestic mail. In some cases it may take less than 3 days and others it can take longer than 7. It happens. But for the most part, the 3-7 day rule of thumb applies. That is of course, unless it’s the holiday season. When the number of people using the post office increases, it tends to slow the mail delivery times down. And while not everyone mails a Mother’s Day card (shame on you), most people do place holiday cards and holiday gifts in the mail at about the same time every year. Continue reading

25 Realtor Holiday Cards to Send in 2021

The 2021 holiday season is just around the corner and Realtors from every market are eagerly making plans to show their gratitude to the base of clients who’ve supported their businesses through the hurdles of 2021 with realtor holiday cards. Mailing end of the year holiday cards is always a good idea, but during the current climate it’s a no brainer. 

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6 IRL Touch Points to Increase Customer Retention (that are not email)

Customer retention is a big deal for businesses — big and small — everywhere. According to a report by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, the cost of customer acquisition versus customer retention could reach as high as 700%. So putting more attention to building real relationships with existing customers should be a no brainer. With these figures in mind, every business should invest in a strategic approach to creating stronger relationships with their existing customer base. And yet there may be some marketing tactics that even the most skilled customer retention managers may be missing out on. And here, we’re touching on six such tactics, all of which allow businesses to build bridges IRL rather than sticking to digital interactions. Business greeting cards are underutilized despite high performance. Perhaps you’re already sending your company holiday cards, but you may be missing out on a few other opportunities to foster a level of customer loyalty you haven’t been able to reach thus far.

You can send marketing emails day in and day out, but sending a personal handwritten note takes the customer relationship building to a-whole-nother level.

Here are 6 IRL touch points to increase customer retention — that you might be missing out on.

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Thank You for Your Business: Message Samples & Missed Opportunities

Expressing gratitude to your customers, employees and partners is key to building business loyalty and sustaining solid business relationships. This is especially true as consumers consider their connections to the brands they interact with and ultimately support. And although tacking a ‘Thanks much’ to the end of an email is good form, it certainly doesn’t replace the need to send a formal hold-in-your-hand thank you for your business note. We know a thing or two about business thank you notes as we’ve continued to help hundreds of businesses every year to increase customer retention with gratitude. There’s a certain art to writing the perfect thank you for your business note without sounding generic or sale-sy. We’ve got the details all mapped out so you can be sure to harness the power these tiny little cards wield in the world of business relationships. 

Thank you word on card hold by man
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