Should You Send a Holiday Thank You Card?

The age old question — should you send a thank you card? Better yet, should you send a holiday thank you card? The holidays have come and gone and we’re left standing in the cold holiday-less dust. Winter is still here, but the Christmas tree is not. The remnants of the holidays can still be felt most strongly with the pile of gifts that we were so eager to open just weeks ago. Bringing us back to the question at the heart of this post — should you send a holiday thank you card? And something tells us you probably already know the answer. Sending thank you notes is pretty much always a good idea. If someone did something for you, it never hurts to give them a sincere thank you note. If nothing else, it’ll brighten their day and more than likely surprise them. Thank you cards, however important, are often overlooked and forgotten. If you’re the one who remembers their gesture and actually goes out of your way to give them a holiday thank you card, they’ll no doubt remember that gesture as well. Don’t you want to be remembered? Conception: Christmas. Making Christmas gifts. A man writes a letter Greeting cards to family and friendsIf you’re thinking that sending a quick thank you text is good enough — for the love of all things decent — think again. It takes no effort whatsoever to send a text — almost like an after thought. You don’t want the people who spent time, effort and money to get the idea you don’t appreciate them. The good news is you can easily spend a few minutes to send a really nice hold-in-your-hand holiday thank you note. Postable prints, addresses and mails your cards for you so now you definitely have no excuse. You don’t spend more time on the task, but the overall effect is much greater than a simple text thank you. It’s a total win win situation.

Ok, so you’re still unconvinced that sending holiday thank you cards is a must. You’re not quite sure it’s the right move. No problem. Here’s a few good reasons that should make this decision a no brainer.

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Re-live the holidays for a quick happy boost.

The winter blues suck. Feeling a bit sad now that the holidays are no longer bringing jolly into your every day? All of a sudden winter no longer seems quite as magical as it did just a week ago. The snow is more of a bother than a magical winter coat and the chill no longer gives you all the jolly feels. Perhaps bringing the holidays back for a little winter blues cure would help cheer you up! So, why not bring a bit of them back? Ok, we’re not talking time travel here — although how fun would that be?! An easy (non time travel) way to re-live the holidays is to write your holiday thank you card. Hear us out. What better way to reintroduce the holidays back into our wintery lives — even if just for a few minutes — than by writing some holiday thank you notes. Re-live the joy of opening your presents all over again as you express your gratitude.

If you don’t feel like the holiday spirit actually came back, you probably still gave yourself a little happiness boost anyway. Studies show that practicing gratitude makes for happier people and everyone knows the winter blues are the perfect time for a little happiness boost.

Get presents next year.

Ok this may sound a bit selfish, but c’mon — do you want presents again next year? Ok then, that should just about answer your question. Sending a quick ‘thank you’ in a text isn’t going to cut it. If you want your friends and family to know that you appreciate their holiday gifts (and that you’ll enjoy them next year too), make sure they know it. Aren’t you far more likely to gift to someone next year who clearly appreciated your efforts this year?

Nourish new relationships.

Did you make new friends in the last few months? Perhaps you started a new job or have begun to build a business relationship. Reinforce your new  relationships with holiday thank you notes. If the new people in your life took the time to gift you with something — whether it was a hold-in-your-hand gift or a favor or a referral — make sure you send them your kindest thanks to continue the energetic cycle. They put energy into helping or gifting you — now return the energy by sending a thank you.

This one should be a no brainer for just about any business related relationships. [See: 6 Customer Retention Notes Every Business Should Be Sending]

Start your year of gratitude.

If one of your new years resolutions was to practice gratitude more often or find appreciation in the every day, sending holiday thank you cards is a great start. If these aren’t, then they really should be. Ok, but seriously — whether or not you’re looking to practice gratitude more often or not — starting your new year off by showing your appreciation will certainly not hurt. If anything, it’ll put you in a grateful mindset and probably bring to light all the other wonderful things that make your life great. Start your new year off with a new (more grateful) perspective. [See: How to Begin Practicing Gratitude in 2019.]

Alright, who’s ready to say their thank yous loud and proud!?

If you’re sitting there thinking — who in the world has time to buy cards and stamps, write the notes, lick the stamps, address the envelopes and mail out the cards? The answer is we do. We spend our time doing all these things for you so you can practice gratitude and send holiday thank you cards without ever leaving your computer. Just pick the holiday thank you card that tickles your fancy, write a message and click send — Postable will print, address and mail it out for you.

Made the decision to write those bad boys and show your appreciation, but have no clue what to say? We got you covered.

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

What and who?

To start writing your holiday thank you card, you’ll want to write down all the gifts you’ve gotten this past holiday season along with who gave them to you. Hopefully you did this during the holidays, but not to worry if you were a little late this year. Just jot down everything you can remember to get started.

Choose a card

Choose whatever design tickles your fancy. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a holiday-esque design, but also there’s nothing wrong with keeping this festive. Need some ideas? Check out the Postable selection of holiday thank you cards here.

Write the message

Checkout our Ultimate Guide to Writing a Thank You Note for the perfect outline to writing your greeting, body and sign off. Don’t forget to mention the actual gift!

So the question really boils down to this —
which holiday thank you card will you send?
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