Should You Send a Holiday Thank You Card?

The age old question — should you send a thank you card? Better yet, should you send a holiday thank you card? Once the holidays have come and gone and we’re left standing in the cold holiday-less dust. Winter is still here, but the Christmas tree is not. The remnants of the holidays can still be felt most strongly with the pile of gifts that we were so eager to open just weeks ago. Bringing us back to the question at the heart of this post — should you send a holiday thank you card? And something tells us you probably already know the answer.

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Sending thank you notes is always a good idea; few exceptions apply. If someone did something for you, it never hurts to give them a sincere thank you note. If nothing else, it’ll brighten their day and more than likely surprise them. Thank you cards, despite being important, are often overlooked and forgotten.

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If you think that sending a quick thank you text is good enough — for the love of all things decent — think again. It takes no effort whatsoever to send a text — almost like an after thought. You don’t want the people who spent time, effort, and money to get the idea you don’t appreciate them. There’s good news: a few minutes of thoughtfulness and fun is all it takes to send a really nice hold-in-your-hand holiday thank you note.

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Why send holiday thank you cards?

Ok, so you’re still unconvinced that sending holiday thank you cards is a must. Here’s a few good reasons that should make this decision a no brainer.


Re-live the holidays for a quick happy boost.

Science has long seen a correlation between practicing gratitude and experiencing happiness. And what better time to give yourself a little boost of serotonin than right after the holidays?

The winter blues might be setting in and the anticipation of holiday magic is no longer around. Perhaps bringing the holidays back for a little winter blues cheer-me-up is exactly what you need! So, why not bring a bit of them back? Ok, we’re not talking time travel. An easy (non-time-travel) way to relive the holidays is to write your holiday thank you cards. Hear us out. What better way to reintroduce the holidays back into our wintery lives — even if just for a few minutes — than by reminiscing about the holidays, the thoughtful gifts we were given, and the caring people who gave them. Relive the joy of opening your presents all over again as you express your gratitude.

Get presents next year.

Ok this may sound a bit selfish, but c’mon — do you want presents again next year? Sending a quick ‘thank you’ in a text isn’t the way to go if you want your future gift-givers to know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Nourish new relationships.

Did you make new friends in 2021? Reconnecting with the world outside your own apartment must’ve felt amazing. Reinforce your new relationships with holiday thank you notes. If the new people in your life took the time to gift you with something — whether it was a hold-in-your-hand gift or a favor or a referral for a new job — make sure you send them your kindest thanks to continue the energetic cycle. They put energy into helping or gifting you — now return the energy by sending a thank you.

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If you own a business or manage a small team or clients of your own, you almost certainly know the value of nurturing new relationships with time, thoughtfulness, and effort. A business holiday thank you will go a long way. [See: 6 Customer Retention Notes Every Business Should Be Sending]

Start your year of gratitude.

If one of your new years resolutions is to practice gratitude more often or find appreciation in the every day, sending holiday thank you cards is a great start. This will put you in a grateful mindset and help to further highlight all the little things you may have been taking for granted. Start your new year off with a new (more grateful) perspective. [See: How to Begin Practicing Gratitude.]

Alright, who’s ready to say their thank yous loud and proud!?

How to Write the Perfect Holiday Thank You Card

What to say in your holiday thank you notes and who to send them to.

To start writing your holiday thank you card, you’ll want to write down all the gifts you’ve gotten this past holiday season along with who gave them to you. Hopefully you did this during the holidays, but not to worry if you were a little late this year. Just jot down everything you can remember to get started.

Choosing your holiday thank you cards.

Choose whatever design tickles your fancy. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a holiday theme, but also there’s nothing wrong with keeping this festive. Need some ideas? Check out the Postable selection of holiday thank you cards.

Write the message

Checkout our Ultimate Guide to Writing a Thank You Note for all the nitty gritty details. If you just want an idea of what to include:

  1. A personal salutation (i.e. John!) — don’t generalize this!
  2. Actually say “thank you” for… get as specific as possible
  3. How’d you use or benefit from the gift.
  4. Express gratitude for their friendship/relationship
  5. Look to the future (i.e. Can’t wait to see you at brunch next month!)
  6. Sign off — the formality should reflect the relationship.

So the question really boils down to this —
which holiday thank you card will you send?