Best Friend Christmas Card Ideas

Why send your best friend Christmas cards? 2022 will be wrapping up before we know it. Where would we be without those who helped us not only endure the crazy ride that was this year, but to thrive during the whole thing? Our best friends are our own personal super heroes; they have are always there to help navigate this crazy world and 2022 was obviously no exception. That’s why we’re sending our best friends the greatest Christmas card in the universe. If you’re looking to do the same, you’re in the right place. We’ve got best friend Christmas card ideas for days. Whether you want to make your best friend giggle uncontrollably, feel all sorts of cozy vibes, or simply get mentally prepared for the booziest holiday of the century — there’s inspiration here for you.

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18 Cat Christmas Cards For Your Feline Loving Friends & Family

Want to send your feline friendly family and friends an unfurgetable card this holiday season? Purrhaps you’ve found the right place! This list of cat Christmas cards will not fail to delight and deliver. And yes, we mean that litter-ally since you’ll be mailing them via USPS. Here at Postable we’re friends of all creatures and have shared our enthusiasm with other cat greeting card lists in the past. After a year like 2021, a bit of extra feline fun is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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Thank You For Your Donation Notes: Examples, Tips & Templates

When an individual makes a donation to an organization or another individual, it’s important to send a thank you for your donation note. Acknowledging the effort, regardless of how small or large, is an important part of this exchange. If you’re unsure what to say in your thank you for your donation letter, you’re not alone. It can be a little odd writing this type of thank you note, but it doesn’t have to be. Everything you need to know before getting started is here in one neat little package — including: tips, examples, and the importance of writing thank you for your donation letters.

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Baby Shower Invitation Wording: Examples & Tips

Gone through life without ever thinking of what a baby shower invitation wording is supposed to sound like? We’d venture to say most people are in the same boat. Unless you’ve ever sent out a baby shower invitation, there would be no reason to ponder whether there’s a guest of honor or what a guest of honor at a baby shower even means. You’d have no reason to consider whether baby shower invitation wording should include the gender of the baby or that there are multiple types of baby showers. If you’re here, reading this delightfully helpful post (we promise: lots of help coming up), there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself either hosting a baby shower or getting ready to be the guest of honor yourself. Either way, you’re in the right place to get all the ideas you could ever want about baby shower invitation wording.

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What to Write in a Baby Shower Card: Message Examples

What to write in a baby shower card message isn’t something to dwell on. Attending a baby shower is a lovely way to celebrate someone you care about and the new loving journey they are about to embark upon. With that said, if you’re looking for a little guidance on your baby shower card message, we’ve got examples and tips to help you write the loveliest card of all time.

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15 Baby Shower Theme Ideas You’re Bound To Love

Looking for baby shower theme ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. What you’ll find here is a source of inspiration. If you’ve taken on the role of planning a baby shower, you’re probably excited about making it the loveliest most delightful baby shower there ever was. And we’re equally excited about helping you make that happen. Before diving into the baby shower theme ideas, let’s cover some baby shower frequently asked questions.

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Congratulations on your new home: Housewarming Wishes

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Americans bought new family homes in April 2021 at a rate of about 48% higher than that of the same time last year. That means there are a whole lot of ‘congratulations on your new home’ wishes to give out! If you know someone who’s moved into a new home recently, this is your chance to wish them all the best in their new home. Whether the move was an exciting first time home buying experience or it was more out of a necessity — sending a congratulations card can be a lovely and warm gesture nonetheless. If you’re unsure of what to write in these congratulations on your new home cards, you’re in the right place. This post has wording examples that cover just about any situation with some pretty stellar congratulations cards you can mail without ever leaving your couch.

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42 Funny Mother’s Day Cards To Make Mom Giggle in 2022

What better way to show the moms in our lives just how much they mean to us than by showering them with love and laughter? Sending mom one of these funny Mother’s Day cards in 2022 is a good start. Whatever type of humor mom enjoys, this list of cards has it covered. Everything from silly jokes and puns to pop culture references, this list of funny Mother’s Day cards is sure to have something to make mom smile. We all know mom deserves a laugh — especially after the last couple of years (is it us or have they felt more like a decade?). Go ahead, make mom smile and have fun picking out the perfect card while you’re at it. 

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