103 Things to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Chances are you have more than 1 or 2 things to be grateful for this year. In fact, we decided to think of 103 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you have something to add? Leave us a comment!thanksgiving9

1.Good health

Aren’t you glad you aren’t sick? We are.

2. Good friends

Quality over quantity. 

3. Peanut Butter

And Jelly. Yum.

4. Long weekends

Be thankful, maybe that’ll make them happen more often. 

5. Pets

If you have one, you totally understand. They’re your child(ren).

6. Office-provided snacks

Um, what diet? Free food!!

7. Cookies

Because Cookies.

8. And cupcakes

With a side of cookies.

9. Coloring books for adults

Apparently these things are great as stress relievers.

10. Making the subway just before the door closes

Because if you [just] missed the train your day has effectively started going down hill.  

11. Not setting an alarm on the weekend

Sweet freedom!

12. Hitting all the green lights all the way 

The traffic gods shone their green lights upon you. Be grateful.

13. Hot sauce

You put it on everything, it wouldn’t hurt you to be thankful.

14. Having the exact change at the cashier

How budget savy do you feel when you’ve finally used up all of your pennies?

15. When someone opens the door for you and your hands are full 

Seriously. Thank you.

16. Sunny winter days

After what feels like weeks of gray clouds and painfully cold temperatures, that blazing sun feels like a miracle!

17. Puppies

Um. Because they’re pretty much the greatest.

18. Thank You notes

How much do you love opening those envelopes to find something other than a bill?

19. Don’t have a puppy? Puppy videos

Next best thing. But ultimately, puppies.

20. Your favorite show(s)

Thanks to Netflix, you’ve got a pretty good rotation going between all 3.

21. The moment your food arrives at a restaurant

You literally couldn’t wait another second and there it was. Perfect.

22. A really comfy chair

Your bottom really appreciates it.

 23. Chocolate

Especially at 3pm on a weekday.

24. Getting lost in a good book

Time just kind of flies by.

25. Cozy scarves

The best!

26. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

While you watch your 1000000th Gilmore Girls episode.

 27. Gum

You know that moment when you really need some minty freshness. 

28. Comfy clothes

See: Yoga Pants. What did we do before these were a thing?

29. An awesome roommate

Netflix & chill partner for life. Or until you move out.

30. An amazing boss

If you’re lucky to be thankful for this, maybe be thankful for it twice.

31.  Being single

Because it is all that it’s cracked up to be and you [love] it. 

32. Surprise parties

Your friends must [really] like you. 

33. A great pair of jeans

Because your butt never looked so good.

34. Friday nights

That feeling that you have two whole days of freedom.

35. Sunday Mornings

Because Sunday brunch is everything. You’ve never loved anything more than you love mimosas on a Sunday. 

36. Your parents

Because you literally wouldn’t be here.

37. Wine

Can you even imagine a world with no wine?! 

38. Netflix

Netflix and chill is a lifestyle choice you’ve officially adopted. And you’re not sorry.

39. Nutella

On everything. Always and forever.

40. Parks

You didn’t actually know how much you wanted to be outdoors until you got there. But when you did, it was awesome. 

41. The feeling you get after a long run (or great workout)

So. Many. Endorphins.

42. The first signs of a new season

That moment you realize pumpkin spice lattes are about to take over your life. And wallet.

43. Comfort food

Ben and Jerry are your BFFLs.

44. Fun family traditions

They’re what make your family, yours. 

45. Snow days

Like the ones that make you stay home, next to a fire (or the radiator) to stay cozy.

46. Smell of hot toddies

You know something wonderful is about to happen. 

47. A good night’s rest

Assuming this isn’t a myth. If you grab one of these bad boys, be thankful!!

48. A perfectly ripe avocado

Why is this so hard to come by!? WHY?

49.  A hot shower

After a long day trudging through snowy streets.

50. Old school jams that bring you back

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls… 

51. A really good book

That you’ll never get sick of. 

52. Bubble wrap

Should it feel this good to pop a bubble?

53. Handwritten snail mail

A full email inbox makes this that much more special.

54. A night in

With a bottle of wine and stove popped popcorn. #winning

55. Opportunity to get an education

Much of the rest of the world isn’t quite so lucky.

56. Good hair days 

And the awesome Instagram pics they produce. Those likes didn’t come easy.

57. Dishwashers

If you live in a pre-war apartment you’ll probably have to skip this one. Sorry not sorry.

58. Alone time

Sometimes you just gotta recharge.

59. Gilmore Girls & Friends episodes whenever you want 

Netflix literally struck gold and you came out the winner.

60. The local Farmer’s Market

Fresh veggies straight from the farm is quite a gem.

61. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin everything actually.

62. Sweater weather

Because it’s perfect.

63. Pillows

They’re so darn fluffy!

64. Google

You have access to everything, but mostly all the puppy videos.

65. Pints of Ice cream

Cookie dough… chocolate chip… what we were we talking about?

66. Having money

Even if it’s just a small handful of pennies. It’s something. 

67. Chocolate

Can you imagine your day without it? 

68. Delivery Food

For those nights you literally just can’t. (or every night)

69. Cocktails

All the cocktails.

70. Sweatpants

Are there any other types of pants?

71. Cheese.

You really don’t [need] much else in life. 

72. Baby giggles

Make you giggle. 

73. Having a partner

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have someone by your side. Well, you’re lucky. 

74. Fall colors

Unless you live in Florida.

75. S’mores

Pretty much the best part about a bonfire.

76. Campfires!

See: S’mores.

77.  Bear hugs

So. Cozy.

78. Holiday sales

75% off everything? THANKYOU!

79. Pay day

See: Holiday Sales.

80. Your favorite blog

How does one even live without one?

81. Sharing a smile with a stranger

Your faith in humanity is restored.

82. Electricity

It’s probably a good thing we weren’t born like hundreds of years ago.

83. Clean Sheets

So. Silky.

84. Having a home 

Any home. After all, home is where the heart is.

85. Skype

Getting to see your family from thousands of miles away. Not something to take for granted.

86. Sunsets

On a beach preferably. 

87. An upcoming meal

One you know is going to be ah-mazing.

88. Emojis

Because how else are you supposed to express yourself!?

89. Your co-workers

Especially those that make your day-to-day work so much more enjoyable. 

90. Warm socks

Especially when the outside world looks like a white blanket covered terror zone.

91. The sound of fresh snow crunching beneath your feet

Why is this so satisfying?

92. Rainbows

Especially after a torrential downpour.

93. Seat warmers

Game changers.

 94. Impromptu dance parties

Pretty much the equivalent of eating ice cream.

95. Happy Hour

Refer to the name… [Happy] hour.

96. That one (or two or three..) teacher.

Seriously, he/she probably changed your life for the best. Be grateful.

97. #tbt

A chance to re-live the glory days? Yes please.

98. The barista that knows your order before you even ask

There’ll only be a few people in your life this attentive. Be grateful.

99.Thanksgiving leftovers

The best part of Thanksgiving, right? Turkey sandwich anyone?

100. Finding money in your pocket

It’s kind of like winning the lottery. Only not really.

101. Portable cell phone chargers

When you really need one, you’re really grateful. 

102. Free shipping

That means you can buy all the extra accessories, right?

103. Life long friends

What in the world would you do without them?