25 Legitimately Funny Holiday Cards

You’ve probably heard the words Jingle Bells or Rudolph sometime today. It’s practically impossible to escape the holiday frenzy at this point, but then again why would you want to? This is the most joyous time of the year and we legit could not be more thrilled. The holiday season has begun and what better way to celebrate than with a laugh or two at these deliriously funny holiday cards. Before we get into it — let’s ponder on something for a moment: what makes a funny holiday card… funny? Is it a good pun. Obviously. Perhaps its a funny illustration or a puppy. Puppies are funny, right?! What about custom photo cards with a fill-in-the face illustration. Hard not to get a giggle out of those!Baby sloth in red Santa Claus hat

If your spirits have managed to fall, not to worry this list is bound to perk them right up! After all, who doesn’t love funny holiday cards? And once you’ve browsed the list, let us know what you think! We want to know: which card did you think was funniest? 

[Pro tip: You can send each one of these holiday cards within minutes without leaving your computer. Postable will print, address and mail them for you. So go ahead, giggle away — and if you want to send someone you love a giggle or two; we’ll do the legwork for you.]

Ok, now for the legitimately funny holiday cards.

1. Fleece Navidad

Starting off the list with a good old fashioned pun. This list — as you’ll soon see — is pretty heavy on the puns so hold onto your punts. Get it? Ok. Maybe we’ll leave the puns to the masters like A Jar of Pickles. This Feliz Navidad card is funny AND adorable. What more could you possibly want?

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2. Happy New Beer!

The holidays are a great time to enjoy some festive booze — pumpkin ales anyone? We all have that friend that would likely appreciate this card a bit more than say — grandma. Nevertheless, most everyone can appreciate good ole’ play on words.

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3. Bah Humbug

Bah humbug indeed.

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4. All I Want for Christmas…

Near Modern Disaster has a special way with words. At the very least it’s an honest sentiment. Know someone who would get a crack out of this?

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5. Merry Chrismukkah

When you’re just not sure what the right move is… Why not wish allll the wishes?

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6. Tis’ The Season For All the Drinks

There’s hot toddies and apple cider and egg nog and… Wait, what were we talking about?

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7. Ho Ho Hos

Because this Bench Pressed holiday card totally just made you laugh out loud. And you probably already know someone who would appreciate it as much as you just did.

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8. Tis’ The Season

Another way to state the obvious. Who doesn’t love a good warm alcoholic beverage to go along with their festive feast?

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9. The Reindeer Pet

Have a pet? This card is the perfect way to share their adorable little faces with the world. You can also send one of the many Holiday cards for pets if that’s your jam.

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10. Ho Girl Holiday

Hey girl. Ho Girl. It’s all the same. And it’s always funny… Especially if you know a Gosling fan.

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11. A Latke Love This Holiday

Gotta love a good Hanukkah pun. Not only is this little diddy funny — it’s also quite pleasant to look at. Hand painted by One Canoe Two — this delightful little card will likely make anyone giggle.

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12. Eat Drink Be Drunky

Are you sensing a theme?

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13. Peas on Earth

Yup, you guessed it. Another pun for the win. Don’t even try to hide it — this card made you laugh out loud.

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14. Baby Snowman

Sure, snowmen by themselves don’t exactly make for a good giggle. But stick a cute baby face instead of a snowman face and you got yourself a funny little card. Put your own smiling photo in the custom slot and send your family and friends a card they can hang with a smile. Literally.

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15. Holla!

Because you can never have too many puns. Never.

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16. Tis’ The Season

For more booze.

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17. Berry Merry Christmas

Besides being punny, this adorable hand painted card is also too cute for words. So we’ll just leave it at that.

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18. Highbrow Holiday Cheer

For your highbrow friends this holiday season.

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19. Merry Christmoose

Another pun for the win by A Jar of Pickles.

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20. Dog Christmas

For the puppy lovers in your life. It’s hard not to love this card with all those adorable little mugs! And the doggie sweaters! Gotta love a doggie sweater!

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21. Moo-ry Christmas

Isn’t it a-moo-sing?!

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22. Season’s Greetings

A design pun — still counts! Still funny.

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23. Hoppy Holidays

For the beer lovers in your life.

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24. Party Hat Pup

A pup. A bow tie. And a party hat. What’s not to love?

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25. Happy Challahdays

Last, but certainly not least — the Challahdays. Started with a pun and so the list comes to an end with a pun.

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Had enough laughs yet?

What if we told you there was more?! So. Much. More.

The Postable holiday card selection is full of delightfully funny (and most certainly punny) card designs that are constantly being added. In fact, there’s probably some new funny holiday cards coming your way right this very second.

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