What to Write in a Baby Shower Thank You Card

Stumped on what to write in a baby shower thank you card? Baby showers are a blast! Between the adorable gifts, heartfelt wishes, and those hilariously awkward baby games, there’s a lot to be thankful for. When it comes time to send out your thank you cards, why not add a little humor to the mix?

When it comes time to send out your thank you cards, let Postable make it effortless for you. With Postable, you simply type your heartfelt message, and we handle the rest. We print, address, and mail your cards, ensuring they look completely handwritten and personal. This way, you can focus on crafting the perfect, humorous thank you message without worrying about the hassle of mailing them yourself. Now, let’s dive into how to write a fun and memorable baby shower thank you card.

1. Start with a Warm and Fun Greeting
Kick things off with a friendly greeting. Address the recipient by their name to make it personal. Try something like, “Hey Aunt Sarah!” or “Hi Emily!” to set a laid-back tone right from the start.

2. Express Your Gratitude with a Smile
Clearly express your appreciation for their gift and presence, and don’t be afraid to add a humorous twist. “Thank you so much for the super cute onesies and the cozy blanket. They’re so adorable, I might just start wearing them around the house!”

3. Reminisce About the Baby Shower Fun
Mention the baby shower and how much their presence meant to you. Toss in a funny memory or comment. “It was awesome having you at the baby shower! I’m still laughing about your impressive diaper-changing speed. You should totally go pro!”

4. Highlight the Gift’s Awesomeness
Talk about how you plan to use the gift or how it’s going to benefit you and the baby. Add a humorous spin if you can. “The baby monitor you gave us is fantastic. Now we can keep an eye on the little one and make sure they don’t throw any wild crib parties!”

5. Add a Personal and Funny Touch
Include a personal anecdote or a humorous comment that reflects your relationship with the recipient. “I remember you saying your little one was obsessed with their musical mobile. I can’t wait to see if ours has the same moves!”

6. Look Forward to Future Fun
Express your excitement about future moments you’ll share with the recipient and the baby. Keep it light and fun. “I can’t wait for you to meet the baby once they arrive. Get ready for some epic baby cuddles and maybe a few baby giggles!”

7. Close with a Warm and Witty Sign-Off
End your thank you card with a warm closing, reiterating your gratitude in a light-hearted way. “Thanks again for the awesome gift and for making the baby shower so much fun. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives. Love and baby kicks, [Your Name].”

Why Choose Postable for Your Baby Shower Thank You Cards?

Starting your baby shower thank you cards with Postable is a breeze. Our service makes it incredibly easy by handling the mailing for you. Type your heartfelt message, and we take care of the rest. Each card looks completely handwritten, adding a personal touch showing genuine appreciation. With Postable, you can enjoy the convenience of digital messaging while maintaining the charm of traditional handwritten notes. Let us help you make your thank you cards as memorable and delightful as your baby shower.

Send real hold-in-your-hands baby shower thank you cards in minutes. Postable will print, address, and mail them for you.

10 Groomsmen Proposal Ideas To Thrill Your Bros

Ready to jump into the world of wedding planning and work on the fun task of deciding who your groomsmen for your wedding will be? Don’t sweat it because we’ve got you covered with exciting ideas on how to ‘pop the question’ to your best mates. Think beyond the ordinary groomsmen invites, and let’s add some zest to it, shall we?

Pondering over how to ask your buddies to be a part of your big day can be a highlight of planning the wedding. Here’s the deal: spruce it up with a groomsmen proposal gift—or, why not, multiple gifts! Adding a gift box to accompany your groomsmen proposal card is a great way to make your invitations feel extra special. Let’s dive into some unique gift ideas to make your groomsman proposal an unforgettable experience.

When should you propose to your groomsmen?

Ask your friends to be your groomsmen around three to six months before the wedding. This timing allows your groomsmen ample time to plan for any responsibilities, such as organizing the bachelor party, and ensures they can arrange their schedule around your big day. If your wedding involves significant travel or your friends have particularly busy schedules, send the groomsmen invitations even earlier.

What to Put in a Groomsmen Proposal Box

Nothing makes your best bros feel special like a groomsman proposal box brimming with goodies tailored to your pals’ tastes and interests. Be it for the golfing enthusiast or the budding mixologist, we have groomsmen proposal ideas for all your closest friends.

Why not try the ‘Suit Up Groomsmen Proposal Boxes‘? Tell your friends to gear up for the role of a lifetime with this pre-filled box, complete with a personalized flask, cool sunglasses, and funky dress socks bearing the coveted question. All set in a sleek black box, it’s a sleek groomsmen invite sure to impress.

If your pals are into whiskey, the ‘Whiskey Wizard Box‘ from Groomsday is one of the best groomsmen-asking ideas. Pair a bottle of bourbon with this gift box, and you’re all set for a great groomsman proposal. The kit includes everything your buddy needs to craft the best glass of whiskey at home, including a personalized glass and coaster.

Consider the ‘Mailable Groomsman Proposal Boxes‘ from Greetabl for long-distance groomsmen invitations. These fold-out boxes provide space for the all-important questions, photos, and a small gift. It’s like a little party in a box!

Don’t forget to send a nice card with each box. A thoughtful groomsmen card with your proposal gifts brings an extra personalized touch your closest friends will appreciate. All you need to do is choose your card, type your message, and let us know the addresses to send to (or choose from your free online address book). We mail everything so your groomsmen’s invites are as stress-free as possible.

Impressive Standalone Gifts for Groomsmen Proposals

We have plenty of unique groomsmen proposal ideas if you’re thinking of standalone gifts or planning to curate your own boxes.

How about a box of ‘Custom Golf Balls‘ or a ‘Touch Down Proposal’ for your sporty friends? Other great groomsmen-asking ideas include these ‘Groomsmen Shot Glasses‘ decorated with tuxedos, adding a formal and fun touch to your proposal.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, ‘Monogrammed Handkerchiefs‘ or a ‘Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag‘ make excellent groomsmen invites. These ‘Scotch-infused toothpicks‘ are a unique (and flavorful) idea that leaves a refreshing taste after every meal.

Don’t forget the ultimate wildcard—gourmet candy. Sweeten the deal with a ‘Sugarfina Gourmet Candy Bento Box.’

Are groomsmen proposals a thing?

Absolutely! Asking your friends to participate in your special day is a joyous and unforgettable event. It’s about creating memories you and your buddies will cherish forever. So, enjoy choosing your gifts, pair them with nice groomsmen proposal cards, and get ready to celebrate your wedding with your closest loved ones!

21 Cards to Cheer Someone Up

Ever been down in the dumps? Everyone has hit a rough patch or two… we all know that hitting a low can be a lot less of a bummer if our friends and family are there to support us. Sure, sending a nice text here and there is a good gesture, but sometimes you may want to give your support a little extra umph. Making someone’s day filled with a little sunshine does not take a lot. Just send them a nice card and let them know you’re there for them.

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How To Sign a Letter or a Card: 74 Useful Examples & Tips

Ever sit there, just staring at your beautifully worded message, wondering how on Earth you should sign a letter? Maybe you’re writing a delightful thank you card and are drawing a blank on how to sign off? Is option A too personal or too stuffy? Is option B too loosy-goosy?! Not sure if you should say thank you — yet again?! Don’t fret, this ridiculously comprehensive list of sign off options will have what you need.

If your handwriting isn’t quite as lovely as it could be or you just don’t have the time to write 300 thank you notes, easily create and write your cards on Postable. We’ll even mail them for you.

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May Artist Spotlight: Alison Hardcastle

The featured artist for the month of May is Alison who is behind the cheerful creations of Alison Hardcastle.
Alison Hardcastle is a cards, stationery and paper goods studio based in the Yorkshire Wolds, UK. The bold colourful designs feature hand painted illustrations and lettering and are illustrated by Alison in her quiet little country studio. Founded in 2005 and born out of a passion for illustration, typography, screen printing and the giving and receiving of beautifully thoughtful well-designed and carefully chosen cards and stationery.
AlisonHardcastle-promo photo
 We asked Alison some questions…
* How many folks are involved in the whole design process?
I do all the designs myself – from brainstorming, designing, drawing/inking/cutting and finally completing the process on the computer and turning it into the final product.

* What are the different roles?
There are three of us in the studio throughout the week. I’m here all the time and Sarah and Rachel are my very able studio assistants who see to the general smooth-running of the business and wholesale order side of things. That frees my time up spend on the design process (in theory anyway – but other things always crop up too!!)

*Where are your headquarters?
In a studio in my (Alison’s) garden. In a tiny village in the UK. We’re based in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds near York. We wouldn’t swap the accompanying sounds of sheep and cattle in the neighbouring rolling hills for anything!

* What’s your favorite card that you’ve designed (on Postable)?
I would have to say the Thank You one with the plants on. Thank you cards are always fun to work on as people love to send their appreciation and you can do that in so many different styles.

* Where do you draw your inspiration for your design?
I love playing around with words, sayings, idioms, and type so this is often a good starting point. Colour plays a huge part and I love trying out new colour combinations and pairing patterns and illustrations with words.

* If you had to describe your cards in one word, what would it be?
Cheerful. And also concise.
*If you could spend a day with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?
These kind of questions are always hard! I think I’d say someone like Lucienne Day. She was (along with her husband Robin Day) a prolific designer of her time (1950’s onwards) and way ahead of her time as a designer/working mum. As a creative woman running my own business it’s always inspiring to read about other similarly aspirational creative ladies and Lucienne Day was perhaps one of the first to do that.

*If you had to paint your house inside and out with the same color, what would it be? Why?
I’m always drawn to greens of varying shades so it would have to be green (probably varying in shades around the house from bluey-greens through to olive/muddy greens!)

*What would you choose as your last meal?
Being a Yorkshire ‘lass’ it would have to be a good roast dinner- roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast vegetables and gravy!
Check out more cards from our featured artist [Alison Hardcastle].

April Featured Artist: E.B. Goodale

The featured artist for the month of April is Emily b. Goodale who is behind the nostalgic designs of E.B. Goodale.

E. B. Goodale is an illustrator and printmaker who fell into the world of stationery by accident. Her love of running presses has brought her through several fine letterpress shops who have nurtured her love of design and all things old and papery. Her designs have been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Stationery Trends and on blogs such as Thistle and Plum and Creature Comforts.


Meet Emily 

* How many folks are involved in the whole design process?

Just me!

* Where are your headquarters? 

I work out of my home in Somerville, MA

* What’s your favorite card that you’ve designed (on Postable)?

I think it would be my New Baby Kitten card.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.

* Where do you draw your inspiration for your design?

From childhood, my surroundings, nature, things that make me feel cozy.

* If you had to describe your cards in one word, what would it be?




* If you could spend a day with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?

That is a really really hard question but I think I would choose Alice and Martin Provensen.  They created one of my favorite children’s books, Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm.

* If you had to paint your house inside and out with the same color, what would it be? Why?

YELLOW.  It does something magical to my brain.

* What would you choose as your last meal?

A giant bowl of raspberries with whipped cream.



If you’d like to check out more from April’s Featured Artist [E.B. Goodale], visit Postable.com or click Here.

March Featured Artist: 1Canoe2

Postable’s March featured artist is the lovely 1canoe2.

1canoe2 letterpress is the stuff dreams are made of – Carrie and Beth are childhood friends who always loved to draw. Now the two are all grown-up and work together as professional illustrators, designers and printers. The name 1canoe2 comes from years of the two dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe. Two girls, one canoe. One canoe, two.


We asked Beth some questions…

* How many folks are involved in the whole design process?

2-3 people touch the art before it gets to Postable

* What are the different roles? 

Carrie does all the illustration, Beth and Carrie do the final design together, Kate turns it into a Postable product

*Where are your headquarters? 

In a barn. In a cornfield. In the middle of Missouri. We love it here.

* What’s your favorite card that you’ve designed (on Postable)?

My personal favorite is the Birthday Stripes card.

* Where do you draw your inspiration for your design?

The world around us, our rural setting, pretty colors.

* If you had to describe your cards in one word, what would it be?



*If you could spend a day with any person (dead or alive) who would it be?

Um, maybe Martha Stewart? I’m pretty intrigued by her savvy business skills.

*If you had to paint your house inside and out with the same color, what would it be? Why?

Citron green. It’s just my happy color.

*What would you choose as your last meal?

Mashed potatoes, cheese curls, shrimp cocktail and sparkling grape juice. Do I know how to party or what?


Check out more cards from our featured artist [1canoe2].

Featured Artist: Iron Curtain Press

photo by Jack Strutz / a day spent

February’s featured artist is the amazing Iron Curtain Press.

Rosanna and Joel Kvernmo are the Iron Curtain Press. Together they design, print, photograph, ship orders, and do all those other tasks necessary to keep a bustling custom and ready-made letterpress print shop up and running. Their designs are refreshing, perfectly minimalist, and charmingly subtle.

We asked Rosanna some questions…

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