21 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your BFF

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On our very own 12 Days of Valentine, we’ve been showcasing some of our favorite valentine’s day cards for just about every type of valentine there is. We had the funny valentine cards, the naughty valentine cards, and even valentine’s day cards for the longterm sweetheart.

Today we want to showcase the valentine’s day cards to send to those ladies and fellas that have been there with you eating pizza for breakfast and running up tabs til 4am. We’re talking about the BFFs of the world. Duh. You can’t forget the one (or two… or three… or whatever) person in your life that will literally love you no matter how many cookies you eat in one sitting. No judgement here.

Let your BFF know you love them this Valentine’s Day 🙂

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28 Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Longtime Lover


beautiful-quirky-valentines-day-cardSo we’ve covered the quirky funny valentine’s day cards, the saucy valentine’s day cards, and even the long distance valentines! How about we show you some of our favorite valentine’s day cards to send to the sweetie that’s been by your side day in and day out!? The repeat valentine, if you will… The one that’s been celebrating the chocolate giving and slow dancing holiday with you for years. Here’s some of our favorite valentine’s day cards for the longterm sweetheart <3

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Our 10 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards


Romantic Valentine Cards | 12 Days of Valentines

Do you often find yourself dreaming up romantic candle-light dinners and starlit walks down the beach with your sweetheart?! This may be the day for you… The day of the romantic valentine cards is here. We know you’ve been waiting allllll these days (all of the 5 days that is) until your romantic day had come. Well, it’s here. So take a gander at our epic lovey-dovey collection valentine’s day card and swoon.

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More New Cards!

With Halloween just around the corner, thank you notes for those summer weddings in full swing, and all those winter wedding invitations that need sending out we decided we should go ahead and give our users more cards to play with! We love working with our amazing artists to continuously add new beautiful cards up on the site and October is no exception. Check out some of these new cards already up on the site (don’t worry, there is so much more go check out the new cards now!):Vibrant-flourish-thank-you

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Spooky Awesome Halloween Cards Are Here!


Fall is here! Pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage once more, and the leaves have started to change colors. The changing weather also means that Halloween is just around the corner. Get your costumes and giant bulk bags of candy ready for the onslaught of Trick or Treaters! And while you’re at it, don’t forget that you’re never too old to send a fun Halloween card!  Continue reading

21 Cards to Cheer Someone Up

Ever been down in the dumps? Everyone has hit a rough patch or two… we all know that hitting a low can be a lot less of a bummer if our friends and family are there to support us. Sure, sending a nice text here and there is a good gesture, but sometimes you may want to give your support a little extra umph. Making someone’s day filled with a little sunshine does not take a lot. Just send them a nice card and let them know you’re there for them.

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How To Sign a Letter or a Card: 74 Useful Examples & Tips

Ever sit there, just staring at your beautifully worded message, wondering how on Earth you should sign a letter? Maybe you’re writing a delightful thank you card and are drawing a blank on how to sign off? Is option A too personal or too stuffy? Is option B too loosy-goosy?! Not sure if you should say thank you — yet again?! Don’t fret, this ridiculously comprehensive list of sign off options will have what you need.

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