How to Postable: Scheduling Your Cards

HowToSo you’d like to write a card now, but hold off on sending it for later? Getting a head start on sending out those Birthday Day cards is really easy. You have two options when it comes to scheduling your cards.

Option 1. Schedule 1 Card

If you’re only scheduling a single card, you’ll want to do this while you’re writing your card by clicking on the ‘Schedule card’ button (located next to the ‘change font’ button).
schedule_card_screen schedule_card_screen2

Option 2. Schedule an entire Project

So you just wrote out 10 Valentine’s Day cards, but it’s still January… Don’t worry, you can just schedule them all at once in the cart. Once you’ve gotten the project all the way into your cart, click on the ”Schedule for later’ to set an estimated arrival date for every card in that project.schedule_04 schedule_05



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