19 Hello Cards For When A Text Just Doesn’t Do It

A phone call is so 2008 and a text doesn’t always do it. Snail mail is back. For when there’s no actual occasion, but you really just want to send a hello. These cards are your best bet.

Hello19send_button-1-1 Hello17send_button-1-1 Hello16send_button-1-1 Hello15send_button-1-1 Hello14send_button-1-1 Hello13send_button-1-1 Hello12send_button-1-1Hello18send_button-1-1 Hello11send_button-1-1 Hello10send_button-1-1
Hello8send_button-1-1Hello9send_button-1-1 Hello7send_button-1-1 Hello6send_button-1-1 Hello5send_button-1-1Hello3send_button-1-1Hello4send_button-1-1 Hello2send_button-1-1

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