Tips & Tricks: How to Edit Your Address Request Form for Your Free Address Book

Have you made the greatest decision of your life yet by creating your very own free address book? Ok, we lied. It’s probably not the greatest decision… That award goes to investing in a lifetime supply of donut deliveries.address_book_main_screen

If you haven’t taken advantage of Postable’s free address book (really great for weddings and holiday cards), you should probably do that before you end up being the only one in the world without this handy dandy tool. We even help you gather your contact’s mailing addresses with a simple unique link. front_envelope

For those smart folks who already have a Postable address book….

Not sure why your address request form isn’t asking for the partner name or birthday information? Not to worry, you can make adjustments to this form via your account settings. These settings also correspond to the fields that are editable in your Postable Address Book.

1. Go to Account (top right hand corner) Settings

Then click on the ‘Your address request form’ section.

Your_address_request_form2. Choose the fields that you’d like to ask & save.

Use the form to select (and de-select) the items you want to show up on your address request form (and address book). You can customize the text that shows up on the top of your form as well.

Make sure to save your changes and click the ‘save changes’. You can find your unique Postable link by going to Address book > Your Link.


If you have any questions, be sure to let us know! And if you haven’t already signed up for your free address book, for the love of all things snail mail… do it already.



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